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Let’s check in with that 30,000-job $10bn Trump-Foxconn Wisconsin plant. Wow, way worse than we'd imagined


On the Plus side...

The billions in state tax credits have been revoked.


We bought a knockoff Lego launchpad kit from China for our Saturn V rocket so you don't have to


I am disapoint

Here I thought El Reg was going to start launching things into the unknown again!

UK govt advert encouraging re-skilling for cyber jobs implodes spectacularly


A common refrain

Joe Biden, Dec. 2019:

Biden said, “Anybody who can go down 3,000 feet in a mine can sure as hell learn to program as well... Anybody who can throw coal into a furnace can learn how to program, for God’s sake!”

So... just 'Good' then? KFC pulls Finger Lickin' slogan while pandemic rumbles on


Member of the Pentavirate!

"Ooh I hated the Colonel, with his wee beady eyes and that smug look on his face! Ohh you're gonna buy my chicken! Ooh! (Dad, how can you hate the Colonel?) Because he puts an addictive chemical in his chicken that makes you crave it fortnightly, smart ass!"

Cool IT support drones never look at explosions: Time to resolution for misbehaving mouse? Three seconds


Re: It normally the Caps lock

We have one particular piece of software that uses an ALL CAPS username and password.

Caps Lock is not the same as shift. You cannot log in with Caps Lock, you have to hold the Shift key while entering username and password.

An unfortunate bit of product placement for Microsoft as Liverpool celebrates winning some silverware


Re: Clarification

As I am an owner of (a small part of) the American Sports League Team from the Green Bay WI area, I can happily and correctly say that "we" won!

Beware the fresh Windows XP install: Failure awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth


Re: The Need For Chewed Wires...

Wow. Here in the US, most jurisdictions do not allow machine-digging within 2 feet of a marked utility line. In my only stint in construction, the backhoe operator told me not to worry, he could "feel" the water main through his shovel and would tell me when to jump in and start digging. He was the boss, I had to take his word for it!

Apple to keep Intel at Arm's length: macOS shifts from x86 to homegrown common CPU arch, will run iOS apps


Re: Then you "should" be okay with just a recompile

"But the likes of Adobe etc only want YOU to rent software anyway."


Big Tech on the hook for billions in back taxes after US Supreme Court rejects Altera stock options case hearing


Re: just a reminder

Yes, let me log in to my neighborhood group instead of Facebook, shop at the local grocer (whoops! closed due to covid!) instead of Walmazon, visit my local video rental shop (huh?) instead of Netflix, run FOSS instead of Microsoft.

You're thinking like a Reg reader instead of an average consumer, you and I both know this isn't going to happen on any large scale.

A memo from the distant future... June 2022: The boss decides working from home isn't the new normal after all


Re: It would be so easy to pick apart so many of these points....

The one item that many people cite as a possible Work Near Home solution are these "co-working facilities". Given the immediate cause of teleworking this year, isn't a "co-working facility" just a space to spread viruses to 3-4 different offices, instead of just your own?

Disclaimer: I have teleworked for about 8 weeks of the current mess, and am back in the office because there are some things that can't be done remotely.

If Daddy doesn't want me to touch the buttons, why did they make them so colourful?


Re: Reminds me...

of this:


Tape on floors, etc.

Watch an oblivious Tesla Model 3 smash into an overturned truck on a highway 'while under Autopilot'


Re: Radar does have issues with recognizing stationary things

I see more interesting pictures in "Captcha" coming our way!

Behold: The ghastly, preening, lesser-spotted Incredible Bullsh*tting Customer


Re: Customers

It's all very clear:

Bill the landlord

Bill the grocer

Bill the Barman

It looks like you want a storage appliance for your data centre. Maybe you'd prefer a smart card reader?

Thumb Down

Tiger Direct?

Good Lord, why would anyone buy anything from that gang of shifty box-shifters? Especially a piece of kit like that! I remember being excited that CompUSA had been resurrected online, until I found out it was just a new web-front for TD!

Royal Navy nuclear submarine captain rapped for letting crew throw shoreside BBQ party


Re: Lost the opportunity for that one

"Longest patrol in history? Good job lads!"

Not this cruise. Longest patrol in RN history was completed in 2013, by this boat, but completely different crew and Captain. Nice bit of history, but doesn't apply here.

That awful moment when what you thought was a number 1 turned out to be a number 2


Weird English...

I'm still trying to figure out what "psying" is...

I mean come on people, it even gives you the red squiggly lines!

