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Tories buy YouTube home page

irish donkey
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Don't care

still won't vote for them

althought i'm sure 'Lewis Page' will be banging his blue drum shortly.

We want balance!

Vote Lib Dem, doom humanity to extinction

irish donkey

ToryBoy Alert - ToryBoy Alert

Try and do something different from your father, Think for yourself!

Election 2010: The sillier options

irish donkey

hmmmm everything for free

But then BPI/RIAA don't represent the Meeja Creators they represent the the Meeja Suppliers. And they certainly don't support the Creators.

Why not meet somewhere in the middle and maybe give a few away things like Ringtones or when you buy a DVD you can get a free Soundtrack? Or even cut the Price of New Meeja?

On No Pirate alert!! Pirate alert!! FreeTard FreeTurd Kill'em all...... So that's all your insults out of the way, why not engage in honest discussion about the issues rather than doing on-yacht deals with corrupt politicians.

I don't buy new meeja anymore. Its the only way to hurt them. Hit them in their pockets its all they care about.

Sharing bank PINs leaves consumers at risk

irish donkey

The Banks will always try it on

Oh we are so squeaky clean we never do anything wrong.......

You can buy bank details from their Indian Call Centre for a few quid!

When I got money stolen from my Bank Account they tried to tell me I must have been careless with my card as Chip & Pin is bulletproof. When i explained to them my card have never been used or even activated so how could I be careless with it still they wouldn't admit liability but as a goodwill gesture they refunded my money!

Banks the worst scum of our society!

TfL signs £27.6m road CCTV deals

irish donkey

Oh good! even less Police on the Streets

CCTV Camera's have been shown to do nothing to reduce crime or the effects on Crime.

But on the upside these can be used to clock your average journey time and issue tickets based on the assumption that if you get home too quickly you must have been speeding somewhere.

Just imagine the revenue rolling in....

Tough on........ Speeding.

Never mind the toerags kicking/stabing/mugging people. The camera's aren't for that...... there's no money in that.

Pirate Bay dishes up Iron Man 2 ahead of US release

irish donkey

Nobody downloads 'CAMS'

As they are crap but I'm sure this will be held up by the RIAA as another excuse to tighten the noose on their legions of fans.

Maybe even get the Piratebay blocked in the UK. With the unlimited powers they now have to change UK Law any excuse will be used

Labour candidate tweets postal votes

irish donkey

Just another example of the Politico's

Doing whatever the £uck they want and bugger the consequences.

With this big labour turn around remember all they Elephants in the Room which haven't been discussed.

The War in Iraq

The RIPA Anti-terrorist Laws (LOL)


The Expenses

The ID Cards

Government Data Leaks

THE BT/PHORM Broadband fiasco

The list goes on and on. but we have better memories than that don't we?

Don't let the Politicians dictate how the election should be won or lost on their false promises and figures plucked from the sky. Gordon Brown/Lord Mandy promises if they get voted in again everything will be all right we it hasn't been all right for a while why should that change if you get back in again?

And Dave! Seriously I don't trust you. Nothing against you but I just don't trust you.

I'm going to vote for somebody. Are you?

Met terror squad beats all complaints

irish donkey
Black Helicopters

We know where you live.....

And if I can't come for you then my mate over there will come.... or you may not even know we have come until we blow your brains out.

Your occupation Sir: Electrician... hmm intresting. Big coat you are wearing today Sir

Is that Black Helicopters I hear coming,,,,,,,,

Mini Desktop PCs: Best Buys

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I'll stick with my DELL GX280 SFF

Its smaller than a video recorder (which has gone now anyway so fits in that slot nicely) its quiet and provides more that enought umph than these pretty looking machines. Upgrade the RAM and Graphics card and bingo! works a treat. And with a ebay price starting at £40.

Why look at anything else?

Getting a decent on-my-knes keyboard and mouse is the most difficult bit of the whole operation.

Hackers crack Ubisoft always-online DRM controls

irish donkey

Of course when UBIsoft fail

It will all be blamed on the Pirates cracking their software and not the fact that they alienated their customer base by engaging in a war of technical prowess with the Pirates.

