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Play.com: Only customer emails lost in data breach

irish donkey

You can do everything but..

...close your account it seems.

Got another piss-poor email last night apologising for any inconvenience caused by the Spam.

No apology for their mistake. Has this been reported to the information commissionaire?

Also got a specail offer email from them. Bloody cheek

irish donkey

I read it the same

Its all your fault for being stupid and giving your details to such a mickey mouse company.

Well I can quickly remidy that.

Angry email following with a delete account instruction

Extended Lord of the Rings Blu-rays to hit Blighty

irish donkey

No thanks required.

Go on please tell me.

You think this is good value for money. A must for any true LOTR Fan. A worthy release?

I think that is stretching higher bitrates a little too far.

Been there got the T-Shirt, Read the Book, Listened to The Audio Book, Seen it at the Cinema (Twice) Bought the Extended DVD's once for me once for somebody else that needed to educated. And even some figurines for the mantel

But I guess I STILL isn't giving enough money to the meeja industry.

Repack it all up again and resell it and see if we can get some more money for old rope!

Or could this be to do with the fall out Peter Jackson had with the Movie Studio about who gets the biggest cut of the DVD Revenues.

Well Peter we promised you the biggest cut on the DVD's but these aren't DVD's these are BluRay and require a different licensing. You don't get a cut of this pie!

irish donkey

I could....

But that's against the terms of the license and we all know breaking the terms of the license kills babies.

Be careful as it looks like you are 'releasing a method of by passing copy protection' which is against the digital 'don't kill digital babies law' and could find yourself in deep water!

I'll just stick with my DVD copies for now. Until the Hobbit comes out in the new BluRay/DVD/Super Duper format which is gonna cost even more than bluray. and promised 100 times more clarity that yer own eyeballs can perceive.

irish donkey

Will we be able to trade in our Extended DVD Editions

For money off the Blu-Ray Editions? NO isn't it just all the same stuff repacked or is there unseen stuff here? No

You mean you will charge me again just for the privilege of watching it on my BluRay.

I smell a rip off coming

Microsoft Kinect hacked to control the PS3

irish donkey

GEOHolt's new hacking technique

See's him importing Semaphore code into the PS3 as a method of by passing copy protection and re-enabling Linux.

Law suits fly to the licensers of Semaphore and GeoHolt! because they wouldn't want him to fell left out.

Can we have the discussing that messing with the PS3 kills babies again?

Moving to Windows 7: Is it worth it?

irish donkey

It was a Microsoft Student License

Bought directly from Microsoft as part of a promotion £40 . Same price for both but you must chose one or the other. 32 or 64 bit.

irish donkey
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Agent Ransack

Good call. Will be using that in future.

irish donkey
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Maybe a schoolboy error

But I upgraded from XP to WIn7 so that I could utilise the 6GB of RAM I had stuck in there.

I purchased Win7 32Bit and low and behold it doesn't see any more RAM than WinXP so my main reason for the upgrade turned out to be a damp squib.

Then I had to upgrade my 20 ''TFT to a HD LCD as things appeared 'fuzzy' on the old one. I also had to upgraded my Graphic Card trying to solve the fuzzy problem.

It does look nice and shiney... but it takes an age to boot up and isn't massively faster or more advanced than WINXp in my humble opinion. The most useful new feature I have found is the XP Mode. I just wish I could switch teh taskbar back to WinXP Stylee without a 3rd party app.

So was it worth the upgrade for the shiney new desktop? I've had to spent a lot of time and money trying to get it to work as well as the WinXp for little improvement apart from the shiney desktop.

My vote is no

Vince Cable to cut training and flexible work rules

irish donkey

Ahh yes Vince Cable...

I remember him. Man of integrity, strength and character. He was going to sort out the Banks, Murdock, right all wrongs.

Don't know who the £uck this guy is. Whatever is coming won't be good....

Judge mulls 'wasted costs' as ACS:Law cases close

irish donkey

If they don't pay costs

Then it will all be picked up by the taxpayer.

Court is a battle ground where the loser pays. Just because one party decide that they no longer want to continue for what ever reason should be no reason to let them off the hook.

Well done to everybody that stood up to them.

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone

EA blocks user from game after alleged forum outburst

irish donkey

First they came for the Pirates....

