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Police confirm cybercrime budget cut

irish donkey

Why spend their own money

Much more important is the spying which all the ISP's are now having to do on their customers at our expense just in case the Government need the information.

I sure the scope of that document can be widened to include other information/data/IP Address's

No opinion no icon as to good or bad… it's all just evitable... the free Internet is gone so just have to get on with it.

Gov hits brakes on vetting scheme

irish donkey

Maybe I will volunteer at my daughter's school now

God knows with the abandonment of Becta and all the other Labour fuelled quango's they are going to need some help and some parents are happy to give it as long as you don't treat us like Pedo's in waiting.

Can you smell that clean air of freedom again?

Hacker charged with threatening US VP using neighbour's PC

irish donkey

"Computer expert"????

Complete fucker more like.

Just goes to say a little bit of knowledge in the wrong hands.....dangerous

Doctors call for NHS Direct review

irish donkey

I like NHS Direct

Being able to speak to a doctor in the middle of the night can be helpful when you harbour several Germ Factories.

That's part of what I pay my stamp for. Happy to pay it to the NHS rather than greedy bankers.

As usual the leeches of society are bleeding the Country dry.

ToryDems stoke ID card 'bonfire'

irish donkey

the ID Card Club

Of course all those thousands of people that were writing to Jacqui begging for an ID card can form their own club/face slap group called. ....'ID Cards R us'

they could have little meetings were everybody has to show their ID cards and pretend to be all official and everything. Oh then they can drink ginger beer and go frolicking in the woods and have lashing and lashing of fun!

Operators' EU roaming challenge sent home

irish donkey

Trying to do a Bank Job

Should of hired the same lawyers as the Banks had fighting the overdraft charges.

Thy would have got you off or the prices up what ever you want.

Stephen Fry's truly terrible mistake

irish donkey
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someone supposedly tech-savvy

The man has a hard on ever time Apple brings out a new product. I wouldn't call that tech-savvy that just being a sad fanBoi'

But we still love ya even if you are somewhat misguided and blinded by the golden apple.

QI... is funny but Alan Davis annoys me

Crooks siphon $644,000 from school district's bank account

irish donkey

Wouldn't happen here of course

we are way to smart to pay just any bill that is pushed acrosss the desk.

Duckhouse anyone?

$11m jackpot just a 'reset' message, says casino

irish donkey

There is a reason why Casino's are so opulent

That's because they always win. Even when they don't win they still win.

Vince Cable: Feel my mighty SME love

irish donkey

Has anyone else noticed

How there seems to be some commentards denying the banks had anything to do with the problems us small people are having now.

Is this a conspiracy of just trolls?

I'm not sure.

Next it will be Mandy had nothing to do with the DEB.

And Tony Blair didn't send us to war in IRAQ that was George W.

And the credit crunch was cause by terrorist/immigrants/the Tory/lib Dem coalition.

Also notice an increase in advertising by new-old Labour especially on IT websites

Just an observation

irish donkey

Dear Banks

You have enjoyed an artificial market funded by the tax payer which has allowed you to recoup and rebuild your cash reserves to such a condition where you are now able to issue bonuses to you highly skilled employees.

Now its time to help get the economy going again. This means pass some of the artificially low interest rates onto the customer that need to borrow money rather that charging them 6 times the rate we charge you. After all you are in effect lending us our own money back and charging us for the privilege.

When a Business comes to you with a request to borrow money so they can expand or invest in their Business plan do not immediately throw it out claiming that's what caused the credit crunch in the first place. It wasn't. The credit crunch was caused by Banks inventing things to sell that was worthless. Junk Bonds ring any bells.

Also please cut the interest rates of your credit cards, overdrafts and banking charges. After all it time you started to support the economy that you nearly destroyed.

Yours faithfully.

A tax payer

irish donkey
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'You may have noticed that I am not Peter Mandelson'

thank f*ck for that. Much more of The Dark Lord and we all may as well stay in bed.

Big Talk Vince lets see if you can deliver.