So more tigntening of the the DEB Noose to follow. All the victims of the 'War on Digital Terror'

irish donkey

I stopped buying UBIsoft games

The restrictions in playing with a legitimate DVD were unbelievable.

The only way I could get Vegas 2 to run was using a crack. I found this little tit-bit on the UBIsoft official forums.

Will this encourage me to buy again? NO! because UBIsoft didn't fix it...... an evil despicable pirate did it!

UBisoft needs to wise up

Apple, the iPhone 4G, the cops and the click-tart

irish donkey

Who gives a shit?

Not me.

Please stop compelling me to read these stories about the iArrest

Britain's bingers out-boozed by Irish

irish donkey

Why can't I see any comments

Oh my good I have gone blind... where are all the comments ... I can leave comments but I cannot view .... would somebody think of the children!!!!##

how can I go a day without my dose of ill-informed rants from the great unwashed!

irish donkey

Can I have a Guiness Icon

because Lager is pish!

Why the banks aren't scared of the Robin Hood Tax

irish donkey

Its bankers --------- fuckem'

because they have fucked me so many times.

Anything that make a banker squeal has to be a good thing.

School secretly snapped 1000s of students at home

irish donkey

Pedo's queueing up outside schools

With their Trojan Horse's

Hey kid wanna free laptop!

Tories put ID cards, Contactpoint on manifesto hit list

irish donkey

hmmm Northern Ireland

That could be a can of worms there. I'd just leave that one alone.

I mentioned the war once but i think I got away with it.

eBayer sued for leaving negative feedback

irish donkey

Would the world miss lawyers?

I seriously doubt it. There might be a few more initial punch ups are people resolved their difference in a more old fashioned way but seriously who would miss them?

Take them out and beat them to death with a brick if they don't agree to get a proper job!

Milkman skewers Google Street View over garage break-in

irish donkey
Big Brother

£350 bike goes for £50

The idea that crooks are trawling through Street View looking for marks in ridiculous. Scum that steal stuff just walk around and see a likely house/car/bike and steal it and walk away.

There was a lot of burglary before the invention of street view. What is more likely the reason for any perceived rise whether true or not is the police's lack of interest in investigating crimes!

So unless you break into a police station when the plod aren't on a break its a nice safe recession proof job. And there is no tax or NI to worry about!

Big Brother not watching whom they should be watching!

When my Lappy got nicked the Police told me it happens so often now they don't even bother investigating. Shame

Man coughs to sex with donkey and horse

irish donkey

I would love to see the eCRB check for this

Safe to work with Children but don't leave him in charge of...................



Would somebody think of the donkey's

Freetard-targeting Trojan seeks to scam scaredycats

irish donkey

Not sure who is worse

These or the blood sucking vultures threatening to take old people to court

A user's timetable to the Digital Economy Act

irish donkey

Ode to a ex-pirate/freetard/scum - Just my 2 pence worth

Well its time to bite the bullet and wrap up my downloads.

So time to reduce my 50mb Broadband to 10mb cost saving for me – Sorry NTLworld don't need it anymore

No burning disc's for my mates. Sorry! – Saving for me.

Went to off to Blockbuster we go to check out the viable alternative and hire some movies - Some for me and some for the kids. Out of the 6 movies I got 3 were so badly scratched that they wouldn't play. When I complained at the shop I was informed it was the customers fault as they mistreated the discs. Not my problem I said I didn't scratch them, I want my money back. Err, um sorry can't give you your money back as it's against company policy. I'll give you some replacement films. Well I will remember that before I return here again won't I.

Blaming your customers for you not ensuring your disc's are 'up to scratch'

Viable alternative to Piracy? Rubbish! So far but still looking forward to the new business models

So in a year's time when sales haven't gone UP.

This will be the only measure the meeja companies are going to recognise as a decrease in Piracy is an increase in profits….. Then Piracy has gone really deep underground we need more control.

Everyone is using encryption? What can we do? Can we extend RIPA to cover encrypted internet traffic? Of course we can…… this is the War on Terror!