But I didn't care because I wasn't one of those.

Then I couldn't play a game because I had a virtual DVDRom installed

They I couldn't play a game because my WinXP build wasn't too their liking

Then they made me authenticate every time I played

Then they came for lippy customers....

It has ended for me now. I just don't buy EA Games. Simples

Anti-religious campaigners smack down census Jedis

irish donkey

Thank God

All these tolerant well educated people from the Reg recognise my right to a belief which does not align to their own. They would never persecute me because of my beliefs or how I align my moral compass.

Why that would make them just as bad as people that kill others because they don't share the same religion.

Thanks for playing everyone.

irish donkey

Religion is the cornerstone on which every society in the world is built.

'Thought shall not kill' is religious law which under pins our Society. Our sense of what is right and wrong can be directly traced back religious teachings.

If we all believed in pure Darwinism/Evolution then it would be perfectly acceptable to run small children over on the way to work. Going for a new job? Gun down your rivals as they arrived for their interviews. Selfish Gene and all that, survival of the fittest. Perfectly justifiable

Religion has been blamed for many of the wrongs in Society but lack of religion is doing just as much damage. If a few more bankers believed in 'thou shall not steal' our economy would be in much better shape than it is right now.

So for all the corruptions religion (of which there is many) has introduced, the world is mostly a better place for it.

Religion was a very good idea but once nutters and true believers got involved its all headed down hill.

Personally I consider myself to be a humanitarian.

BBC accused of coming out for porn opt-in?

irish donkey

Burn the Witch

Before she starts uttering a spell to be bedevil us all.

Library e-books to become too tatty to lend

irish donkey

So more expensive than Hardback Books

And they don't last as long as normal books.

I guess the only advantage with eBooks is they don't go on fire.

Maybe the office of fair trading should visit some more offices. Different license agreement I know but this isn't exactly helping Library's fight off the ConDem Cuts.

Nice to see everybody do their bit.

'Most stupid criminal ever' blew cover on Facebook

irish donkey

The Darwin Award calls

or maybe just sterilization as a believe was popular in Merka in the past.

Just as well crims are getting stupider considering how many police officers we are losing. Not that they did much before the cuts but now they are going to have a better excuse

Conviction overturned for abuse images bought from bookshop

irish donkey

Type it into Google

and you can read for free.

Although I guess reading wasn't the issue here. Looks like the police were going for an easy statistic here.

'Where did you get this book?'


Likely story sunshine. Right where's my rubber gloves

Possibility that you could fail an eCRB just for a buying a book from waterstones. No smoke without fire and all that....

HBGary 'puppets' FAIL to convince

irish donkey

This is such old news...

Too many times I noticed rational arguments/opinions being met with complete dismissal before being finished with a flourish as to how good/loving/legally correct the object of the discussion is. Seems moral arguments mean nothing to these people.

Who can remember all the 'anonymous cowHerds' defending Vodaphone's tax efficiencies or when Israel shot up a boat carrying humanitarian supplies? The amount of down votes and truly stupid defences which seem to be posted in bucket loads by the cowHerds.

I'm sure the mention of Vodophone and tax in the same sentence will have them rushing to comment on this comment. It usually is something like....' Well Mr Tax Free Contactor......

I'm PAYE before they start

One-third of Aussies 'are pirates'

irish donkey

'potential loss' and loss

I think that's the key phrase there.

Is a potential loss a loss that a value can be attributed to?

Just because I watch a film round my mate's house doesn't mean I would have paid £20 to go and see it in the cinema.

What is more likely is I watch a film round my mate's house. Find out the hype means nothing and the film is $hit and tell everyone so.

Could a value be attributed to that loss?

If I decide not to go to the cinema because a friend told me a film was $hit is that a loss?

Could a value be attributed to that loss?

More likely I wouldn't go to the cinema because they charge £20. So you could call that a loss due to over charging.

What you would like to attribute to a loss isn't the same thing as a loss.

I lost a £Million at the weekend because I didn't win the lotto... who can I blame for that?

Virgin Media busts £1bn a quarter

irish donkey

"explosion in data consumpton"

ehh. You mean downloading movie and stuff.

Seem piracy isn't killing every industry then.

oh wait here come the multitude of Linux users banging on about Distro's.

