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MP allegedly cuffed after scrap in Commons bar

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I'd say Knighthood

Services to cheering up the Poor.

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e looks very much to be a prime example of someone who is totally out for himself.

What was 'Call me Dave' there?

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Re: Re: I wonder


nice to see you joining in the fun.

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Re: I'm more curious to know

executive editor I believe

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Re: So

Who was buying the beers and has it been declared?

Or were you just lobbying to bring back hanging for Pirates?

French National Front woos internet pirates

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I'm more concerned yet another vilification of the downloaders

Pirates are no longer Robin Hoods stealing from the rich.

Not content with stealing Cars, handbags, being Pedo's, supporting Organised Crime, child trafficking and so forth now they are also far right racists.

We need more laws to combat this. Support ACTA or side with all of the above.

Godwin's law alive and well on the 'El Reg'

UK cops cuff suspect after RnBXclusive takedown

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Interesting story on the BBC

Record label Sony apologises for increasing the price of two Whitney Houston albums, hours after her death on Saturday.

Not on el reg.

funny that

Black Ops has best videogame ending ever

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Miss Croft didn't make it onto the list?


UK crime-busters knock hiphop site off the Internet

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SOCA Crime Figures

Last year we solved 1 million crimes. Give us all a bonus please.

One million downloads stopped. = 1 million crimes solved.

Never mind the low level crime like car theft, scrap metal theft, low level fraud, pissed teenagers kicking off, child abuse, wife beating and MegaCorp tax fraud. You know the stuff the that really pisses people off

SOCA because we go after the real criminals.

European Parliament prez slams ACTA 'in current form'

irish donkey

you are most likely correct

but we must still try.

Otherwise Anonymous is our only recourse.

Naive Fool. Proverbs 14:15, "The simple one believes every word, but the prudent person looks well to his going." In other words, he trusts people without weighing either the wisdom of their words or the goodness of their motives.

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Write to your MEP

It only takes a minute

here's the link : http://www.europarl.europa.eu/meps/en/performsearch.html?search=true&webCountry=GB&webTermId=7

although we are getting used to our politicans ignoring us in the UK. Almost 1 million people marched against war in Iraq. Guess what we still went to war looking for phamtom WMD's

Sort of gives a justification for annoymous when our elected leaders ignore us. Nice to see the Europeans standing up against MegaCorp. Pity our leaders are on all the payrole

Germany stalls over ACTA treaty ratification

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This is our site - our rules - agreed

but we are the people that spread this sites, bread with butter.

without us this site and the articles on it are worthless. We regular commentards should be able to voice our opinions about issues we see that are detrimentally affecting the sites creditability.

notable exceptions to this are the nasty little trolls. As for personal attacks these are just the last refuge of the truly stoopid! And that doesn't just refer to the commentards.

Of course you could withdraw service from those that don't play by the rules and you are entitled to do so. But isn't this just the same as what the media companies did. If you don't like our prices go elsewhere... well guess what everybody did.

I think the absence of reasoned discussion in the comments section shows that this is also happening here. Why do I come? Because there is still some excellent articles here but they are getting harder and harder to find.

Please don't take this personally as it isn't meant as an attack personal or otherwise but an observation

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Write to your EU MP

I did. In fact I wrote to all the UK Lib Dem's MPs.

I received interesting replies back from some of them. Not all of them are happy with the ACTA bill. Some couldn't give a $hit about it or their constituents as long as the gravy train keeps all rolling.

But what they do know now is that people are watching their actions and will hold them to account. If more people wrote it would have a bigger impact. So what's stopping you? The time it takes to make a angry comment on here would be better sent directing it at them.

Here is the link: http://www.europarl.org.uk/view/en/your_MEPs.html

Go on make a difference

UK cops set up new £30m bases to nail cybercrooks

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what the article doesn't mention is

that crimes will be prioritised by the amount of damage they do so. i.e £££££'s

So they will spend all their time chasing the high rollers meanwhile joe public will continue getting ripped off by crooks for a few £100 each time without fear of the police taking even a passing interest.

So really no help to people like us then

Vodafone squirrels cash into Blighty nightly as Europe falters

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ohh just dream of the tax flooding in

That's it folks the recession is over. Vodafone will finally pay tax

eh sorry we can't pay tax as the money only sits here overnight and the tax office is closed.

