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Security biz scoffs at Apple's anti-Trojan Gatekeeper

Clay Landis

Love the "expert" commentary here

Look, grandma is tired of viruses and the like. She wants something to email the kids and see pictures on. She doesn't care about kernel hacking and getting some home made gizmo to work. Few people care about anything under the hood. They just want it to work and catering to them, the 95%, makes far more sense. This stuff has to be as simple and dumbed down as TV or it just won't fly.

Google promises 0.001 of revenue to free the slaves

Clay Landis

Nice but ...

Wouldn't it be better to rent mercs to wipe out the slavers? I mean, to end the fur trade, you don't go out and buy all the fur coats.


Clay Landis

Sympathy? You can't be serious.

Are you kidding? Some old bastard get a pie in the kisser and people will feel sorry for him? Maybe a saber to the head might get him a bit but, let's face it, Rupe is not a charmer. But I really came to say another wasted effort, seriously, there were no bricks outside?

Utah to honour Browning M1911 semi-automatic

Clay Landis

And seeing how it was in AZ,

how could there not have been?

Clay Landis

We are talking about Utah after all

It's like scientologists got their own state. Seriously, ever read the book of Mormon? It's like a bad disney story, only less believable.

Timing regarding the AZ shooting? We have shootings every day, why is that one special? No, really EVERY day.

Dell takes aim at Apple with upmarket pledge

Clay Landis
Jobs Halo

Dell should fold up shop and give the money back to the stockholders.

I'm joking. I mean what kind of dumbass would say such a thing? Really, you would have to be a complete and utter moron to ever say such a thing in print. Anybody who would say such a thing deserves to have their company swirling the bowl.

Hey Dell, you can't buy style. And you do not have it.

4chan flings faeces at Gawker

Clay Landis

Not the same /b/ they used to be

Fame has brought in too many hangers-on and wannabes. I can see why they don't want any more attention. Not matter what else /b/ does, they have my admiration for going after Co$. They say it was for the lulz but fighting evil is noble, the reason is moot.

So I raise my glass to the crass, the vulgar and the noble.

Why we love to hate Microsoft

Clay Landis
Gates Horns


They think security is the fat guy in uniform in the lobby.

As I always tell friends, "anything but Micro$oft".

Gadget tax needed 'to save US newspapers'

Clay Landis

Let me be the first to say ...

F*ck the newspapers. If their business model is failing then so long and good luck. I can line my birdcage with something else.

Lawyers scared of computers

Clay Landis
Thumb Up

Save a tree ...

Kill a lawyer

China moves closer to a smut-free internet

Clay Landis
Big Brother

Just plain sucks to be them

I thought that porn was what the interwebs was for?

Gah, no fun to be had. Booo BB

Murdoch says Page 3 won't be free from next year

Clay Landis


Aww, grandpa doesn't like "adjusting to changes"? He can charge whatever he wants but his BS won't make a nickle. Even the idiots that follow his propaganda won't pay a sub fee.

DIAF Rupert

Hilton to go down for 23 days

Clay Landis

Thats how we do it in the US

Yeah, disgusted with the US? You should try living here. The celebrity worship is appalling. Some collie faced tramp gets off with a half sentence. American justice, the best money can buy.

"highly-talented heiress" I am still laughing at that. Nice one Reg.


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