Britain's bank slashes tech jobs

irish donkey

Who caused the credit crunch/recession?

Oh yes that right the Banks.

Their greed is causing thousands of people in this country to lose their jobs. NHS Staff, Teachers, IT Workers, Shop Workers but yet they still get their bonuses.

It wasn't us it was you the Banks so if I appear to blame the Banks for all the trouble going on that's because it was you.

irish donkey
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It's not off shoring


We are going to off load everything into the CLOUD. WooHoo the CLOUD. Which means we don't need Infrastructure People, Support People, no more Project Managers just Business Relationship Managers and thin clients. All this will be in the CLOUD. Easy money...

And where is this CLOUD...... ahh ohhh let me think Liverpool maybe ... Newcastle.


Anywhere that labour is cheap and that includes India, Africa, anywhere they can build a hugh server farm the size of a city.

They may not call it Off-Shoring but that's still what it is.

irish donkey

A way out of the credit crunch......

off shore all the work to India. There profits increase in the short term Bonus's are paid and the tax payer gets their money.

Maybe if banks were focused on making real money over a longer period of time then we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place.

Banks! The root of all evil.

FTC slaps down commercial keylogger firm

irish donkey

looks like a duck

talks like a duck.

it must be a duck

Finnish police raids target virtual thieves

irish donkey
Paris Hilton

Is it just me or...

can't they just 'redraw','re-render' or 'Control Z', Apple Z and the virtual chair, picture or what ever will reappear ...

I am struggling to understand what is going on here.

feeling a bit like Paris at the minute. Baffled by something which is possibly so obvious

Woman sues Google after highway knockdown

irish donkey
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A little different from GOD told me to do

But on the other hand of she hadn't followed the instruction she may have never qualified for a Darwin award or at least a honourable mention.

UK.gov issues death warrant for ID cards

irish donkey

Your friends have ID Cards?

I thought the only people that had ID Cards were the Blue Rinse Daily Mail Reading brigade.

What sort of friends do you have?

irish donkey

Jacqui Smith's Legacy

Serving Home Secretary's husband caught charging Porn to the Tax payer. What a laugh our children will have in 100 years when they are doing Modern History.

And that's not to mention fiddling her expenses.

How will history judge the Labour Government of the 00'ies

Please feel free to add you own legacies. Maybe Jacqui will read them. Hope so

German bank robbers in Italian Job moment

irish donkey

Blow it up? - But why?

In Ireland we just drive in with a JCB (other diggers are available) smash the wall down pick it up and load it into a refrigerated truck and off you go.

What complicated about that.

Cops cuff coke-smuggling lingerie model

irish donkey

lingerie model accused of running Charlie!

Has FaceBlock been watching my fantasies?

Is there no privacy?

BBC upgrades iPlayer to allow 'social propositions'

irish donkey
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I wish they would improve the interface

We watch iPlayer on an old tube TV, the iPlayer is designed for use on a wide screen TV so we spend ages scrolling back and forward to get to the full screen button. Once in full screen the program looks fine.

Just navigating the app is poor in a non wide screen television.

So hope they fix that. A few shortcut keys would be helpful as well

When I put the media centre in the wife moaned like anything. What do we need that for nag nag nag. 2 weeks later it broke down. When are you going to get the media centre fixed Nag Nag Nag?

iPlayer treating addicts everywhere

Chips-for-gold fraud gang get 74 years' jail

irish donkey
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making fast and easy profits at the expense of the British taxpayer.

Sort of sounds like a Bank or a Politican.

Can I play too?

Amazon Kindle flunked by college students

irish donkey

I would like to see how you iBrick\Kindle Whatever

stands up to being thrown across a room in frustration

My 'SGML in a nutshell' had no difficulties. Books are a beautiful thing and perfectly designed for what they do. Communicate information in a Linear and Non-Linear way. They need no batteries and no license.

Have you finished your project yet? Sure weeks ago. Have you? No I couldn't get the book out of the Library. Here borrow my book.