So why did they back out of the deal in Greece... was it because Greece is in such a mess they would have to pay tax?

Tax it appears is only for us poor people.

Next thing we know U2 will move their operations here.


Czechs, Slovaks stall on ACTA

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Consultation and right to reply is a democratic right

That is why all ARTICLES on El Reg should be open to comments.

We the consumers of these articles deserve our right to reply

Any article that isn't open for comments should be banned!

Who is with me?

Zuckerberg's 2012 personal income tax bill: $1.5 billion

irish donkey

Nice quote.. thanks

Not really sure what your point is though.

Zuckerberg pays tax = Good

VodaFone/Burton's/St Bono don't don't pay tax = Bad

how tax is paid isn't the issue. Willingness to pay it is!

I pay tax and so should everyone else.

I wonder which shell company St Bono's share of Facebook's profits will be paid into and which tax haven they are based?

irish donkey

fund his philanthropic adventures??

Maybe if MegaCorps paid their taxes we wouldn't require 'philanthropic adventures'

So by this theroy.....

Steal/Avoid/Evade taxes which causes cuts in the public sector, private business to go under and real hardship in Ireland as people lose their jobs and homes... so that St Bono can return at sometime in the future with a ship load of cash and dole it out on a 'philanthropic adventure'

You either work for 'Elevation Partners' or are just plain dumb! People like Bono and Bob Geldolf and all the other hedge funders avoid tax because of greed.

I pay tax so should he

irish donkey



irish donkey

Maybe a few other MegaCorps...

could learn a lesson here. Pay your taxes

Shame on you VodaFone, Burton's and U2.

You enjoy the profits now pay your way. Its only fair.

The Register Comments Guidelines

irish donkey

Can we have a <SARC>

Tag because certain visitors definitely need a sign post </sarc>

irish donkey
Black Helicopters

I can't change my handle

I get tired of being a Donkey. Sometime I want to be a Irish Kangaroo. But I can't change my handle.

What is the handle changing rules?

it says I have changed my handle too many time. It this because I am being watched/pre moderated/Laughed at.

irish donkey

Would you be referring to articles which are usually pro-copyright enforcement

Trying to decrypt your message 'initially-alphabetic author' . hmmmm

Aardvark? or maybe .... Adrian.... Alan...... Andrea.... nope can't think or any more names starting with A or an O for that matter.

And certainly not one that soap boxes about squeezes every penny out of its customers.

There was an interesting article on the BBC which said that British Film took £1billion last year or something like that. Guess that doesn't fit with the agenda of the media industry being on its knee's due to downloading.

US entertainment lawyer casts doubt on Megaupload case

irish donkey

These guy's have been charged (have they)

but not convicted but yet everybody is convinced they are guilty.

I call trail by media. (official sponsors of ACTA/SOPA/PIPA)

Welcome to the new order... sponsored by the old order.

Next we will be invading some small country because they wouldn't allow us to build a gas pipeline

Polish lawmakers don Guy Fawkes masks to protest ACTA

irish donkey


Sometimes you need to spell it out for people </sarc>

Vodafone manages to fight off £3bn tax bill, claws back cash paid

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I think MORALLY (which of course has no basis in law) they should pay money on the extraordinary profits they make.

But this is the company which charged their UK Employee's UK Tax and then kept the money. Which they claimed was legal but was it moral when 1000's of people in the UK are losing their job children are losing access to library's and grannies are losing their meals on wheels.

All people want in companies which make money in the UK to pay their fair share. This obviously isn't happening and it has to stop!

MPAA threat sparks White House petition for bribery probe

irish donkey

Shakes his head

So this just an attempt to buy control of the internet so BigCorp could artificially control the price of all distribution?

Corporation tax goes down while contributions to particular party/individual go up.

What is wrong with this picture?


Congress puts PIPA and SOPA on back burner

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Get ready for the mud slinging

From now on in expect a barrage of articles on the hinterwebs proclaiming this law to be bad for the copy righters.

So all those people that protested will think. Hey maybe this is the right balance. I'll let this one through only to find its fangs are better hidden than SOPA and PIPA.

Everyone deserves to be paid.... but again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.

Very cynical about this law as well. What we should be doing is checking a few tax returns of these MegaCorps just to see who the real thieves are.

