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EU Parliament calls for pan-EU copyright law

irish donkey

Intresting news on the BBC

That the Police 'MAY' start to focus on crimes that 'HURT' society more that crimes which have the weigh of legislation behind them.

i will be intresting to see how this new philospohy (if adopted) will affect the Witch Hunt into societies greatest villian the 'downloader'

Thieves jam key-fob lock signals in mystery car thefts

irish donkey

hmmmm - Police - Crime - Inaction

The Police I would imagine will do the same for this crime as they did when my laptop was stolen from my car.

'Sir.....These crimes are so common we don't even bother investigating them anymore.'

and anyway you shouldn't leave laptops in cars anyway. That's just asking for trouble.

In six months 22 cars in my street were broken into and had stuff stolen. i would imagine all the victims were told the same. Police fail I expect but who knows maybe they will start doing some of that stuff we pay them for.

Online hotel bookings to be probed for price-fixing

irish donkey

Shock booking/buying on the hintertubs

Isn't that cheap anymore.

In other news people cheat at online Poker.

Check Point defends ZoneAlarm scareware-style warning

irish donkey

The message looked like a alert , smelled like a alert but...

and certainly not a marketing message. The message definitely suggested there was a problem and I did do a certain amount of rummaging around on my puter before I decided it was SPAM.

I haven't been using ZoneAlarm for long as I previously used Comodo Firewall but this no longer works with AVG. Pity!

This would scare true noobs into forking out for something they don't need.

Walks like a Duck! blah blah blah

Twitter airport bomb joker loses second job

irish donkey

A Pedo wouldn't get this much trouble

This is just crazy. I sure if he was an illegal immigrant, muslin, Christian, serial killer or some other minority group he could sue under the human rights act. But being a local. Bad luck friend.

Murderers get away with less trouble than this. I blame the police trying to up their figures without penalising some minority.

Something has gone seriously wrong in this Country

Trident delay by the Coalition: Cunning plan, or bad idea?

irish donkey

I know why don't we spend all this money....

On a nuclear deterrent developed and manufactured in this country.

That way we get our deterrent (which I don't think we need) and can support some of our own top class industries and protect British Jobs.

Why do we have to buy an American deterrent and support American jobs?

Just an idea.

South African police hunt Twittering speedcam spy

irish donkey


What are undercrackers.......

.......... ohhhh i say

Police spent tens of thousands on failed BitTorrent probe

irish donkey

So if they can get the people running the sites

Better just let the ambulance chasing solicitors threaten people with the menace of the Courts.

Downloading for free is a little bit wrong.... ruining people's lives with disproportionate fines is very wrong.

Never mind though they did manage to get the DEB into Law. I guess the money was better spend bribing Peter Mandyson

Clegg's taking away Your Freedom

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Decriminalise Cannabis along the same lines as the Netherlands

Seems to be a bit of a favorite. So we shall be expecting that change in the law Nick?




Oh gone now? Oh well it was good while it lasted.

Bacon thief leaves rasher on door knob

irish donkey

ohh the swine

But the question is... how did he know that particular house had bacon in the fridge?

And was it smoked bacon because unsmoked bacon is horrible and only enjoyed but trely stupid people.

oh I can smell the sizzle already.

Koran-burning 'pastor' loses website

irish donkey

Do Football thugs

have holy books. They don't kill many people but try wearing a rival team strip anywhere in Europe and find out how long it takes you to get a good kicking.

Just a thought!

irish donkey

freedom of speech

The problem with freedom of speech is everybody has to have it.

If the media hadn't picked it up nobody would care that he was having a B-B-Q in his garden.

I think most sane IT individuals will agree that it's not the book but more how the book has been used by head banging preachers that are the problem. Much like how the Rev Jones is using the Bible to justify being a complete C*unt.

icon ... obvious

Assange asks for new lawyer

irish donkey
Black Helicopters

CIA... NSA ... FBI ...

Who cares who it is

Or maybe it's just a coincidence that all this has happen just when many people want the guy dead.

Can we have the discussion about all the innocent lives that are going to lost over this again?

