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Microsoft and Google, sitting in a tree, working on browser compatibility

Randy Hudson

Re: Weird way round?

The annoying thing about standards is they’re written by Mozilla, after the fact, while other implementation chose more logical interpretations yo various combinations of settings.

Apple's app transparency rules: Google's privacy labels for Chrome and Search on iOS highlighted by DuckDuckGo

Randy Hudson

They even track you “outside” their apps

If you click on a URL in one of googles apps like YouTube, they ask how you want to open the link. If you pick “Safari”, they just show you an embedded web view widget so they can continue to track your browsing history

Blackberry Cylance's consumer antivirus product won't work with macOS Big Sur until end of January

Randy Hudson

Based on past OS releases, it sounds like they’ll have it ready well before it makes sense to upgrade to Big Sur

And now for something completely different: A lightweight, fast browser that won't slurp your data

Randy Hudson

This is an existing rendering engine, just tweaked for parallel execution where page layout is independent.

Randy Hudson

Pretty naive

... of the reg to think anyone would write an HTML/CSS layout from scratch at this point.

Apple now Arm'd to the teeth: MacBook Air and Pro, Mac mini to be powered by custom M1 chips rather than Intel

Randy Hudson

This is great news for people buying a notebook but then use it as an iPad.

Seriously though, it's going to be years before you can do actual laptop tasks with these. Just this week I've flashed firmware in my Jeti ESC and receivers, used Fusion 360 to design a part for my plane, and used Cura to slice the file for printing.

Node.js 15: What's new, what's coming, and keeping pace with Deno. 'We're not going to reinvent' module ecosystem

Randy Hudson

Supporting TypeScript at runtime is just encouraging more runtime bloat.

npm packages are a mess. It's not uncommon for 95% a package's footprint to be unit tests, documentation, or other crap someone decided to publish, but serve no runtime purpose. On top of that, files are loose on the file system, causing more waste due to slack space.

If you're going to fix the mistakes of node.js, look at what java did right 25 years ago. Support optionally running packages from an archive, and have developers publish their runtime separately from their SDK (source code, etc.).

Trump's official campaign website vandalized by hackers who 'had enough of the President's fake news'

Randy Hudson

Try big boobs, with a "Z"...

GitLab scans its customers' source code, finds it's as fragile as you'd expect

Randy Hudson

Re: Don't build on sand

"people will use a library just to avoid writing a one-liner"

Perhaps some thought this was an exaggeration. Check out the "has" package. It gets 14m downloads a week.


Randy Hudson

Re: Don't build on sand

In the mid 90s I had a buddy like that in college. In his AI class, they had to write a program that navigated a 2D maze. When he presented his program, it was a first person view of some creature running through a 3D world similar to DOOM. When the teacher what software packages he had used to achieve visuals above and beyond what even the professor considered within the reach of undergrads, his reply was, "a C compiler"

Mozilla signs fresh Google search deal worth mega-millions as 25% staff cut hits Servo, MDN, security teams

Randy Hudson

Why is Google paying for this? Even if Firefox came with some other search providers, everyone would change it to Google anyway.

The intersection of Firefox users and people who don't know how to change their browser's search provider must be like 10 people.

Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft speech-to-text AI systems can't understand black people as well as whites

Randy Hudson

Siri: Cut me some slack, Jack! Chump don' want no help, chump don't GET da help!

Beyond JAMstack: Next.js creator on hybrid rendering, TypeScript and Visual Studio Code

Randy Hudson

Next.js is written in TypeScript I believe, not JavaScript.

Researchers trick Tesla into massively breaking the speed limit by sticking a 2-inch piece of electrical tape on a sign

Randy Hudson

This only worked because the car was on an unknown road. For existing roads, data already exists including the speed limit, so there no need to rely on road signs.

Microsoft crack habit reports: User claims Surface Laptop 3 screen fractured again after repair

Randy Hudson

Re: Suction

The problem is the lack of rubber between the "glass" and the aluminum bezel. The rubber is needed due to differences in the two materials' thermal expansion properties.

Best buds? Apple must be fuming: Samsung's wireless earphones boast 11 hours of listening on a single charge

Randy Hudson

Do they come in green

So I can look exactly like Shrek?

Boeing aircraft sales slump to historic lows after 737 Max annus horribilis

Randy Hudson

Why the thumbs down? Are there readers who enjoy numbers being improperly labeled?

Randy Hudson

Gareth please proof read your article

"..last year came to just 54 aircraft"

"Deliveries of new aircraft to customers halved to 380"

Both of these numbers can't be right. Seems like that should say 54 orders, which is a meaningless piece of data.

Randy Hudson

Re: "This is what happens when you scrimp on software dev, testing and docs"

No, it says 890 planes down to 54 orders, even though it makes no sense to compare these two numbers. Poorly written article, or perhaps written for dramatic effect?

If you read it carefully, they delivered 380 planes, compared to 890 planes before. 54 was the total number of orders, which is not an interesting number since obviously some orders were for multiple planes.

WebAssembly gets nod from W3C and, most likely, an embrace from cryptojackers online

Randy Hudson

“ Wasm has the potential to run much faster than JavaScript, as much as 20x faster”

So it’s java?

Apple's credit card caper probed over sexism claims – after women screwed over on limits

Randy Hudson

No, it did it based on her indicating she had little or no annual income.

How bad is Catalina? It's almost Apple Maps bad: MacOS 10.15 pushes Cupertino's low bar for code quality lower still

Randy Hudson

Production machine?