It's Baaaaaack (or is it?): Microsoft Teams suffers a Tuesday totter


Re: Up and Down across the board

Physical Stores, not the Microsoft App Store

Shipping is so insecure we could have driven off in an oil rig, says Pen Test Partners



So someone could threaten to overturn oil tankers if they aren't paid a hefty ransom? Page Angelina Jolie, the white hats must stop them!

Ever dream of being an astronaut? Now’s your chance. NASA wants new people for the Moon and Mars


The term is "Steely-eyed missle-man" Or, "Steely-eyed missle-ma'am"

Rocket man is either Elton Jojn or that punk in N. Korea!

Thunderbird is go: Mozilla's email client lands in a new nest


Re: Who provides the other 80 % ?

Webmail. And the odd Eudora and other legacy e-mail clients I haven't been happy with any email client in years, so I use my ISP's webmail. It's terrible as well!

FCC proudly wastes $90m getting data-capped, pricey satellite internet to tiny percentage of US population


Re: 98%

Rural Mountain West, Kansas, Nebraska, etc.


Remember the 1980s? Oversized shoulder pads, Metal Mickey and... sticky keyboards?


Re: Luxury!

You had electricity? In my day we had to set the wheels and crank the `ol Babbage by hand...

Linky revisited: How the evil French smart meter escaped Hell to taunt me

Black Helicopters


Behold the perils of trying to turn the family and friends support line into a sideline


Re: F&F discount

Good grief, why does anyone rent a router from their cable company anymore? Especially those who read and post on El Reg? Find your providers equipment list and go with something better than the crap they charge you for month after month. I've been doing this since my Verizon DSL days (had my own modem, too) and have never had a serious support problem with VZ or Cox. It helps if you are a higher level customer, in terms of speed or overall package, as Cox gives you a separate support line that bypasses the level 1 drone support. And being a bronze/silver/gold poster helps too! :)

Right-click opens up terrifying vistas of reality and Windows 95 user's frightful position therein

Big Brother

Because Apple already had a "Wastebasket" with a trash can icon and M$ couldn't afford to be sued again for ripping off the Mac look and feel. (Yes,Apple lost that, but litigation is expensive!)

Divert the power to the shields. 'I'm givin' her all she's got, Captain!'


Re: Toothpaste tube caps...

Because we Yanks are not stupid enough to stand in a flooded room and reset the GFCI breaker, without fixing the problem and cleaning up the room first! It also localizes the outage and allows you to identify the problem.

That said, my apartment has one circuit for all the GFCI breakers (balcony, bathroom, 3 in kitchen) If it trips for a non GFCI reason, it usually means I plugged in something that takes too much power in the room I'm in at the time. It all works!

I just love your accent – please, have a new password


Re: Caller ID = Your routines suck!

Windows showing the user name of the last person to log in? Have never seen it where I work! Every morning I have to enter user name and password on the computer that only I use! So do the lowliest staff and the Director. What nonsense is this? Leaving my computer Locked is the only time I have ever seen a username displayed.

Bad news: Earth is not going to be walloped by asteroid 2006 QV89. Good news: Boffins have lost sight of it, so all hope is not yet lost


Re: Uh-oh

“Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space.”

Don't Panic!

Timely Trump tariffs tax tech totally: 25 per cent levy on modems, fiber optics, networking gear, semiconductors…


China's Fault

Lots of partisan bluster here about Trump, his finances, his taxes, etc.



This is why there is no deal and tariffs:

"The diplomatic cable from Beijing arrived in Washington late on Friday night, with systematic edits to a nearly 150-page draft trade agreement that would blow up months of negotiations between the world’s two largest economies, according to three U.S. government sources and three private sector sources briefed on the talks.

The document was riddled with reversals by China that undermined core U.S. demands, the sources told Reuters.

In each of the seven chapters of the draft trade deal, China had deleted its commitments to change laws to resolve core complaints that caused the United States to launch a trade war: theft of U.S. intellectual property and trade secrets; forced technology transfers; competition policy; access to financial services; and currency manipulation."

A little actual information goes a long way...

A real head-scratcher: Tech support called in because emails 'aren't showing timestamps'


Re: Bulk mail

Bad App! The whole point of the app is to keep you updated to delays, etc. I've never had an electronic boarding pass expire on me. A flight delay just changes the reported departure time.

Lip-reading smart speakers: Just what no one always wanted


Re: Good vibrations

FM is, after all, a line-of-sight transmission. I don't know where they put the transmitters in Blighty, but we usually use high places of tall towers!