If they banned Piracy completed could Virgin et al claim that millions of jobs will be lost and babies will die due to their falling revenues?

Nationwide customers find online front door shut

irish donkey
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HSBC has good online banking

but they have a habit of Ripping you off in charges.... throwing you bank statements out with normal rubbish and selling your details to scammers through their Indian Call centre.

The choice is yours...

Overzealous anti-paedo scheme not dead yet

irish donkey



No judge, No Jury... just a rope over a branch

everybody knows that anybody that plays MW2 is a just a Pedo in waiting.

Mexican woman gets litigious on Top Gear's ass

irish donkey

I've been to Mexico

And I had a lovely time and would recommend it to anybody.

Everybody knows what Clarkson and Co and like. I don't think their comments although stupid are of any real consequence. Some of the comments they make about cars are equally ridiculous. Can't see many car companies threatening to sue.

I would imagine Mexico would be more concerned about the fall out from Swine Flu that than Top Gear.

Who can remember their statements about Truck drivers? Funny

UK probes ebook pricing

irish donkey

Complete Rubbish

'many times by authors and publishers and God knows who else ad sodding nauseam - the actual printing cost is probably the smallest proportion of a book's production cost'

I would love to know which authors said this. Having worked in the publishing industry and is married to somebody that still works in the publishing industry. Authors usually hate their publishing house and call them among other things blood sucking leeches.

Maybe you are mistaking talented authors with the advances paid to celebrities to allow a ghost writer to string them a book together for the unwashed masses. They are not the same thing

Most talented authors now Write and Publish in electronic formats which are then emailed to the publishing house in a pre-approved format. The publishing houses arrange editing, printing, distribution, PR, Press Releases... blah blah blah.

Editing and sundries are back charged to the author. That is why when an author signs a deal for £100k they end up with a cheque for £20k because of all the back charging which goes on from their benevolent Publishing houses.

Charlie Higson once said the only money to be made in writing books was getting them on telly. And he's written a few best sellers so I would imagine he would know.

So where does all the profit go?

Newest PS3 firmware hacked in less than 24 hours

irish donkey

'as each unit pirated is a sale lost'

Hmmm not sure I agree with this.

Pirates can have hundreds of Games installed and ready to go but rarely play any more than a few core games.

So just because they pirate a games doesn't mean they are willing to fork out £40+ for it or even play it. So no sale lost. Maybe you could stretch to potential sale missed. You can't lose something you never had in the first place.

Although I do agree with the statement above about

'completely opening it up pirated games will only lead to degradation in the user experience for everyone. Aim bots, wall hacks and the like running on hacked firmware (as is already happening) will ruin the game for most people who just want to play and enjoy themselves'

There is nothing worse than playing a game with somebody cheating. So Sony should be able to protect their network and customers from cheating bastards.

No real point just a thought. Don't own a PS3 - PC+Steam its the only way to be sure.

Virgin Media kills 20Mb broadband service

irish donkey


the 20mb is pretty good stick with it.

Court orders seizure of PS3 hacker's computers

irish donkey

Overpriced - Subpower???

Since when did processing power equate to a good game?

Most of the games released now take spade loads of processor for what is in essence a piss poor game as many of the people me included found when we bought COD. I could list many other games which required huge processors and again were shit games.

It’s not the size of the ship but the motion of the ocean which makes the difference.

Epic fail for the Sony employee's/apologists. Do you really believe your own hype?

So who do these Sony apologists work for? I think we should know

irish donkey

I don't own a PS3 and have no intention of buying one so I'm no more than a casual observer here.

But what I do believe is happening here is that previously people just went out bought a system and never read the T&C's. They didn't care as long as it did what it was supposed to. I don't think that attitude will continue for much longer. Users will start to read/be aware the increasing unfair conditions and this will affect their choices of what to buy. How long will it be before Sony is viewed as a monopoly and a competitor has to be established? Will the market level itself? Is that what is happening now?

This discussion wasn't about Freetards although commentardss seem to be determined to develop it into that argument. The discussion was about whether an owner/person/user should be allowed to change/hack/modify their own hardware/software but I guess your comment proves my point. When you have nothing of consequence to say you infer it is linked to Freetards/Pirates/Terrorists/Pedos.

