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Space-walker nearly OPENED HELMET to avoid DROWNING

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You ruined the ending of his blog by revealing that he survived the ordeal so that he could blog about it.

Twitter and unnamed Twitterers sued by anonymous man

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A few hours ago most people in Britain didn't care which footballer this was.

Now the whole world knows.

In fact more people probably know who this is then who knows what a footballer is.

Great job there handling social media lawyers!

Carphone Warehouse slashes Samsung Galaxy Tab price

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Doesn't LOOK comfortable?

Why not try holding one for yourself?

Meanwhile I have to say that the iPad screen is just right for casual web browsing with regards to size. Anything smaller and you'll spend a lot of time zooming in and out.

US forces drop dead drug-poison killer mice from helicopters

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It's a hamster

That picture on the front page linking to this? It's a hamster not a mouse. Cute though.

HP confirms 'Palm pad' to ship early 2011

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Should be lovely

And almost entirely lacking apps. Shame but true unless HP bust a gut to get deva on board. Had to see though with iOS and Android about - let alone symbian and windows mobile.

I hope I'm proved wrong though.

Apathy kills Google's new-age Wave

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So anyway this caused me to post something on Wave for the fist time in 8 months.

What's the icon for "mef" Sarah?

Palm retrospectively discounts developer fees

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WebOS isn't on anything cheap

It's on 2 phones that might be quite nice but are only on O2 and are expensive to own. Even Windows Mobile is ahead in this respect. Why would I spend more on a Pre or Pixi when I can get an Android with loads more apps and a confirmed future.

Palm should have subsidised the handsets to get them into more pockets. More pockets means more users and more app customers. More app customers means more demand for apps and more developers for apps. etc etc.

BCS rebels apologise ahead of crunch meeting

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I didn't vote

... because I couldn't decide between the two after reading the two arguments.

I have to say though that I think the BCS has been quite good recently (thanks to some of the specialist groups). And as I work in ITSM the business side seems relevant to me. It's not meant to be a hobby club I don't think.

Speed cameras slide out of LibCon budget

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Idiots as social revenue generation

Since breaking the speed limit is against the law then what is wrong with using speeding motorists to fund local government? This means lower taxes for the rest of us. If you don't like it then you can choose to drive within the limits you agreed to when you received your driving licence. It's the democratic way.

Coalition agreement website exposes database password

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I prefer to call them the Combine

Vodafone to introduce out-of-bundle data charges

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Does this mean that Vodafrown will finally stop marketting their internet as unlimited? Or can we at least get someone fined for this? The only broadband tax I want to see is companies fined for mis-selling data connections.

Last.fm now offers Less.fm

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Best streaming music samples

I have just been shopping for some music and was frustrated by 20 or 30 second samples from random points on songs from emusic, amazon and iTunes. In many cases the opening seconds of a track is used which gives a poor idea of what the whole song sounds like.

In the end I found a site called trackitdown.net which provides the whole song. The clever thing is that it doesn't provide it all at once. You get an initial random sample but you can see a graphical representation of the whole thing and the option to jump to any point - just like listening to vinyl in a real shop. So you can hear the beginning, middle, end or any significant part before buying.

Shame is that they are more expensive than the other sites so I didn't buy anything - but I thought their preview model was excellent.

Microsoft sorry over quiet Office Mobile 2010 beta kill date

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maybe but...

... I'd expect a new beta, pre-release or final version by now to upgrade to (even for a price)

UK.gov folds over Ordnance Survey map data

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Good news

...but the site is overwhelmed at the moment

New Reg comments system ready to launch

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If you had stuck with just the custom icons bit

... then you might have got me. However it does look like you have other customers from reading the comments.

i4i pats self on back for Microsoft patent win

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but i4i didn't invent this

They just bought the patent from someone with the sole intention of squeezing money out of a large company.

Acer Aspire 1810TZ

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On my 2nd one

The first one took a short fall on Monday and the screen was trashed. Worringly so the base was also warped which makes me question the suitability for travel. However this also meant I could secure a quick replacement via my insurance.

My 2nd one has faster memory inside and what appears to be a duller screen.

As for the fan, there is a community developed tool that I found that lets you configure how oftent he fan comes on and this has made the machine much quieter.

Samsung N510 Nvidia Ion-based netbook

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for that weight and size you can get a laptop

1.5Kg is too heavy. I got an Acer 1810TZ which is about as large but 1.4Kg with 1366 screen, HDMI, Dual Core, 3 GB RAM, 8 hours battery and proper Windows 7 - none of this Starter Edition rubbish. This cost me under £450 with delivery.

Anything Atom should be 1.4Kg or lighter or much cheaper for it.

About glossy TV screens... New LED TVs have glossy backlit screens. I'm loving the screen on my Acer so much I want a similar type to replace my desktop's monitor too.

Office 2010 beta lands in laps of MSDN, TechNet coders

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64bit editions and consitant ribbon in all apps like Visio and Outlook are much awaited by me.

Google wheels out Chrome, Wave updates

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I hit update this morning

and twittered about how fast Chrome 4.whatever was. So I can concurr with 30% speed increase.

Palm Pre evicted from iTunes (yet again)

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More to the point...

Did iTunes just offer to download a 40Mb plus update just so it could cripple the Pre sync? What about actuall bug fixes or enhancements? No?


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