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The Pirate Party is the shape of things to come




"Without my 'favourite' author getting a penny. Why would I want to do that to my favourite author ?"

Even if the copyright expires, there's nothing stopping you from giving the author money. Also, it would be difficult for someone to publish a book whose copyrights have expired but many aspects of it are still trademarked, because that probably class as counterfeiting.

"do you want Noddy's children to starve ?"

Don't care about his children. If I die, I could leave my kids money and a house. Why should his children get money, a house and something that magically keeps making more money even though he's dead?

Chinese gamer survives knife through skull



"Wei was able to walk to the 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Jilin University."

I think he glitched..

Pirate Party UK launches manifesto



Don't personally care for attention. Would appreciate if El Reg showed some respect, though -- not more than they show anyone else, just some. For instance, why not wait when asked to wait?

UK libel laws are outdated. They need reforming, not abolition, and that's what the Pirates are asking for.

Dead Vulture

This article is pure FAIL.

Thanks for taking the time to link to the manifesto, Reg:


You know, in case you thought your readership is intelligent enough to read it on their own, and decide that relaxed copyrights and patents, freedom of speech and privacy are actually GOOD things.

Dead Vulture

El Reg is objective as always.

They actually said:

"We strongly oppose compulsory ID cards, and pledge that we will never introduce them. The proposed National Identity Register will be regulated so that it can only contain trivial information, and data required by a particular government department must be held by that department only. We will introduce a new right to compensation for people affected by government data loss."

Nerd alert: First Lucid Lynx Ubuntu beta fun



Look up the emerald window manager (there should be tutorials online for how to use it; the packages are in the standard repos, I think). It lets you install very fancy themes.

You also want to look for tutorials on compiz. Install the compizconfig-settings-manager and gnome-color-chooser packages.

Go to gnome-look.org for themes. You can install them from System>Preferences>Appearance.

YouTube accuses Viacom of secretly uploading videos


YouTube's counter-argument is...

...that Viacom HIRED people to upload infringing content so they could come back later and accuse YouTube of being evil.

I want YouTube to win this. Viacom are a bunch of tossers.

Dell bars Win 7 refunds from Linux lovers


I'm waiting for my FREE™ Windows copy

Nope. Still nothing.

Don't really want one, tbh.

Mobile apps to earn $17bn by 2012

Black Helicopters

What goes up, comes back down..

This could be just another bubble of silliness waiting to burst, so purveyors of apps may want to hold onto their hats.

Cryptome: PayPal a 'liar, cheat and a thug'



If it's just £5k, why not keep it in cash -- you know, where they can't close your account and stuff.

Maybe he should just move it to an Icelandic bank..

Nazi-doodlebug-powered father of all paintball guns patented


Patent granted.

Also eligible for a Darwin award.

Ubisoft undone by anti-DRM DDoS storm


Strange that...

...because I always thought if you don't have the balls to stand up for what you believe they'll just take advantage of you.

For example, they might sell you subpar, crippled products at £50. Say nothing, and in a couple of years they might try to sell you even less for £50. In my book, that is a downward spiral, which is what real misery is like.

If we don't speak with out wallets, then what do you propose? A DDoS attack perhaps?


Paul Smith, Reading comprehension FAIL

What part of "not touching" does your tiny brain not understand?

Even though I would NOT personally pirate a game over the internet, I have no problem with others doing it. Copyright infringement is not theft, it's copyright infringement: Ubisoft loses nothing from it happening, especially if the pirates never intended to buy the game in the first place. Piracy gives people the opportunity to try before they buy, and I respect that.

Stupid DRM like this just makes our lives harder, and the pirates always have a cracked copy within hours. Ubisoft should realise that what they are doing is pissing their customers off, and they'll have to stop when enough people decide that enough is enough.


This is it!

I'm officially boycotting Ubisoft and all their DRM-infested shite. Even if they publish the BEST game in the world, I'm not touching it until they remove the DRM.

What, do they think we are stupid or something?

Paris Hilton crowned 'Worst Actress of the Decade'

Paris Hilton

And you were right

That's granddaddy Hilton. We won't be seeing Paris running hotels, though, because her grandfather will be leaving all his money to charity!

EU ministers want new life for IP enforcement

Thumb Up


That's precisely what needs to be done. Problem is, politicians are sold out to said billionaires so we'll be stuck with yet more patent and copyright protection laws... until the system blows up on its own, that is.

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx changes its spots


Not bad

You should have put up screenshots of Bing, though ;)

Canonical betas Ubuntu music store



Has anyone here tried the beta? What's their selection like? What about the pricing?

As for the mp3 vs ogg debate, a lot of recent mp3 players do support the format (that's the beauty of open formats). I think they should support ogg instead of mp3, because Amazon and others already offer mp3s, but not ogg.

Oz songstress: Record label 2.0 abandoned me



She released the album for free, but why didn't she put up a donate button? I know lots of people who would gladly use it if they like the music!!

Men at Work appeal Down Under plagiarism ruling



The song is from 1934 and they're bitching about copyrights/plagiarism/whatever?? They want 40% of the profits from a modern song for a flute riff?

The bloody thing belongs in the public domain. Not only should this be thrown out of court, they should reform copyright to last less than 500 years. Bunch of cheapskates, sitting on their arses doing nothing and expecting everyone to pay them for it.

Banking industry worker faces cosh over anonymous rant



If I were that employee, and I knew this incident could get me fired, I would ask for the chore of being the one to prove the research wrong and show my comment was fair.

Polygamist Microsoft picks Amazon as latest Linux wife


Oh I remember...

Must be that patent on sudo.

Twitter bomb threat joke man faces possible jail sentence


epic fail

If he were a real terrorist he'd DEFINITELY be talking about it on twitter, no doubt. That's what real terrorists do, of course!