I love screwing/tinkering around with my PC. That's why I have a PC and not a MAC. You can't screw with a MAC or a PS3 so they are of little interest to me

Maybe just a troll I don't think so…. Israel has long been known to employ Web Activists to patrol the internet reporting, engaging and contradicting discussions critical to Israel. So what's you motivation in changing the focus of this argument anonymous coward? Are you being paid to be here?

irish donkey

Intresting all the down votes

Do Sony and others of their ilk pay people/a business to go to sites like this one and protect their public reputation by arguing against any sane discussion being held.

Too many times I noticed rational arguments/opinions being met with complete dismissal before being finished with a flourish as to how good/loving/legally correct the object of the discussion is. Seems moral arguments mean nothing to these people.

And they always seem to be anonymous cowards.

I sure there is a interesting study there if anybody could be bothered doing a little analysis

irish donkey

Its not what you know

Its how much money you can throw at something/somebody.

Doesn't matter though still won't buy a PS3

UK cops arrest five in Anonymous attacks probe

irish donkey

If they took part...

I'm sure they had some other stuff on their PC's which they shouldn't of had. A few torrents maybe....

plod may do them for that as well.


Mexican army interdicts dope-slinging catapult

irish donkey

Yes Sir

We Seized 10kgs of marijuana.

Yes Sir that's all that was left....

CoD: Black Ops 'not fit for purpose', fans claim

irish donkey

Don't know about the techincal issues

But I thought the game was pretty poor.

And certainly not worth the money I was charged for a blank DVD containing a download link.

Passenger cleared after TSA checkpoint stare-down

irish donkey

Would love to know the answer to this

Security guards in this country (UK) are such pricks!

ACS:Law turns back on file-sharer court case

irish donkey

No day in court!

Pity it would have been nice to see them get thrown out on their arse.

If they had of got thrown out on their arses could others that just paid up to avoid the hassle have asked for their money back?

Andrew Crossley... remember that name. For sure he will pop up again. Maybe in a Private Car Park Scam or some other extortion racket.

Had you life invaded. Good!

Halfords.com crashes off the internet

irish donkey
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Having used Halfords.com

All I can say is the Service/site/back office is rubbish

Purchased a bike rack... Thank you for you order that will be delivered in six weeks....

Quick phone call to customer services I need it in 2 weeks. Sorry sir we can't find your order. Call back tomorrow.

Call to credit card company Yes Halfords has requested an amount from your card. Can I stop it? No not yet.

Next day a call to Customer Services. Sorry sir still can't find you order. Call back tomorrow

Automated email your order is being processed.

Call to customer services sorry sir still can't find you order. Maybe you should wait until the item is delivered and then return it to us for full refund.

Four days later and numerous phone calls. Order finally cancelled. Never again

Ace Reg reporter in career suicide shock

irish donkey

Andrew's articles frequently annoy me!

So I sent him a mail and he replied and I replied and then he replied and I replied again and then he said if you feel that strongly write an article and we will publish it.

From the dialogue we had I don't think he is a bad as his articles make him out to be maybe just a corporate guy. Everybody has to pay their mortgage somehow.

But his lack of comments really pi$$es me off because sometimes he just regurgitates the corporate bullshit we all have to deal with everyday in work. (those of us with jobs) and I just want to point out the critical flaw in his arguments.

But the flip side is he does let us know what the corporate nutters think.

Can I have a 50/50 icon for good and bad?

No court order against PlayStation hackers for now

irish donkey

a new Sony TV

Good point well made .......

but consider this how long will it be before Sony decides what is acceptable for you to watch on your TV?

No MKV Files, No Divx or XVID's as these are all formats used by pirates.

It may or may not be techically possible now but in 2 years?? who can say.

Haven't bought a Sony product since the PS2. And don't intent to

DUP website translated into Irish by mischievous hacktivist

irish donkey

the verbosity of your reply

obsures your message.

or to use an english idiom: Fog index.

Why use a big word when a diminutive one will suffice?

irish donkey
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Enought said

Yorks cops bust Bradford guinea pig farm

irish donkey

Shock horror

'Victimless crime feels the full strength of the law'

Meanwhile thieves and scum stealing everything from everybody isn't worth investigating as it's so common.

So how many other less news worthy crimes were ignored so they could go in mob handed.

