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Tim Cook: The classic iPod HAD TO DIE, and this is WHY


Apple killed the competition then deliberately dumped the market...

iPod sales are down because they keep junking the decent ones...

People were going mad for the 6th generation iPod and the Lunatik strap - Apple's response - double the physical size of the device, kill the market and take 5 years to come out with their own 'watch' that doesn't even feature-match the iPod-strap combination.

Then there's the Classic - it makes for a great car jukebox when used with an audio system that plays nicely with it. Better than the alternative of a big USB stick.

Apple pushed the iPod Touch - great for the sausage-fingered masses who only want a device if they can poke the UI but a major step backwards in capacity.

Apple killed the iPod market themselves. Nobody else to blame.

Waving an Eye-of-Sauron pulsating mock cock? Stop immediately


the proof


TalkTalk's YouView box gets Ab Fab reception



Alan Sugar says that anyone who can't set up this box shouldn't be allowed to watch TV.

TalkTalk say I need to pay £50 for some muppet to come and fiddle with my AV kit and seem to be attempting to charge me £10 a month more than I pay at the moment.

Looks like both an insult and an untruth... so have opted out for now.

Apple iMac 27in


Wireless keyboard features

Complaining that the wireless keyboard doesn't have numerics pad or USB ports - if you don't like it why didn't you just ask for the version that does have them? The whole piece sounds like you really don't know what you are looking at or really care.


What is Firewire800 for?

On any but the latest kit the fastest port on a muiti-interface external HD will be the Firewire 800 port, outperforming USB2. You've surely not replaced all of these around the office with now-obsolete USB3 external HDs have you?

Lovefilm to stream to PS3


Re: Panasonic?

Nah, there have been rumours about the service on Panasonic TVs, you weren't making it up. But I've been trying to a while to track down any details. Panasonic's website is one of those idiot flash pages that shows loads of images of the kit but is thin on tech info.

Contacting Lovefilm is a waste of time - they just send out a dumb canned email.

But excitement over PS3 support - that is ok if you like watching tv on a fan heater!

Brits not buying into Freeview HD


Freeview sucks in rain - they can stick DAB where the sun don't shine...

Waltham mast from Derby - BBC Freeview ok, other mux piss poor. Fitted new 'log' antenna at DigitalUKs recomendation which gave me all channels except when it rains. More shopping and encrypted channels than analog but only when the weather cooperates... FAIL...

When did the hooters move the upgrade to the end of August 2011, it *was* May...

So tell me again why we're supposed to listen when the lying weasels say we need to "upgrade" our FM radios?

Intel trials downloadable CPU upgrades

Thumb Down

One model, different price plans...

Didn't IBM get into trouble trying that trick in the mainframe market when customers found out the 'upgrade' they were paying for was actually setting jumpers to disable the delay board?

Revealed: The amazing premise behind Ridley Scott's Monopoly



So has anyone pointed out to Hollywood that the idea won't travel 'cos we all have different boards and placenames????

Just like when we all look blank when they get excited about the girls game 'rounders' and getting oh so dressed up to play rugby...

Ares 1-X booster rocket dented in test flight



... they had only used a cheap cardboard tube. That is why they couldn't fly when it was "a bit cloudy". If only they'd bothered giving it a coat of Clearcote...