Godly Aussie MP accused of being online 'smut' junkie

irish donkey

Do s I say ..... not as I do

I think you might have missed the point. Nobody cares that he views Porn. What is more worrying is that he lectures everybody else on the evils of porn and fornication which chokeing the bishop at home.

Ball player gets Beaver ban after drunken naked tasering

irish donkey
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No drink rehab course?

Last time I heard a story like this it was George W's daughter and she had to attend a drink-rehab course as she was under aged drinking?

Funny, if this was an English Rugby Team this would just be his first match welcome to the team

Unhackable PS3 finally jailbroken, video claims

irish donkey
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Go Trevor..............

Who are all these people? I presume they must work for SONY or someone like that. But spewing out SONY/RIAA rhetoric like its Gods gospel. Brainwashed is all I can say

I was going to comment something but you neatly summed up everything I had to say.

Oh and before they start on me I don't own any SONY product. My choice but I guess that makes me a bad guy/terrorist/insurgent as well because I don't wanna play with Sony.

PA school district avoids charges over webcam spy scandal

irish donkey

Great result

Sorry your Honour

I know I was peeping in that girls window but I just wanted to check she was wearing the correct underwear.

The was no criminal intent

Dawn raids catch 9 for massive iPhone 'fraud'

irish donkey

Why do Operators pay out to these £10pm phonelines

Sure that would stop the at least the fraud part dead in its tracks.

Having been caught out with premium texts in the past I did ask my operator at the time why do you pay my money put to such a shady operation. The only answer I got was because we have to. But if they received a request for a massive fee to a £10pm phone line shouldn't alarm bells start ringing somewhere.

Of course the reason could be is that they take a large chuck of the £10pm for themselves.

What sort of phone line can justifiable charge £10pm on a brand new sim card?

Northern Ireland gets upgraded spycams

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The Normalisation Process must be finished

And now time to ramp up the surveillance culture again.

Some of the Police and Politicans in 'Norn Iron' have worked had to end the Them and Us mentatality which allowed the terrorists to survive for so long. I hope they don't undo all that good work.

I know flames are going to come.......... but things did get better for a long time and its just a shame as we seem to be going backwards. But its hard to argue against when scum are out planting bombs again instead of getting fucking proper jobs like normal people.

Zeus botnet raid on UK bank accounts under the spotlight

irish donkey

It's cheaper for a Bank to take the hit

than to totally secure their systems against this type of Fraud. Anyway they just pass the cost onto us anyway.

I blame the IT Professionals that charge so much to fix these systems. They charge so much the poor banks just can't afford to spend the money required to get a hack-proof system.

The Banks need our help in this time of recession. Why don't we all join David Camerons 'Big Society' and work for the Banks for free so they can be completely hack proof and they can enjoy our money in peace.


Banks are scum but never fear this wont affect their Bonus's just the charges the small people pay. Robin Hood's stealing from the greedy banks to keep for themselves.

Quake Live shoots out of beta with a charge

irish donkey

There is a lot of bitchin about the introduction of charges

A lot of users moaning about why should we pay to play when we contribute time and code to the map development for free.

Judging by the comments there must be a lot of people out there developing Maps for Quake3...... either that or just freeloaders bitchin' about getting fleeced

But who really thought the free ride was going to go on forever.

The charges seem to be reasonable but the model a little strange. Pay a monthly charge but you must pay it annually.

Malware gang steal over £700K from one British bank

irish donkey

reportedly only targeting victims who had a substantial balance

that's me safe then.

UK ICT classes killing kids' interest in tech

irish donkey

So how many people here...(Show of hands) would take a paycut

to go a teach kids Proper IT.....

Not me???/ anybody else

irish donkey

too dull too dull with stupid teachers

The kids that we need to be attracted into ICT are so afar ahead of their teachers in what they can do its gets kind of embarrassing.

How can you possible interest kids in writing a CV using Word when at home they can download somebody else's chop it up and rename it as their own. Post it on 20 websites get 30 job offers within a week paying more than their teachers gets paid.

In my daughters school the kids helped the teacher rewrite their CV showed them how to post it online so the teacher could get a proper job!

