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LulzSec hacks EVE Online as rampage goes on

irish donkey
Big Brother

The thing about a Gorilla War...

is its impossible to win by force of might.

... you just never know when or where the next attack will happen and you have to spread your forces trying to cover all your bases.

Why would they hire hackers.... Who would these white hat hackers hack? They don't know who they are up against never mind what their email/facebook address is.

And how would they know the WhiteHats they have hired aren't the people they are trying to catch.

Much more likely the Goberment will draft some new legislation that says you can only access the intertubes with an aabacus and a piece of chalk.

Go Daddy to sell .xxx domains

irish donkey
Paris Hilton

Never understood...

why this was such a big issue.

Blocking porn would be so much easier. Then when you fancied some unblock the domain. If you haven't the access you shouldn't be looking at porn on your work PC

Business would have a easier time too

Why is the so much résistance to this idea or is it just moving too much towards a multiple tier internet?

Or is it because the porn industry wouldn't comply because it would make it so easy to block it?

Peeping Tom Mac spyware suspect cuffed

irish donkey

I remember the story that.....

you could crack a car stereo code by putting it into a freezer. Sounds equally implausible. But everybody round here has heard the story.

Did it work?

I don't know as I don't work on stolen gear.

One story I can verify if you hang a creased suit in the bathroom and have a shower it does help the straighten it out.

NHS Direct

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Bit like PCworld

Yes a NHS run to the PCworld model.

Advice from somebody that can read the label on the bottle

Hmm sounds like a good idea. Maybe you should email it to Dave

irish donkey

Good App but

the Government is shutting NHS Direct down.

So how long will it last?

Spot-the-fake site launched

irish donkey

Fake = Item without a hugely over inflated price.

Both are most likely made in the same sweatshop. Ask anybody that shops in Primark

So do trading standards get a refers fee? And if you do buy something fake throught this site can you sue trading standards?

New Sony hack exposes more consumer passwords

irish donkey

When will it end

stick your face in the hornets nest and look what happens.

Althought why Sony haven't learned their lesson and encrypted their database's I will never know.

Service Birmingham offshores IT jobs

irish donkey

customer-facing roles to Crapita

Are usually Government Ministers. Not the people that have to actually explain to somebody halfway around the world that their Bin hasn't been emptied yet again.

Or that their mothers meals-on-wheels haven't arrived yet again.

More money saving scheme's which will end us costing us more than we save.

Hollywood to 'retell' Carrie

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The Stand, Salem's Lott and Dolores Claiborne

Are some noteable exceptions

irish donkey

Truer to the original...

The original was set in Maine, aMeerka as was the book.

Like all Stephen King books

Mines the coat with the Kindle loaded with Stephen King books

New PlayStation Network hack hijacks user accounts

irish donkey

Can we have a new Darwin Award

For Mega corps that are headed straight down the toilet?

Downing Street e-petition site to get new Directgov home

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Could we have an analysis done on...

How many idea's were submitted.

How many idea's were read?

How many idea's were debated?

How many idea's made it into law?

How much money it all cost

O2 struggles for breath in widespread outages

irish donkey

Vodafone don't pay UK tax

Vodafone don't pay tax in this country.

yet another reason not to give them any money.

irish donkey

The Midlands...

has been having an intermitten service for a few days now.

Started last week.

Vodafone chuffed with pleasing figures

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Vote with your money

It's only through public awareness that others can make the same choice.

That's why we constantly complain. So everybody knows what sort of companies they are giving their money too.

Then they are free to make their own choice.

irish donkey

Tax Avoiding Scum

In effect a large slice of that profit has been stolen from the British Tax Payer and all the other EU Tax payers they should be paying as well.

Would be interesting to see how much tax they will pay on that figure. And which small tax free country they will pay it through.

So when you hear of services being cut and people losing their jobs. You know where to look for the money to make up the shortfall.