SOPA is dead. Are you happy now?

irish donkey

interesting figures

10,000 x 24hrs = 240000

120000 x 7 days = 1680000

840000 x 52 = 87360000 downloads per year

That some big numbers there no wonder Sony are upset or did you just make those figures up?

Hardly surprising the internet runs like a dog when the US of A comes on line.

Also I like the subtle linkage of Pirates and Pedo's. Never heard that one before but I guess it was inevitable that they would be dragged into this discussion some how. So as well as supporting drugs, people trafficking and terrorism anybody that voices any dissent will also be labelled a pedo.

As the story about Megaups today proves there are laws in place to pursue pirates, lock up pirates and seize their assets. Why do we need more?

Laws controlling BigCorp Tax Evasion are needed because I bet more money that the big figure at the top has been avoided by BigCorp. That is what causes people to lose their jobs

irish donkey

>> Go after pirates, but don't attack the freedom of the Internet. <<

Isn't this just another statement that will further polarise the factions? When did there even become factions?

Many people that buy content (me included) are labelled Pirates because we are choosing to stand against this policy on a matter of principal. This policy and other policies put forward by big media and their many carpet bagging ambulance chasing lawyers are wrong.

The vitriol and scorn which is poured onto anybody that doesn't agree with the 'string all pirates up philosophy' is getting beyond belief. I really am starting to struggle to see the difference in some of the statements used against pirates and the declarations used by the Westboro Baptist Church.

So Andrew what would you see as a just ending to this story. Content providers charging what ever they like for the content they have licensed. Kids locked up and fined $millions for stealing music and films. Mega Pop stars moving from country to country avoiding taxes everywhere they go?

How much money is going to be enough to satisfy the greed? The World Economy is on its knees because of rampant capitaism but still the Big Corps profits must go up and corporation tax down.

And all the while people lose their jobs and their homes.

irish donkey


what he said!

irish donkey

is that the tech world is largely reactionary

Being reactionary is following the market and giving consumers what they want.

Of course you could restrict your market and say you can only have this in the way that makes me the most amount of money.

People do need to be paid... but do they have to be paid again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.

This was turned into a moral crusade Pirates costs American/British jobs. Well BigCorp costs a lot more jobs by their tax avoidance.

So its a little rich to be accusing eveybody else of doing the thing your highly paid lawyers and tax accountants are doing for you.

Pay tax like I'm sure many Pirates have to.

We can't afford big lawyers because we do pay our taxes

Blighty's film biz asks gov to hurry up pirate crackdown

irish donkey

because if enough people complain

then maybe Gubermints will plug the loop holes which MegaCorps use to avoid tax/steal money from hard working tax payers.

Vodafone taxed their employee's UK wages and then kept the money. That £12bn would have saved a lot of jobs in the UK.

Keeping silent just condones their larceny.

Shout it loud because those are our jobs they are destroying.

irish donkey

The hope is...

the longer it takes the better the law will be. (hopefully)

Better to mean.... better in terms of a balance between the rights holder and the consumers.

Everybody deserves to be paid but copyright needs balance and that is something which has been sadly lacking in these big business sponsored laws.

Of course where Big Corp have been found to be avoiding Tax. You can steal their stuff as they steal from us. Trying to think of an good example...........Ahhhh! there's one: U2 they provide no benefit to any society the money hoarding ............. Can anyone think of any other Big Corp that steals from the tax payer.

The Register to publish other sites' blacked-out content in SOPA protest

irish donkey

I agree...

we all work because we get paid... I can't think of any other reason to drag my sorry ass out of bed at 6.00 in the morning. I am also happy to pay for my stuff. When I was a student I frequently test drove stuff.... now I earn I pay.

But the polarising nature of the fight between the pirates and content creators leaves me in a quandary of whose side I am on.

I enjoy mash up’s and parody's and the somewhat sideways look the culture around us you find on the internet, but do I think it is justifiable to destroy somebodies life for uploading a couple of songs to the internet or sticking some miniature pop stars picture on their website? Simple answer is no. So I guess I am on the side of the pirates but only because the punishment is far exceeding the crime.

Home taping didn't kill music back in the day and downloading won't kill it now. It won't happen as there are still far too many people making too much money out of it.

One notable exception!