So the question is will she lose her job on the bases of soft evidence.

Mum arrested for seducing teen on Xbox Live

irish donkey

If this was a bloke and a young girl

there would be no funar funar only shock and horror, and somebody screaming 'think of the children'....

But looking at the picture I'm not 100% sure it isn't

Kindle lets users lend e-books to mates via email

irish donkey

Re: Try index and catalogue cards or a digital archive

Yes very tongue in cheek.

Books are beautiful things and need to be loved and cherished but like you I want increased usability through technology. eBooks are an excellent way of providing that usability but the publisher want to be paid twice for the same thing. I think like many others that is unfair.

Recently I purchased a CD and on the day of its released I was emailed a link to download the files in MP3 while my CD was in the post. I downloaded the files and listened to the music. I received my CD and that is still in the wrapper staying nice and shiny. Why can't we have the same thing with our books? Buy a book get an electronic copy as well. Load the electronic copy to you PC/iBrick/eLibrary whatever use the electronic files as required. Use the Paper version as required. We the customer get the enhanced functionality we want and the publisher gets paid.

But then they would only be able to charge us once then

irish donkey

Try index and catalogue cards or a digital archive

Hire yourself a librarian to catalogue and index all your books.

Get them to digitize it and publish it to the web for you to peruse at your leisure. Use GNU EPrints archive that's free but it may cost a lot to get a professional librarian to create the catalogue.

Or you could scan all your books using Adobe Acrobat capture use the OCR software to read the text and create a massive PDF library which you can search.

Buy an eBook Reader and write to the publishers of all your books telling them you would like to extend the license of your printed book to one which you can use on an eBook reader. I sure they will be very helpful

Or you can just pick up the book and flip through the pages. Books are magic that way and will never be completely replaced in a consumers mind by an eBook.

irish donkey

total rubbish

Publishing books in electronic format is loads cheaper than Printing.

'Most of the costs are in the editorial, sales and admin work'

So the Editors, Admins and the guy that makes the tea gets paid more than the author/creator/artist?

The writing and construction of the book are the same (most authors submit work electronically now so sub editing and layout is minimal and usually done by the creators own staff as they don't trust the publishing house with their creation) but once the construction is complete distribution become next to zero. And that includes the Copy Protection which Acrobat, FrameMaker and Quark allow you to build into the electronic copy.

So no eBooks should be loads cheaper to publish and distribute. Our company introduced electronic copies and was able to reduce our cost to customer by 25% and we were still quids in. We increased our take up by 14%

And anyone that says other wise is either a lawyer or a liar...

Ubisoft eases PC DRM (a little)

irish donkey

Up 57% you say...

I don't think they are talking about PC game sales.


''This performance was achieved thanks to a greater number of higher margin Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 titles released.''


If you are going to post something to support your argument you should read it first...

the conclusion I got from the document is that the PC games aren't doing very well at all and the company are relying on Xbox and PS3 sales to boost their figures.

shoot own foot.. DOH!

irish donkey

Maybe the drop in sales...

might explain the 'change of heart'

Why would you buy a game which won't run on your PC without jumping through the hoops set by UBIsoft?

I was an loyal Ubisoft customer for a long time but I finally gave up when my latest legally purchased game refused to play because I run a virtual drive on my PC. I finally had to use a crack to get the game to run. I found that little tip on Ubisoft help forums.

I loved Farcry 1+2 and all the Tom Clancy’s Games and Unreal rocked! But there is plenty of other game developers out there which don't insist on a DNA sample before you play.

I have a choice and I exercise everytime I put my hand in my pocket.

icon? Ubisoft don't make their customers feel very welcome. Maybe they should.

Prosecutors kick Phorm case upstairs

irish donkey

I agree

But does that mean that we shouldn't try?

Afterall we don't live in China, Iran, UAE or any of those other countries which value personal privacy!

Txt tax would wipe out half UK deficit, claims union baron

irish donkey

Managing taxes efficently / Avoiding taxes

If VodaPhone were managing their taxes efficiently then I can't see why the HRMC had a claim for 12bn. Avoiding Tax and managing tax efficiently..... guess it depends on which side of the fence you are sitting on.

I take it you work Cadbury. Another great British institution managing their tax efficiently by moving to Switzerland.


What's your status anonymous coward?



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