Come on aVodaTax tell us where your tax will be paid this year?

Use of Weapons declared best sci-fi film never made

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Never read this one....

But thinking about it.

What would be the recommended gateway book to Iain M Banks.

ACS:Law fined for data breach

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Succesfully done against L.P.S

Don't pay Private Parking Tickets they are worthless. Ignore everything they send you and say

Further advice on Private parking tickets can be found on Consumer Action Group (CAG) or Martin Lewis

irish donkey
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Do you work for Sony perhaps

feeling a little persecuted?

irish donkey

Didn't he say something like.....

squeeze them like pigs and get all you can from them.

Disappointing result. Demanding money with menance is a criminal offence.

Supposed Anonymous hack 'unmasks members'

irish donkey
Black Helicopters

If they do it with you......


they will do it to you

irish donkey

Westboro Baptist Church???

I think they know something about the devil

Jaguar hybrid supercar gets green light

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Count this reply as an UPVOTE

on the Pippa suggestion!

Virgin outsources techies, pulls plug on Trowbridge call centre

irish donkey

and then the insurance takes over...

I think you will find your insurance is unlikely to payout. So best ask for your money back

See: PPI claims could cost Lloyds £3bn. BBC News

X Factor hack exposes personal data of fame-seeking contestants

irish donkey
Paris Hilton

phishing attacks against X-Factor wannabeeee's

Sanity checks would be more appropriate for these victims.

Yet another reason why jail terms are required for data breaches. Nobody will take it seriously until they are looking forward to some hard time.

Paris. because she would stoop so low as to appear on an x-rated show

Sony calls in data Sherlocks to unpick megahack disaster

irish donkey

only 900 valid creditcards

Are you serious?

I would like to see you say only if yours was one of the credit cards...

or are you saying that it didn't matter that these 900 customer's data didn't qualify for the full data protection. Did they not spend enough money for the mega corp to be bothered with?

bet you work for Sony with a attitude to data security like that.

Star Wars: From dream sci-fi bride to perfect Blu-ray wife

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just what I thought

Sony says data for 25 million more customers stolen

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How long will it be before...

Sony publishes their end of year figures and points to a massive drop in profits which they will blame on piracy and hacking rather that their own lack of a creditable IT Policy.

American companies have Sarbanes Oxley which can lead to jail time if not adhered to.

Sony has a policy which they just make up as they go along.

Not a Sony customer and certainly not likely to be in the future.

Remember to vote everybody or things will never change.

Oz minister ties privacy law review to PSN hack

irish donkey

Why is this not already law...

Oh yes that right because Big Corp only want laws that protect them.

Not their customers.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow.

Sony brings Skype to Bravia HD TVs

irish donkey

depends what you are looking for

try the PSN network. That has all sorts of information lying around.

PSN hack triggers lawsuit

irish donkey

Looks like the SONY PR people have arrived

There is no point in blaming this on the hackers/Geoholt/Anon.

It is SONY's legal responsibility to ensure the security of their data. They stored it in that way if it gets lost/stolen it's their bad.

If they spent as much time/money securing their servers as they did securing their consoles this wouldn't have happened. Simples

Can we have the discussion that they are so protective of their console to protect their network. Obviously a crock of...

Not a SONY customer and never will be.

Vote now for the best sci-fi film never made

irish donkey

Just too good to miss....

And no I'm not Aaron.

if I had the money I would give it to him just to see the whole film.

Just trying to help out ther poor creatives.

enjoy when you get home and challenge you not to say WOW!

irish donkey

Rendezvous With Rama

Not sure if I want to see this made by Hollyruined!

Better just watch this short on Vimeo instead: http://vimeo.com/1989082

irish donkey

Wot no multiple votes

what sort of democracy is this...?

User data stolen in Sony PlayStation Network hack attack

irish donkey

Can we have the discussion about...

how important client side console security is again and how hard Sony fight to ensure a level playing field for their customers.