“ I’m not updating a single machine yet. Definitely not production ones ”

WTF is a production Mac?

Don't let your dreams be dreams! Itty-bitty space shuttle to ride into orbit on a Vulcan Centaur

Randy Hudson

Just do it!

Enjoyed the throwback Shia LaBeouf reference!

Captain, we've detected a disturbance in space-time. It's coming from Earth. Someone audited the Kubernetes source

Randy Hudson

What up ZX?

He's coming for your floppy: Linus Torvalds is killing off support for legacy disk drive tech

Randy Hudson

Missed opportunity

Coming for your floppy diks

Google pays out $13m to make Wi-Spy scandal go away: Bung goes to peeps and privacy orgs

Randy Hudson

Re: Not enough

They had to change it from the original "Do no evil", which people heard and often correctly written down as "Do know evil"

We listened to more than 3 hours of US Congress testimony on facial recognition so you didn't have to go through it

Randy Hudson

Misread that

At first I read that as:

“Feces maybe the final frontier of privacy”

Is nothing sacred?

Boeing admits 737 Max sims didn't accurately reproduce what flying without MCAS was like

Randy Hudson

I thought Denzel Washington already showed us how to handle this scenario.

User secures floppies to a filing cabinet with a magnet, but at least they backed up daily... right?

Randy Hudson

Pore is a verb now?

We'll help you get your next fix... maybe, we'll think about it, says FTC: 'Right to repair' mulled

Randy Hudson

The FTC will never get this right. Hopefully California will, to the rest of our benefits.

You got a smart speaker but you're worried about privacy. First off, why'd you buy one? Secondly, check out Project Alias

Randy Hudson

This is how Alexa works already. It doesn’t send a constant stream of audio to Amazon just to detect whether you’ve said “Alexa”. This is just identical to what’s already in place, but uses a different word to activate

London Gatwick Airport reopens but drone chaos perps still not found

Randy Hudson

By that argument, there shouldn’t be any law against murdering someone.

Alexa heard what you did last summer – and she knows what that was, too: AI recognizes activities from sound

Randy Hudson

“activities and and context”

The grammar checker I used 30 years ago would check errors like this, and that was for stuff only my teacher would be reading. Is this a tech site?

Get a grip, literally: Clumsy robots can't nab humans' jobs just yet

Randy Hudson

Re: Screw the people this will put out of work then.

Yes, similar to the invention of the tractor.

Less work for humans means smaller percentage of your life wasted working. You spending power per hour worked increase. What's wrong with that?

Select few to watch World Cup in 4K high dynamic range colour on BBC iPlayer

Randy Hudson

I can get 900Mbps most days, but it's typically the guy on the other end that's the bottleneck. Is BBC's service available in the US?

Microsoft, Google: We've found a fourth data-leaking Meltdown-Spectre CPU hole

Randy Hudson

How does JavaScript read any memory that hasn't been previously initialized by the interpreter for its use? If that were possible, then your script could have non-deterministic behavior?

Intel’s first 10nm CPU is a twin-core i3 destined for a mid-range Lenovo

Randy Hudson


Article's used "Intel’s" to mean possession (as expected), but then "Intel has", and then "Intel is". Are you trying to make reading unpleasant? Reading's easier without so many contractions.

Apple MacBook butterfly keyboards 'defective', 'prone to fail' – lawsuit

Randy Hudson

The trackpad is a close second

Let's kick the tyres on Google's Android P... It's not an overheating wreck, but UX is tappy

Randy Hudson

UX designs are getting dumber and dumber. Why does every icon need to be a circle (first screenshot)?

Oh dear... Netizens think 'private' browsing really means totally private

Randy Hudson

Both the AC and Chrome's own incognito message left out an important bit. Not only are any newly-established cookies eventually tossed out, but equally important, any existing cookies from your normal browser usage are kept separate from the cookies used in the private/incognito mode.

It's like sitting down at a new device/browser install, using it for the first time, and nuking it when you're done.

Gmail is secure. Netflix is secure. Together they're a phishing threat

Randy Hudson

What is secure about Netflix allowing you to register an email address that you don't own?

Britain's 4G is slower than Armenia's

Randy Hudson

Is this really an issue for anyone?? I'm getting 40Mbps down on LTE right now. Enough for two 4K video streams. What are people doing on their phones?

Mind the gap: Men paid 18.6% more than women in Blighty tech sector

Randy Hudson

the average gender pay gap...

That calculation was on the basis of the median hourly pay gap

Make up your mind. Words mean things.

Hubble sharpens measurement of distance to ancient cluster

Randy Hudson

7800 Light Years?!

So this other galaxy is inside the Milky Way?

No Falcon Way: NASA to stick with SLS, SpaceX more like space ex

Randy Hudson

Give NASA some credit. They were lifting twice the payload of the Flacon in the 60s.

Meet the open sorcerers who have vowed to make Facebook history

Randy Hudson

Re: Yolk? Seriously? I'm oeuffended!

As one of my professors used to say, "If you haven't bothered to read it, why should I? "

Uber's disturbing fatal self-driving car crash, a new common sense challenge for AI, and Facebook's evil algorithms

Randy Hudson


Looks like the headlights were not properly adjusted. You couldn't see the bike until it was less than 40 feet away

Intel: Our next chips won't have data leak flaws we told you totally not to worry about

Randy Hudson

Can anyone explain how JavaScript, which runs on a virtual machine and can't access memory that hasn't been initialized by that VM, could read data from another process?



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