My daughter passed that class. ......but I certainly wouldn't advise her to take it as a subject.

Naomi Campbell admits handling 'blood diamonds'

irish donkey

I used to be able to waste hours on the BBC site

5 mins now and its all done.


BTW: who is Naomi Campbell. Did she redesign the BBC Website. Is she an IT Angel?

Council's school-snoop-op ruled illegal

irish donkey
Big Brother

Did they get the school place?

And if so were they allowed to keep it?

Hollywood claims Aussie ISP promoted BitTorrent use

irish donkey

How did AFACT get hold of these emails?

Did they steal them, buy them or does RC-08 work for AFACT!

It seems unlikely to me that RC-08 would volunteer these incriminating emails to AFACT just for the good of helping to save the movie business from oblivion. Could he/she possibly work in some capacity for the AFACT or be a sponsored Pirate.

It would be interesting to look at the background of RC-08. For example when did he join iiNEt and what his motivation was for sharing these private emails with AFACT.

Could we have another Google versus Viacom argument/entrapment going on here?

UK privacy watchdog clears Google Wi-Fi slurp

irish donkey

Not easily linked to an individual?


Its not easily linked to an individual.

You would need to get you hands on the data before you could link it to anyone and Google aren't going to share it with anybody else. Even the ICO only got a 'REDACTED' sample.


Do no Evil.... Evil is a very subjective word.

Lara Croft, the Way in Derby

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Ahhhhh Miss Croft..........

we've been expecting you........

finally a good reason to visit Derby

Police chief: Yes, my plods sometimes forget photo laws

irish donkey

Learn to read and understand context

"pushing a few spotty photographers around"

The Police in this country are getting away with killing people in broad daylight and on TV. I personally think we are much further around along the road to a police state than worrying about pushing a few photographers around. Not that abusing photographers should be tolerated. It is their state given right to record what they see but…...

Let's weigh it up. 1 person being assaulted on live on TV allegedly causing his death and broadcast around the world. No criminal prosecutions as the CPS couldn't be sure of a conviction. Quite a few Policemen running around thinking they are Robocop. It's obvious why the police think they can push Photographers around. Well if I can KILL somebody live on TV and get away with it then pushing some kid around is unlikely to cause me too much trouble.

If we could address the over zealous policeman picking on the kid that would be good so we can carry on taking pictures of policemen killing people in the street. Ahh enjoy your freedom confident in the knowledge if a policemen decides to shoot you in the head six times somebody will be able to photograph it for posterity.

Believe it or not I do agree with you but I cannot understand why people are getting more upset about a photographer getting harassed in the street to somebody being killed! I guess it's all a matter of perspective.

Or maybe I'm just being trolled?

irish donkey

When a policeman can get away with pushing

and causing the death on an innocent individual in the street, or shooting some innocent electrician in the head six times in front of a packed train. Or running a student in Coventry down and not even stopping to help

Then what's the big deal with pushing a few spotty photographers around...

NatWest sets lawyers on student site

irish donkey

Having two Bank Accounts isn't illegal

Banks do have a habit of calling it 'Multi-Banking' and inferring that it's illegal or against the rules.

it isn't.

You may open as many Bank Accounts with as many banks as you wish. Even Student accounts.

The reason they don't like you doing is... it makes it much easier to move your business elsewhere

ACTA leaks - but secret squirrel stays secret

irish donkey

Wonder how long it will be before...

the Daily Fails runs a story about America imposing its law over us. It would certainly make a change from them banging on about Europe beating up British Sausages and the man in the street.

opps sorry back in the real world they are too busy trying to close the BBC so they can start charging for access to their own news websites.

UK.gov may cut BBC licence fee in 2012

irish donkey

Is the BBC Spending really the problem?

Or is it the other websites charging for content which the BBC provides for free?

Beeb reinstates teaboy in Pestogate scandal

irish donkey

Sorry should have been clearer

I was referring to el Reg not Auntie.

Other IT website have been talking about the latest criticisms of the ACTA forum by non Freetards.

Of which there hasn't been a mention of on El Reg. So its not that there hasn't been important news to talk about more El Reg doesn't want to talk about that news.