Guess its one rule for client side and a different rule for them

Remember kids hacking your console kills babies.

So glad I'm not a Sony customer

Vintage flying car offered at auction

irish donkey

Functionality as advertised in the film

Or has the sequence been shortened.

Truely truely scrumpious

So, what's the best sci-fi film never made?

irish donkey

Check this out...

Aaron Ross a student put together an 'the opening sequence' of the RAMA as a end of year project. It is hosted on Vimeo.

It was OUTSTANDING. Check it out: http://vimeo.com/1989082

irish donkey


Yes Please

Aaron Ross a student put together an 'the opening sequence' of the RAMA as a end of year project. It is hosted on Vimeo.

It was OUTSTANDING. Check it out: http://vimeo.com/1989082


irish donkey

Yes but they leave the TV on when they fall asleep

or well I do anyway

Gov won't force publishers to hand paywalled content to libraries

irish donkey

History is written by the winners...

…and in the future with no independent retention of news the only news available will be the news you are allowed to see.

In years to come when the historians ask ' Where did all the money go in the noughties and why did we blow up Libya? Why did Sony sue GeoHolt?

Funny I can't seem to find that article. Here try this one on Jordan's Boobs. They were very popular around that period.

Library's (free access to information) is a human right in this country and should be protected in all its forms and manifestations.

Sony denies PSP 2 setback

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Remember its not yours

It belongs to Sony and they will do whatever they want with it.

Whereas you can only do what they tell you you can do.

Vodafone grabs £7bn, leaves France

irish donkey

Tax avoiding scum?

You can have an ISA - Restricted amount allowed per year. Used to encourage savings in this country. A good thing for this Country

Buy a dodgy DVD you can be prosecuted/sued.

Buy dodgy ciggies you can be prosecuted.

Paid a tradesman in cash no personal or professional liability incurred. If that tradesman chooses not to pay tax shame on him. And will not be used again.

I don't remember VodaFone letting their customers off their tax liabilities as a sweetener. They charged everybody else the normal tax rate and then kept the money.

And your point is?

April Fools Day's Finest

irish donkey


thank you

Digital player maker 'incited consumers to break the law', says ASA

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Regularly advertised in Private Eye

Its a excellent product.

O2 loses lock stock in Palm Pre precedent

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Who owns the handset ?

Depends who you ask.

Ask a normal Joe in the street you do.

Ask a highly paid Sony lawyer and I'm sure you will get another answer completely.

Can we have the discussion that unlocking your hardware kills babies again?

Vanilla Ice to tackle panto Captain Hook

irish donkey

Played Under Pressure to my girlfriend

She started singing Ice Ice Baby.

Looking for a new girlfiend now.

Amazon jumps the gun on free clouds

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Never used Amazon's MP3 offering

But their AudioBook service 'Audible' gives you a file which is practically worthless without their player or iTunes.

But I guess this cloud usability doesn't apply to their DRM'ed files as they have to be tied to a specific player before it will play. Unless of course they are going to relax the rules which I doubt as they have just tightened the rules again to exclude burning with Nero

Anyway all this cloud storage is only useful for users of ipads and slate pc's with tiny hard drives. Plently or room on my 2TB's.

I'd rather have a nice MP3 copy on my hard drive thank you very much.

Santander blames Firefox 4 for website fail

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Santander never liked firefox

It used to make their 'download Trustee software pop up go a little bit loopy. So no big surprise that it has barred Firefox completely.

Wish Santander hadn't bought A&L. A&L was a good bank before Santander got their claws into them.

Santander - Ripping off their customers for years

Judge to music industry: 'Worth trillions? Forget it'

irish donkey

I lost the £10 Million at the weekend

I played the lottery and bought my 6 numbers. That money was mine I had 6 numbers but because all these other bastards played on-line. I lost £10million.

Who can I sue for £1000Trillion please?



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