Roll out Deep Packet Inspection and controls on Encrypted Traffic (Encrypted traffic automatically moved to the slow lane for special consideration) and find where all the Piracy is going on……. Still can't find it. Damn it! It is happening but how can we track/measure/control it. How do you know its Piracy?

It must be Piracy look at our bottom line it hasn't gone up in 5 years 1000's of people will loose their jobs.

Throttling will happen. Some Pirates will carry on regardless but it will be more difficult. But they can only throttle if a users is accused of Piracy..... Well speed camera's started as a safety prevention measure and now..... Everybody has a point or three

Eventually we will all pay a percentage of our Broadband cost to meeja a company to off-set looses to Piracy. They already do it in Spain when they buy blank discs. Why not here?

And the Meeja business is carries on churning out shit which nobody will spend what little money they have left on.

So how can we fight back? Bought a DVD and watched it? Sell it on. Meeja companies hate 2nd hand sales as they get nothing from it. Buy your DVD's 2nd hand and lend them round your mates. One person buys a disc then lends it to everybody you know. Of course this is a infringement of your license but looking at a DVD upside down is a infringement of your license telling you mates a film is $hite is a infringement of your license.

We will still share and they can't track it and they continue to loose money! Perfect Loose Loose situation for everybody!

Special thanks to Lord Mandy the unelected untrustworthy dark master!

Tories drop opposition to UK.gov DNA plans

irish donkey

Vote for change - Vote for a change!


When all is said and done..... a lot more has been said than done.....

Election Promises mean nothing. Vote for somebody new.

That will give them a shock!

Mandybill: All the Commons drama

irish donkey

Write to them and ask...........

'Where the fuck were you?


It takes 2 minutes. Will it achieve anything? Don't know but at least Geoffrey Robinson knows one vote he can't count on.

irish donkey

Well they have had their Vote - Time for us to have ours.

Labour - We now know that 'A Fairer Britain' won't be any different from the unfair society we live in today. More money for the Banks, and Big Business

Conservative - 'Vote for Change' a change from Labour nothing else. Not much to base your Election Campaign on. Oh and tax is for peasants

So who do you vote for I can't tell you that but......? I'm voting for the Lib Dems as I want to see a change from the norm.

You can vote for who you like. Just as long as you vote for somebody.

this post is supposed to be a troll but here's the icon anyway

Broadband tax scrapped in 'wash-up'

irish donkey

I wrote to my MP... Did you? Why not?

It takes longer to write a comment on 'The Reg'

So what's the point.?

For once the Politico's are at least thinking about the laws they are trying to push through.

And we are proving that we can change the laws they are imposing on us and that it's not a done deal.

So will you Vote.

How Labour’s Web2.0rhea cockup helped the photographers

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I wrote to my MP

Did you?

Will it make any difference I don't know .... but at least I am trying to make a difference.

Will you vote?

Police cuff 70 eBay fraud suspects

irish donkey

Hmmm. must of rippped off somebody important....

When I got ripped off for £25.00 eBay/PayPal and the local Plod were no help at all.

I could have been a relatively easy bust as well, I have the guys address and his signature to say he had received the item but no refund issued! and then left a snippy reply to my negaitive feedback

I guess others people money is worth more than mine.

eBay isn't fun anymore.

Irish civil rights group takes aim at iPad launch

irish donkey

Tiocfaidh Ar La.....Apple

'admitted that Apple's lack of a response could've been down to the group's insistence on writing to Cupertino in Irish'

No point in shouting at people if they don't know what you are saying. The Irish can be so sensitive not something I can personally comment on

MS sees Windows 7 leap, but XP workhorse refuses to die

irish donkey

Hi I'm WinXP I work just fine

The only advantage I can see for upgrading from WinXP is that Win 7 will address more RAM.

So what?

oh and of course there was the if you don't upgrade all your hard drives will be doomed. Wanna bet watch this I haven't upgraded my hard drive and the old ones works just fine and dandy.

If you want me to spend a chunck of money upgrading to something new you had better give me more of a reason than flashy graphics.