Have you read the new Stephen King Book? No. Is it any good? Brilliant. Can I borrow it? No because that would be an infringement of the license and criminal offence for which I could be cut off from the internet and my family persecuted. Ohh alright then here... opps Amazon must have heard us and withdrawn the book from my Kindle. Sorry mate. Can I have my book back Amazon? NO! and be grateful we don't prosecute you for attempted Copyright infringement you pirate!.

Hey I have a good idea let's re-invent the wheel so we can make more money out of it and the consumer gets less. This wheel will be digital! You can't get rounder than that. It's a massive improvement on what we had before.

Digital: Charging you more for less.

Statistics prof nails Blackpool hoopla scam

irish donkey

Everybody has seen these and even sometimes tried a few

£1200.00 in one session. WTF? The stall operator must of thought Christmas came on a sunny day. And two teenage girls dropping £70. Some people have a lot more money than sense.

i wouldn't fall for such crap.... oh look the PrimeMinister of some obsurce African Country needs to borrow some money to fund the World Cup and if I lend him a few bob I will qualify for free tickets and a hefty share of the profits.

I'm in..................

Greatest Living Briton loses £30m

irish donkey

The Internet is dead.........

The DEB will ban the whole of the internet and the mind Police will watch us in our homes to ensure we don't hum an unlicensed track, Think an Unlicensed track or Lord forbit get down with a lady in time to a Unlicensed track.

Funny ha ha..

How big of leap will it be before all the internet will be banned because it promotes terrorism, deviante behaviour or unlicensed music.

Terence Conran slams 'appalling' Olympic mascots

irish donkey

Vested Intrest

I say lets hear a diatribe from Will Self because that is what it will be (and possibly quite funny).... but it won't be sour grapes just because he didn't get the job.

Sarah this is the first time you have commented on one of my post... does this mean we have a connection?

irish donkey

When I want a kitchen deisgn that will cost me millions....

I ask you jasper

but until then........

Laws puts brakes on gov IT spending

irish donkey

This is gonna hurt - A lot

nobody is happy with the way things have to go. A lot of good people are gonna loose their jobs and with very little chance of getting another one at their current rate. Nobody should applaud the cuts because even if you are lucky enough to keep your job it will hurt you somewhere whether it is increased Tax or NI or your local pub closing down because nobody can afford to drink there.

This is a situation created by the greed of the banks... but on a lighter note it's nice to see the banks making a killing again and paying bonuses

The banks need to be brought to heel and I will applaud legislation that will ensure the bank pay to clear up the mess they have created.

Man jailed for sex with donkey and horse

irish donkey

I will say this only once

I did not have sex with this man

Massachusetts man in vacuum marinade shocker

irish donkey

Eh - Shouldn't that be Vampite?

I guess its which story you referring too

Salem's Lot

or the Salem Witch Trails

Either way the Witch is dead the Witch is Dead.... The Dark Lord has resigned for the 3rd Time.

Capita immediately suffers over government cuts

irish donkey


Maybe should have deliverd a bit more and provided better value for money rather than riding the golden goose into the ground!

Like everything from the last Government - Rubbish and no longer required.

Rejoice Rejoice the Wicked Witch is Dead -

Not quite that good but 'Mandy' is looking for another job - No that bad either

No refunds for ID card pioneers

irish donkey

They should all write to Sad-Jacqui

She had 1000's of people writing to her asking when the ID Cards were coming in.

Maybe they should write to her now if they really want a refund.

She's looking for a job any offers out there for an over the hill, unemployable ex home secretary that has just lost her job and needs massive expenses to support her husbands porn habit.

irish donkey

Wish I had of got one now.....

In years to come they will be regarded as a collectors item!

'Draw Mohammed' page removed from Facebook

irish donkey

ehhh Isn't that why were are in IRAQ

or did you really believe we went there looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Of course YOU will be the first to grow some balls and take the fight directly to them.

Although I do think you have a point just not one worth going to war over

Make Isle of Man drugs paradise, says Jagger

irish donkey

ehh What were we talking about again?

here pass that over here I'm getting confused again....

