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HP to bring 6,000 more TouchPads to UK - for staff only


I'm with you on the conspIracy theories Miss Lincolnshire, and I still took a punt and registered even though it was nearer 5pm! If I don't get one I'm gonna be complaining heavily.

HP faces first ever UK strike action


More power to the CE's

As an ex HP employee I have seen at first hand the demise of a once great company, a company we all used to be proud to work for and who looked after its employees, since the Compaq merger it has gone downhill rapidly, not a reflection on the vast majority of compaq employees who joined us but more of a change in the direction and attitudes of those at the top.

I hope that the guys moving to CDS settle in quickly and are able to make the adjustment to their new home as quickly as possible, what HP dont seem to realise or care about is that they are losing one of their biggest assetts, the guys who dig tyhe HP name out of the dirt on a daily basis in front of customers.


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