The last article el Reg posted about ACTA was titled 'Software freetard demand axing of ACTA' and was clearly biased. A point which was picked up in the many comments.

El Reg has obviously decided to stay away from controversial stories

irish donkey

Another Pisspoor story from the people

That refuse to publish stories about ACTA in case their own prejudices gets exposed.

Indian firm offshores to Belfast

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C'mon Norn' Iron'

Good news for the folks back home.

Of course it could be that they will just turn up and spend whatever money the Irish Development Board throw at them and then bugger off to somewhere else when its all gone.

But anybody bringing new jobs into the UK market has to be a good thing

Google scores major victory in copyright fight with Viacom

irish donkey

Sorry this revenue stream is closed

Sorry this revenue stream is closed.

Please try again.

Sorry this revenue stream is closed.

Please try again.

Sorry this revenue stream is closed.

Please try again.

Virgin Media in talks with power firms to expand network

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that's nothing

I have Virgin 20mb Broadband. My next door neightbour (less than a meter away) cannot have Virgin as they are not in a cable area?

Solution. Wireless, half price braodband for me and him.

Sozzled Oz bozos in reciprocal literal ass-cap-pop

irish donkey

If they had blow their balls off..................

they could have qualified for a Darwin Award.

As it is epic fail!

Chancellor cans planned game biz tax break

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With all the revenue which will be generated by the reduction in Piracy thanks to the DEB

I doubt they will need it.

Of course if they move all their jobs overseas where it will be cheaper then millions of jobs will be lost via the developers need to maximise their profit rather than the downloader's desire for free stuff..

So I guess it would make the whole case for the DEB rather redundant. Protecting jobs in cheaper countries doesn't have the same ring to it.

The worst thing hurting the Games industry today is the digital handcuffs they insist on installing with all their games. Especially when the games won't run because of them. UBIsoft I'm looking at you here

ThinkGeek trembles before Pork Board's pork sword

irish donkey


Is anyone else getting pissed of by the pop up for silver light which never seems to install no matter how many time you click install

ICO spanks careless Kent Police after data was stolen from car boot

irish donkey

Hmmm Not even a £60 fine or points on the license

There's no lesson there.

Maybe if the Police did more to combat casual crime this wouldn't happen.

Wish I had of been there to say. 'Well you shouldn't have left it in your car!, that just asking for trouble'.

in quotes because that what the Police said to me......Not so funny now when it happens to you!

Watch bandit IDed by own mobe snap

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Credit where its due.....

but this doesn't mean you can take the rest of the year off

Software freetards demand axing of ACTA

irish donkey

Sort it out soon or I for one won't be back.

Comments numbers are well down.

This place used to be a good laugh but somehow it seems to have lost its way.....................

irish donkey
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El Reg totally impartial as usual

The rules being proposed by ACTA will affect everybody not just the 'freetards'

And your insistence on linking the two shows who's side you are on and not impartial as all good journo's should be.

Killer piranha stalk Folkestone pond

irish donkey

piranhas don't kill people

People kill poeple!

The fish is acting purely on impulse...........

Oh! is that my coat............... all right no need to push

Birmingham jihad-cam network suspended

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Having worked in Washwood Heath for 3 years

I would imagine they would have a hard time getting round to arresting terrorists with all the low level crime and intimidation going on in the area.

We used to watch a guy leave his front door and piss on his neighbour's front door. Quality people

Our office used to overlook the main drug dealing area. We got bored phoning the Police to report stuff. They just never turned up. And when somebody did get seriously injured by joy riders nobody got done for it even thought we all pointed the finger at who had done it.

The area really is the pits and nothing to do with terrorists just the scum which are destroying the area for everybody else.

NHS still rubbish at caring for data

irish donkey

Criminal Prosecutions

Not until a user has a vested interest in protecting data will they think twice before losing data.

Lock a few offenders up with their superiors and you'll find them talking a lot more care with how they look after other people's data

How to follow the World Cup from your desk

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What is this thing football? New game on Steam? Is there any cracks available yet?

Come-on England. Hope they do win as we could do with something to cheer us up.



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