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UK plans surveillance for Earth-menacing asteroid


@Fabrizio Marana

You actually expect 2038 to be a date problem?

We have 31 years, to develop software that either totally avoids this problem or move up to 64-bit integers for time_t.

Oh noes crisis! Lets all run around like a headless chicken because The Friday The 13th bug will do what the media promised would happen with Y2K in 30 years time!!!

Google: Kill all the patent trolls


Kill the small inventor? What a joke...

Patent laws in America are so FUBAR its not funny, the thing i hate most is the software patents.

Its an absolute joke....SEGA sued Fox Interactive who made the Simpsons Road Rage for having an ARROW that pointed in the direction of a location and for having pedestrians that jump out of the way when you drive towards them, all because of a patent it filed when it made Crazy Taxi.

How can anyone small compete with big companys who have ENTIRE DEPARTMENTS dedicated to getting patents.

As for your "little fish" analogy...idea's are of no value without execution. You might have a super cool idea for a rocket powered car that can fly, under the current American Patent system you would be given that patent, even though chances are you don't have a hope in hell of ever building a prototype if you don't have a budget in the millions.

Hilton to go down for 23 days



She was even photographed a few days after she was sentenced driving her car.

I suppose that qualifys as good behaviour, and being a good role model, breaking the law time and time again.

Americans make me sick.


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