Download U2’s stuff because they refused to pay tax in Ireland and provide no benefit to any society. They steal from their fans (the tax payers) so anybody should be able to steal it back. But their music is $hit anyway so don’t bother.

irish donkey

Happy to be corrected

recently I have found 'el reg' to be a stalking ground for pirate hunters that will brand any one with any knowledge of piracy the scum of the earth. I may have allowed this to bias my judgement.

I stand corrected.

irish donkey


I thought 'el reg' was pro SOPA or did I misunderstand Andrew's article saying if we didn't do SOPA we would get something much worse.

Seems we're DOOMED because big business isn't making enough money on the internet.

But anyway I have this idea to put speed bumps on every road in the world to stop speeding.

Who's with me?

Crossley cops two-year suspension

irish donkey

I would have considered a charge of extortion

with menace to be perfectly justified in his case.

Lets face it he got away with much less hardship than he imposed on his victims.

Remember folks this scam is just the same as car parking scams. Don't pay Private Car Parking Fines as they have no basis in law. It is not a Fine its a invoice which can be ignored.

Why these people are allowed to abuse people for profit is beyond me

icon: shouty shouty as the more people that know about these scams the less will be taken in by them. Spread the word!

Official: The smartphones that suck much more than others

irish donkey

N8 was a great phone untill

Anna installed and messed everything up.

way to go Nokia!

Study finds piracy withering against legal alternatives

irish donkey

Chelmsford 123?

was awful

And Rory McGrath less said about him the better.

You are right no court in the land would convict you.... maybe send you for some counselling or somefink but jail wouldn’t help.

That would be just be temporarily locking the problem away.

But every man to his own. Enjoy

irish donkey

@ MacGyver

Not sure what your point is here. You comment seems to agree with mine.

Do I really need to use the </sarc> tag to get my meaning across or is semantics on the internet truly dead?

irish donkey


That would hurt DVD Sales.

Which would cost jobs in the distribution industry

It would also cost jobs in the DVD pressing plants

HMV would be out of Business in a week

The only way we could keep those fuckers happy is create a government subsidy of £15/$ per DVD direct from Tax payer. Just like we did with the Banks and look how well they are doing. Still screwing us to the wall but thank goodness their Bonuses are back where they should be.

Gamers grumble over Steam outage

irish donkey

what he said!

I like Steam but I never though of it that way.

Well put Bak

Videogame piracy figures show decline

irish donkey

I like Steam

It does load on Startup (which you can disable) and can have problems shutting down as it finishes its 'sync' but if you 'exit' then that not a issue.

apart from that no major issues. Loads of cheap games and bundles. Happy days

Still not as easy as it is to torrent a copy but in all fairness somebody needs to get paid something

X-Men Origins: Wolverine pirate caged

irish donkey

Humble Indie Bundle

stonking good value for some quality games!

plus it helps charity

What's not to like?

irish donkey

Didn't see the film

Was it any good?

It would be an interesting statistic if more people watched the pirate version than watched the polished version. But in saying that a polished turd and all that...

Buying 2nd hand DVD's since 2009.

Merry Christmas everybody

Sky follows BT in blocking Newzbin2

irish donkey

I think you have hit the nail on the head

A user pays for a VPN service so they can download movies for free.

Why not just pay for the movies?

I would guess the answer is something like why pay for a DRM infested copy when you can rent a VPN and get a DRM copy free. Treat you customer likes criminals then they might as well act like them.

Buy 2nd hand DVD's off eBay. That's the real way to piss them off.

Sony off the hook for killing Linux on PS3

irish donkey

a site ment to be for the technically minded

I'm afraid you are in the wrong place. This used to be a tech minded site a few years ago now its just a...

I don't know what it is now but it's certainly not tech minded

Swiss insist file-sharers don't hurt copyright holders

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Some sense in a GubberMint finally.

And off course nobody will be able to touch them our else they will burn all that stolen Jewish money or report all the tax avoiding corporations.

I think if this fight comes down to who has the bigger bag of cash then my money is on the Swiss.

I'm not a Pirate, I'm just not happy with Big Business ruining the Internet.

Sing a Michael Jackson Song = 5 Years ---------------------- Kill Michael Jackson = 4 years - Go figure

Jarmageddon: Marmite spill sparks biohazard threat

irish donkey

Or we could just drive all the marmite lovers up there

And let them lick it off the road.

Best place for Marmite lovers..... as far away from me as possible. Yeck!



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