FCC's answer to scandal of AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile US selling people's location data: Burying its head in the ground


Re: You don't understand how it works

A US Senator's salary is 174,000. Majority Leader and other posts make more. Nobody is getting rich off that. They are also allowed million(s) in some cases, for staff, office expenses and whatever else they can make look official. But skimming that money for personal use would be frowned upon. They are also limited to 15% of their salary in outside earned income.

WSJ showed that most Senators are already millionaires before they are elected. Bernie Sanders is not that wealthy, most of his net worth is tied up in home equity and his recent 6 or 7 figure book deal.

Germany has a problem with the entire point of Amazon's daft Dash buttons – and bans them


As a long time user of Subscribe and Save, I can assure you this is not the case. If there are changes to my S&S items; price availability, etc. I receive an email well in advance of my next delivery date indicating these changes. I also receive an e-mail containing the items and cost of my next delivery, with several days in which to cancel, change delivery date or make other changes.

OTOH DASH buttons are a ridiculous idea!

BOFH: Is everybody ready for the meeting? Grab a crayon – let's get technical


Knot theory is complicated!

The rabbit comes out of the hole, goes around the tree and back into the hole...

From tomorrow, Google Chrome will block crud ads. Here's how it'll work


This is so wrong

"It could also have been called a belated step to replicate the mute button already available on many keyboards."

I want to mute one ad or one tab, not my whole computer! Like so many on this site, I use ad blockers and flash blockers to keep that annoying stuff out. I read the web, if I wan to watch video, I have a big screen TV for that.

Six things I learned from using the iPad Pro for Real Work™


Seriously, nobody caught this?

"If there's one disappointment, it's that the hardware sucks surprisingly more than I expected. "

Especially the "editor"?

Also, anything less than 1920x1080 is of little use these days and 768 screens are complete rubbish!

Hell desk to user: 'I know you're wrong. I wrote the software. And the protocol it runs on'


I think this fits reight inhere...


No, Apple. A 4G Watch is a really bad idea


" its not like the 18th century when finding out the time was a chore,"

Wrist watches were invented so that gentlemen would not have to reach into their pocket to pull out their watch. We've regressed back to that point.

Pre-order your early-bird pre-sale product today! (Oh did we mention the shipping date has slipped AGAIN?)


35k Tesla Model 3?

pparently they will be as elusive as unicorns:


Tesla death smash probe: Neither driver nor autopilot saw the truck


Re: Right, $50 of bars will stop a 4000lb car going 74mph.


Downvoted because link is to article regarding removal of Mansfield bars for agricultural trucks. Has no applicability to side-impact collisions.


IIHS has tested aero panels as under-ride protection, they are worthless:


Enhanced panel (more expensive) can prevent side impact underride, but may complicate ground clearance, access and other actual trucking related issues.

BOFH: Free as in free beer or... Oh. 'Free Upgrade'


How did you all miss this?

"We sold your contract on" he admits with the smugness that only comes from a watertight signed contract. "We had another more important customer who wanted your existing printers and these were the only things we could lay our hands on at short notice.

Which can only mean, the other customer didn't want these POS printers, so we have to come steal yours!

Hacker cops to payment card fraud worth more than $36m


Oh, a fine?

Here, put it on this card...

KeyCase iPad Folio Deluxe



Why does a physical keyboard have a key that brings up the... wait for it... virtual keyboard?

Tesla Motors: Our cars don't burst into flame, but our emails do


errr of course Flame!!

Hello? THE CARS WERE CATCHING ON FIRE!! Of course it rates as Flame of the Week!!

Seagate preloads FreeAgent Go with 20 Paramount movies


Need a what?

"It seems obvious that people building digital home movie collections on external hard drives will need a comprehensive labelling system to show the contents,"

Isn't that what Explorer/Finder/File Manager/insert favorite program name here is for?

I mean, when I want to see the contents of my external drive, I click on My Computer, and click on the drive. I don't stare at the case, hoping to divine the contents like Carnack!!


Ubuntu's Karmic Koala bares fangs at Windows 7

Dead Vulture

Ubuntu One?

"Sadly, in our limited testing the Ubuntu One site continually timed out and threw proxy errors so we never able to login and sync our files. If nothing else, we take that as a sign that the service is popular with Ubuntu users."

If you replaced "Ubuntu" with "Microsoft" it would read like this:

Sadly, in our limited testing the MicrosoftOne site continually timed out and threw proxy errors so we never able to login and sync our files. If nothing else, we take that as a sign that the service is COMPLETE AND UTTER BOLLOCKS, AND MS CAN'T CODE THEIR WAY OUT OF A PAPER BAG!!

Really, why can't you just tell us Ubuntu One isn't working, or do a little actual investigating to find out why it isn't working, instead of MAKING THINGS UP?


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