London council loses thousands of kids' details

irish donkey

The only way to prevent this from happening is

to start sacking people. And I don't mean the poor sap that will end up carrying the can I mean the person's whose job it was to secure this information.

If they thought they might loose their jobs over a security breach they might take it a little more seriously.

And when I say sack I don't mean suspend on full pay either. Sacked for gross negligence. No pay off No reference. That will help the deficit abit.

Legal high fire sale starts now

irish donkey

Maybe if kids could get STONED in peace

They wouldn't need to explore this seriously dubious concoction.

Another win for The Daily Fail over Science.

Can I have a Daily Fail Icon please for the battle of common sense over hysteria?

Sarah's Law review skewed by handpicked sample

irish donkey
Big Brother

@ background check on anyone you don't like the look of

It is not a background check on anyone you don't like the look of...

To request a background check under Sarah's Law you MUST have a justifiable reason. This justifiable reason includes an individual that has 'locus parenti' access to your children (i.e. shacked up with your ex-wife in your family home).

So back to my original point.... A Parent or absent Parent or Grand Parent/Carer should have the ability to check an individuals background where they have locus parenti access to your children.

This is sometimes the only way an Absent Parent has of taking responsibility for their children. If they don’t live in the family home how else can they screen the individuals coming in contact with their children?

What I don't agree with is that this search should be taken as an indication of guilt as is the case with 'Soft Evidence'

It is a pity that we need these schemes but due to our societies inability to stomach 'beating these offenders to death with a brick' we need the right to check who is coming in locus parenti contact our loved ones in a family environment.

And of course there are those that say this would never happen…. But I seem to remember recently a Pedo was found living with somebody else’s family in Yorkshire. And yes the worst-case scenarios did happen. A very senor policeman went on TV to apologise for they’re over sight in not monitoring a convicted sex offender on the sex offender’s register and allowing him to move in with somebody’s family.

Big Brother.... Because sometimes we need Big Brother to watch certain individuals

irish donkey


Remember all those clowns dressed up as Spiderman and superman pissing everybody off by blocking roads.

All they want is some responsibility for their children but because they are no longer married they no longer get a say. If they complain about their ex-wives new man that's just sour grapes.

Just because you are no longer married doesn't mean you no longer love you kids.

And all you self-righteous pricks banging on about rights... lets just hope you never find out what having no rights is about.

And for those that say this would never happen: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/south_yorkshire/7478084.stm

it does

irish donkey

Would somebody think of the Children

I do that's why I don't need a eCRB/Pedo Check.

But I do think that the ability to check is important... but I don't think it should be counted against the searchee

It's a bit like a credit search if you are careful and search around for the best deal the Banks use that against you. Caution should not penalise anybody.

Smoke without fire my arse.......

irish donkey

There will be safeguards in place.......

for Police, Politicians and Respected Members of the community.

So what would be a justifiable reason? Hey darling fancy doing it with the lights on...... Stockings and Sussies... maybe a school uniform.

Its all soft evidence and it can all seriously Fuck your life up. Why is it when a politician admits something illegal on camera that's OK.... but our choices in the bedroom can become everybody's business? Easy solution... Search footprints should not be considered evidence.

If I am clean I am clean.

For the record I agree with Sarah's law but the safeguards aren't safeguarding

MSI tells 97,000 customers to 'Read The F***ing Manual'

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Outstanding....RTFM... still laughing....

MIS Manuals are some of the best published. Some Mobo manuals are terrible but their's are very good.

Good manuals are always a consideration when I purchase a peice of kit. Althought I never usually get past the Quick Start Guide but just in case you can always refer to manual.

After all if you follow tthe steps 99% of problems can be avoided

I always liked 'Do you still have the box solution?'

The Pirate Party is the shape of things to come

This post has been deleted by a moderator

French suspect grilled over Obama Twitter hack

irish donkey

Hmmm I feel a Darwin award winner here

How stoopid would you have to be to hack into possibility the most securely watched and protected individual in the world.

hmmm pretty stoopid I would imagine.

But 10 out of 10 for big balls

pity they are going to connect electrodes to them

Heathrow security man cops perv scanner eyeful

irish donkey

Wondering Mr Naturist???/

What would happen if you turned up for your flight completely butt-naked?