Windows Live suffers user details identity crisis


Oh my...!!

"users of the service complained that they could see other people’s accounts"

That is a fail of the most epic proportions, and definitely dangerous for the users. I've put it off long enough, but I'm ditching hotmail right now.

Update: Toshiba's small enterprise disk



If it spins down when not used, does that not mean it'll have additional spin-up times? As I see it, it may spin faster when active, and it will transfer stuff faster, but if it'll have even worse response times than average HDs then it may not be worth it.

I'd like a durable 600GB SSD instead, please!

Google gifts Wiki millions


I like this

A very honourable gesture from Google. Wish more companies would do this sort of thing more often.

BAA poo-poos Bollywood star's pervscan printout put-on


Oh come on

They don't need a print option on the scanner. They can take a picture of the screen with a phone :P

Ubuntu Firefox shuns Google for Yahoo! search


What on Earth...

...are they thinking??

New music file aims to sink piracy using blogs and Twitter


y thnk u





My, what a bit of FAIL this is... It's just an mp3 with tags added at the end -- and as a bonus, this FAIL could only have come through Fraunhofer because those lametards own the patent for mp3 and would sue any other lametard who would try this first.

Lords mull Hail Mary penance for file sharers



My concern is about the rights holders being able to find the identity of infringers directly.

Seeing how these "entertainment" cartels usually operate, I won't find it surprising if we start hearing about how they're kicking doors in and breaking people's kneecaps with a baseball bat.

Microsoft sues TiVo in AT&T solidarity play


Power to i4i...

...and all others like them.

That is all.

Microhoozon calls for un-Google ebook guardian



"Google is essentially rewriting copyright law in a way that favors it above all other book sellers."

Copyright law is having adverse effects on society and business and needs to change. If governments aren't willing to move into the 21st century, private companies will inevitably have to lead the way.

If this process is indeed put back into the hands of governments as is being suggested, I don't see us going forward any time soon.

Also, I can see why Amazon has a problem with this, as it has products that could be directly affected. What are the other two moaning about, though?

Apple's 'latest creation' debuts January 27


Chinese strike

Unless I heard wrong, there are violent strikes in China involving the company that manufactures touch screens for Apple.

We'll see if this can affect the product launch.

Modern Warfare 2 outsold Avatar, claims developer


It was Pocahontas actually


Spam filters stuff Canadian Beaver


Nice beaver.

Yes, I just had it stuffed.

Microsoft predicts Linux will fail mobile 'quality' test

Thumb Down

Lame propaganda

I have a WinMo phone and an Android phone.

Guess which one fails the quality test!! :P

3D TV gets cold shower from Avatar man


If I may...

What about the eye strain? This stuff is a public health hazard, especially if people (especially kids) sit around the TV watching it all day long.

As for the technology itself, it's still pretty gimmicky. The 3d glasses are very uncomfortable, and even though OK for the cinema every once in a while, they're not ready for prime-time in the home. If they can get rid of the glasses, I'll be more excited about this development.

Celebrity goat declines Britain's Got Talent gig


goats have feelings too

And no self-respecting goat would go on BGT.

Italians take the 'p' to fight back against Big Brother

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This is a good thing and I hope it catches on in other countries and for other aspects of life.

The mottos "I will work harder" and "Napoleon is always right" are all too prevalent today.

France floats Google music-and-movie tax



Let me get this straight: the "music-and-movie" industries are failing because they REFUSE to adapt to current market needs, so internet companies must prop them up?

On what grounds? Because piracy happens on the internet? I'm sorry, but that is just stupid. Of all the retarded things the french gov't has come up with so far, this may just be the stupidest.

French people, do something about your government!!

2016 bug hits Windows phones



Was the software for the banks also written by Microsoft by any chance? Could they have reused code from WM?

Google and MS sued over links to file-sharing site

Thumb Down


I think blaming the hosting and search companies for their stuff being pirated is completely unreasonable.

Even if those companies know about it, that doesn't mean they approve -- if Rapidshare has illegal files on it, it's because there are SO many of them that they are difficult to find and remove; if Google and Bing put illegal stuff high in the search results it's because the users search for them so often (and a thing called net neutrality that Bing doesn't believe in apparently).

Muggers plundering gig bootleggers' booty


Oh teh noes!

'tis the work of criminal masterminds!

Windows 'openness' hailed in Nintendo game defeat


epic fail

Nintendo: Ni! Ni! Ni! Ni! Ni!

French Judge: I fart in your general direction, sons of a silly person. Windows is an open platform, you tiny wipers of other people's bottoms.

Google pockets half of 'unlicensed' news dollars, says study



The "problem" everybody seems to have with news aggregators is that they spread out the advertising revenue, so more money goes to wherever the best content is.

This means, small-time news sites with high quality content get a chance, and big news empires like Murdoch's lose their stranglehold and don't get to keep everything for themselves.

Even if Murdoch got 100% of Google news' revenues, he'd still be in the red. News corp is not sustainable as it is because it's gotten too big!

BNP leader unlikely iPlayer poster child



Cassetteboy rules!

Coprocessors ride again

Thumb Up


I've been saying that's the way forward for YEARS!

Just add an FPGA to do custom parallel processing on the side.

Find a way to combine this on the same chips with SSDs and you have a brand new architecture that can potentially do some bloody awesome things.

First malicious iPhone worm slithers into wild

Dead Vulture

Come on, El Reg

You need to get a pic of the apple logo with a worm in it!! ;)

Apple voids warranties over cigarette smoke, users say

Jobs Halo

well done, apple

Thanks! This made my day.

Cigarette smoke is THE most disgusting thing.



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