Ed Vaizey takes charge of Digital Economy Act

irish donkey

My MP is Geoffrey Robinson - Labour

I wrote to himew before the DEB went through. He wrote back with a very nice letter saying if your not a Pirate you have nothing to fear.

And then didn't bother turning up to the debate. I don't think a letter to him will really help in this instance.

Our local LibDem Canditate is a complete *uc*er who lost 6% of his vote in our area. He also has a mail order bride. So we the local electorate don't have a lot of confidence in him. Something the LibDems will have to sort out if they want win Coventry.

German cybercrime forum hacked

irish donkey
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Robin Hood Robin Hood Riding Through The Glen......

thats all...

UK's secret surveillance regime 'does not breach human rights'

irish donkey
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I sure all the people that wrote to her asking for an ID Card

Will be writing to her now offering her and her corrupt husband a job.

for once justice is served

UK regulator warns targets over share scam sucker list

irish donkey

Suckers List......................

Is the Royal Bank of Scotland on there...

Opps forgot they aren't the suckers we are for bailing them out.

Bonus anybody?

Pirate Bay resurfaces after German legal depth-charge

irish donkey
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Good man but I hope you have deep pockets

And are ready to be branded a Pirate/FreeTard/Scum

When I wrote to my MP to complain about the DEB I got a letter back saying that only the Pirate/FreeTard/Scum had something to fear, so if I wasn't one of those........

It seems now when you disagree with their plans you are immediately branded and condoned. Something has changed and it's not for the good. I hope having the LibDem in Government might make a difference.

Garlands folds: 1000 call-centre jobs axed in Northeast

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Sir Paul McBeatle: 'Me, I'd love Beatles to be on iTunes'

irish donkey

the beatles were $hite

Now I have your attention.....

This excitement about whether or not they get onto iTunes is $hite.

Got to eBay, (there is loads for sale refer to title and you shouldn't buy new CD's as it supports the evil distributors) buy a CD of the Beatles pop it into you CD/DVD Drive launch iTunes and 'Rip'

The Beatles in iTunes and the record companies had nothing to do with it. All this excitement over getting them properly onto iTunes is just another way to get suckers to pay for the same thing yet again.... Tape - Album - CD - MP3 - M4P...

ohhh but t soo clear... its soo lossless....

You only have one set of ears and they will process an M4P in the very same way as a MP3.

Cops back in on BT/Phorm case

irish donkey
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Opps new Government

new bribes required!

Perv scanner todger quips provoke Miami airport assault

irish donkey
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Sir it my job.

Oi you looking at my tits?

Sir it is my job

Well thanks to everyone that voted Labour (including my soon to be ex-wife) there will be no change here. Well done!

Pirate Party UK sinks on maiden voyage

irish donkey

Hung Paliment - Has been te best result

This whole Election was run on personalities and not polices.

Any party which run for a Policies (single or multiple) didn't get a look in.


PR would change that

Voting chaos in not-fit-for-purpose electoral system

irish donkey
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The Best Result

Now we should get the best of all the Parties.

ohhh-ohhh here comes the Credit Crunch............................

Met issues internet cafe terror warnings

irish donkey

If the RIAA/BPI was on the case.......

They would have everybody under surveillance, and when they get caught putting everybody under surveillance the Police will say it's not in the Public interest to prosecute so then they would have the law changed so they could put everybody under surveillance and then lock anybody up the complains about the surveillance because you would be a Pirate/Terrorist.

Then they would block every website which didn't support its ideals and lock anybody up that complains because you would be a Pirate/Terrorist.

Then they plant evidence and lock anybody up that stumbled across this evidence and then ban their families from using the intertubes in case they too stumbled across said planted evidence.

Muslims don't feel too bad. They do it to us as well!

I remember a land where I used to be innocent until proven guilty. Shame it's gone.

Sheffield hospitals pay thousands for dodgy software

irish donkey

Why are you reading this

and not out voting.



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