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Oz school in homosexual kookaburra rumpus


The Modern Inquisition

The teacher made the right decision. In this over politically correct world any controversial word usually results in criticism or being fired. However, the problem with word censoring is that once it begins then it eventually leads to the censorship of speech and ideas. Orwell was wrong when he theorized that some day a single government entity would watch over the people. In this "modern" age people have collectively become "little brothers" who shout "Put them to the question!" whenever anything doesn't compliment their own ideology.

ThinkGeek trembles before Pork Board's pork sword


White Meat

A few years back, when the movie March of the Penguins movie came out, I did some t-shirts for Cafe-Press that said "Penguins, the other white meat" it took them (Pork Council) about 72 hours to contact me with a cease and desist...or else.

I guess if you get "The other white meat" tattooed on your butt, they would literally own your ass.

BP grabs 'oil spill' keywords on Google


Living Just North of Panama City Beach, FL

No one clicks on google sponsored links, so, dunno what all the hoopla is about.

I live a fast 45 minute country drive from Panama City Beach. Even with the spill in the gulf, from local polls, about 85%+ show that they still favor off-shore drilling.

What is scary is that even a higher percentage of Americans favor nuclear power.

Q. If we (Americans) can't handle a little crisis in the gulf of mexico, what will happen if we have a nuclear "boo-boo?"

A. It depends. If there is a Republican president and administration at that time then they will find an excuse to invade another country. If not, then it seems Americans actually take a bit of self responsibility, work the problem, and find a solution.

Steve Jobs dubs Google's 'don't be evil' motto 'bulls**t'


Bad 4 Developers

I was ready to shell out the cash for an iPad, but no flash support, forget about it. No flash support means no access to millions of flash based sites.

Using HTML5 is going to be a pain for developers that create animated sites. They will have to create an HTML5 version of their animation in addition to a Flash version for older browsers to fall back on. Of course, I don't see people writing script to create animation ... so you will start seeing the equivalent of the Flash development environment that generates HTML5 animation for the canvas. Then again, adobe is clever enough that it will probably end up generating .swf and a html5 version of an animation along with code that downgrades to flash based on their browser support.

It would be nice if browser providers required users to force upgrade the the latest version as it comes out. It is already a pain in the neck, as a web developer, to have to deal with creating hacks for IE6, IE7, iE8 and of course FF on the Mac renders differently than FF on windows.

Motorola Milestone


Great Phone, but...

I'm in the U.S. and bought the phone about 2 days after it came out. I switched from AT&T and an iPhone because of poor cell service and no 3G. Sure, I miss my iPhone, but, having great cell coverage and 3G is a must if you use your cellular for business.

I was looking forward to using a slide-out keyboard, however, if you have large thumbs or as I did put on a leather case one may as well just stick to the on-screen keyboard in landscape mode.

The other drawback is that you will need a third party application like The Missing Sync ($39 U.S.) in order to sync your music, files etc, with a Mac. The Missing Sync does a great job but at this time it doesn't sync with iCal.

Motorola Dext Android smartphone



Thanks for the info Boony. I checked today and MarkSpace, the makers of The Missing Sync, is planning to release a program that will sync the Android with a Mac. I used their program to sync a nokia n75 and a mac a couple years back, and it worked really well. I think Motorola would lure over lots of mac users, that may or may not have an iPhone, if they would develop a native mac app for syncing. Or better, if Apple would distribute the iPhone through other carriers other than AT&T here in the U.S.

Thumb Up

Considering switch from iPhone (US)

I'm a 21+ year veteran programmer, the last 11 running a web development company in the U.S.

In truth, I love my mac and I love my iPhone. The main problem, in the U.S., is that the sole iPhone carrier is AT&T, which by all accounts has the worse cellular service available.

This phone will be out in 7 days from this post, and in all honesty, if it will sync with my Mac, then I'm all in. I'll miss my iPhone, but, when I can't get a signal (and no 3G) I'm going to have to look for an alternate phone and a better cellular carrier, in my case Verizon. I love the iPhone, but the lack of good cellular service is hurting my business as I use this for all of my work.

If anyone in the UK has had this phone, and can sync your Mac information (contacts, calendars etc), I would like to hear your opinion. Also, I use IMAP, and I assume this phone supports it?


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