Would they still make you got through the scanner??

Frisk down?

Or would they charge you with indecent exposure?

After all going into a scanner makes the whole thing seem a little seedy. When it comes to your turn offer to strip there and then.

Could be an interesting experiment

Pirate Party UK launches manifesto

irish donkey
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Has El Reg fallen into the BPI/RIAA trap

seize on one small peice of the argument that you don't like/agree with and damn the whole 'Ship' for it.

I would would vote for them purely because....they are at least trying to think for themselves.

All the other parties are just taking the money!

Lobbying in the old days that was call bribery.

Mandy quango says Apple, Amazon are too obscure

irish donkey

Consumer Focus/Consumer Direct is excellent

If you are sick of some big company taking you for a ride.

Watch a Customer Relations department fold when you put Consumer Direct onto them

Not sure what they are butting into this argument for....... surely Lord Mandy has it all sewn up to our disadvantage and his advantage.

£5000 a day Is that what the RIAA/Media Companies paid to Lord Mandy to get their own way. Our was it more....... A £20,000 Watch gets you a lot of help in changing laws I'm sure.

Vote for a change and maybe get some change

Virgin Mobile fined for pushing mobile spam

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@ Rob @irish donkey

You are of course correct. I was joined to a subscription service which I couldn't get out of. I never joined the scheme and despite numerous 'STOP' which were acknowledged by the company again at a cost of 1.50 they still came.

Virgin as I said we no help. I eventually got some money back by reporting them to 'Grumbletext'. Moved now and am with O2 with a bar against premiere texts.

Much better service from them

irish donkey
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Virgin told me the couldn't stop the mobile spam

and they didn't make any profit even thought I was charged 1.50 a pop.

Only answer then DUMP them. They are $hit anyway.

Aussie smoko-proofing drug prevents ill effects of cigs

irish donkey

studies in mexico....

have shown the addition of cannabis will significantly reduce the likelihood of getting lung cancer.

On the other hand you are a fat *ucker from stuffing yourself with sweets in front of the telly.

Win Win situation I think

El Reg insults 'millions of Irish Catholics'

irish donkey

Well if Google can do it

So can el Reg.

I didn't wear green into work today and got so much stick...........

green icon for me please.... oh wait I'll get my coat.....

LibDems drop net blocking, blame activists

irish donkey

It is as if every street was lined with stalls selling counterfeit goods

Well the internet has been driven from day 1 on the principals of 'sharing and free'

Many of the technologies which we all enjoy so much were free but for how much longer? This is just the first step in the commercialisation of the internet.

Face it people we had a good ride but the gravy train has come off the rails and rules are being put in place which are to the determent of the internet and there isn't anything we can do to stop it.

In years to come I will tell my children how the hinterwebs were in the early days..... I remember all this when it was all free..... No rules no subscriptions and loads of fun.... but Daddy why did you let them change it?

We tried but .....we couldn't stop it... we just couldn't stop it.

ID cards have three databases, says minister

irish donkey

Make the ID Card Compulsory for Unemployed People

That will immediately net 90% of the UK population.... opps sorry I am a year ahead of myself there.

That will net 70% of the UK population........ opps sorry 6 months ahead of myself there

Make it compulsory to have an ID Card to collect unemployment benefit. That way our out going MP's will vote against it as they won't want to have to get an ID Card when the get slung off the gravy train!

If you don't vote you can't complain when things don't go your way.

Twitter bomb hoax man changes plea

irish donkey

I wonder could Tony Blair...........

be charged with the same thing. After all he did say that Saddam was going to kill us all in 45 mins.

funny how he can say opps sorry its all a mistake where as little people get nailed to the wall for it.

Euro Parliament threatens court action over ACTA secrecy

irish donkey

Mind you own business

and we will mind ours. We will let you know when you have broken our rules and subsuquently let you know about.

oh and we are arranging that we all issue suitable large fines for when you break our rules.

Isn't it funny the way a foreign parliament is doing more to protect us that our own Government.



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