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BT boss urges fines for filesharing customers

irish donkey

Just like speeding camera's

Dear Sir

We have proof that you <exceeded the speed limit> infringed somebodies copyright at this time.

Please pay us £60 or face court action.

Cheques to us please.

Simple! The model is already tried and tested. It also gives the ISP's more of an incentive to pursue infringers as they will get their 'Admin' cut off the top.

This is the beginning of the end.

Northerners give up ID cards for Lent figures suggest

irish donkey

there are many positve aspects but

with many things there are negative impacts.

What those negative impacts will be we don't know fully yet but you are aware that if you fail to keep your ID Record up to date you are liable for a hefty fine.

My issues isn't with having a ID per say but the shifting of the legal obligations to keep it up to date and the large fines attached to not doing so.

But you may say there are fines for not keeping you passport up to date. Well not really I don't have a passport at the minute, as it has just expired, well two years ago. When I want a new one I will go and apply and get one no questions asked as to why I let it lapse... same with my driving license, if it expires and I don't drive a car no problem.

Let you ID Card lapse or go out of date then you are in the world of a whole lot of hurt! So enjoy your card just don't let it lapse!

Hull Daily Mail exposes depraved local porncoder

irish donkey
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guy earn's a few quid for coding porno sites

I of course would never look at porn or anything associated with porn.... just like the other 20% of the people on the hinterweb that manage a whole day with out typing ' mature housewives dressed as traffic wardens'

Of course if they wanted to out somebody they could look at their London namesake that never pays any UK tax on their profits... or their Boss Dirty Desmond!

LibDems back copyright takedowns

irish donkey
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Cancelled due to lack of intrest

Political parties would not be able to implement such rules if the electorate took any notice.

I would love to know how many Lords were 'Guiding' this legislation through for a consultation fee!

Money makes the world go round. I guess that why the freetards will lose because they do it all for nothing.

NHS denies pre-election stitch-up

irish donkey
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jobs for the boys and girls

need to get these contracts signed or else when I get voted out there will be nowhere for me to get a job.

There should be a law which says in you were involved in any aspect of procurement then when you leave office you are NOT allowed to go and work for the people you procured from.

Lord Mandy please take note... Althought any company he has helped recently seems to quickly go down the tubes quickly. except Geffen of course.

Music biz unites to save 6Music

irish donkey
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unique role that the station has in supporting new artists and in nurturing UK talent

because if you stop supportting then we will have to start supporting it the way that we have always claimed to but never really.

Does this mean that if you get fined for illegal downloading you can claim a discount as its the TV License payers that are supporting NEW MUSIC,.

thought not!

As for the BBC its the unique way its funded which allows it to be so good. Tell them to go away the BBC is supposed to be independant and I as a license payer would like it to remain that way.

Virgin to offer 100Mb/s broadband by year's end

irish donkey
Big Brother

Who needs speeds like this

Considering that Virgin are going to packet sniff (CView) all your downloads and perhaps cut you off, or report you to the RIAA/FACT Mafia or murder your children (depending on which version of the Mandybill makes it to law)

Oh dear do I hear the rumble of Linx Distro's coming..........

I think I will just stay at my 20mb connection. After all if I can't download what I want, and copyright law is so complex that even the people the write the laws can't work them out what you are and aren't allowed to download. Why bother. The kids will just have to watch old fashioned TV and I can just STEAM away.

It will be a cold day in hell before the Big 4 get anymore of my money for substandard DVD's. Its the only way to fight back. Hit them where it hurts,. In their pocket.

Lingerie model ran 'Charlie Angels' drug gang

irish donkey

My two favorite things

Drugs, Underwear models and Lesbians

No! Wait that's three things

My three favorite things

Drugs, Underwear Models, Lesbians and Beautiful angels

No wait... oh you get the idea.

Citizens rail against government data sharing

irish donkey

If only all these people that were opposed to government policies.....

voted rather than voting for the Party their parents did (if at all) maybe Governments wouldn't think they could do what they like regardless of what is best for the electorate.

And that's not even starting on a Police Force is making the rules up as it suits themselves.

We live in a demoracy but you need to vote to make it work.

Vote for change!

Administrators head for titsup training company

irish donkey

hmmm I wonder who will get paid first.....

i think it goes like this




And the customers and employee's can whistle because once everyone else has filled their boots there will be nothing left for the people the actually own the money.. Sorry you don't count.

Isn't it funny how banks never loose money. That's just for the poor people.

Ask Lord Mandy for help. He'll help! Help himself that is. Another Epic Labour Fail

Brussels data watchdog cries foul over secret copyright talks

irish donkey
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Went to the pictures this week........Bloody expensive

And watched as a student was thrown out as he tried to have his picture taken with a cardboard cut-out of Jenifer Aniston. And this was in the Foyer

It seems you aren't even allowed to look into the view finder of your phone in a cinema.


irish donkey
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Nothing to hide??

But we are obliged by law to monitor your use of the internet.

Oh and while we are at it...

We will monitor and record your telephone calls

We will monitor and record where you travel to in your car

We will monitor and record where you go when you walk

We will monitor and record where you spend your money

We will monitor and record where your money comes from

Of course this is all the fault of those damn terrorists... and of course we will make money out of it that's how the world works but rest assured we will let you know when you have to pay more.

We are very good at telling you what you need and how much you can afford to pay for it. We are here to improve your experience.

Thanks for playing: 1984! The Ultimate in Control

US must redesign killer hot dogs

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American babies are breastfeed hotdogs..... LOL

Maybe you should try just supervising your children when they are eating their dinner.

Crazy idea we English have. Have dinner as a family and promote sensible eating.

Its a crazy idea and it might just work, not all responsibility can be foisted off onto somebody else

'I'm an IT worker not an assassin'

irish donkey
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How long before we get the ID Card ending......

This wouldn't have happened if we all had the new improved ID Cards.

I would say something about the alleged prep's but I wouldn't want to end up on one of their hit lists.

Red Dwarf's Kryten exposes iPhone number

irish donkey

Well, Space Corps Directive 195 clearly states..............................

No man should get a double poraliod over a i-Brick

Another murderer pops up on Facebook

irish donkey
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That will make you think before

you log onto that teenage girls profile.

It could be a big hairy arsed crim spending time at the rate payers expense. AND can still have a cap poped in your ass. Best not upset them

BPI rejects scareletter approach to possible pirates

irish donkey

BPI rejects scareletter approach.........

Well if they didn't accept the cheques then they wouldn't be able to do would they.

Just another form of Wheel Campers making up the rules as they go along and NOBODY is doing anything to stop them

New music file aims to sink piracy using blogs and Twitter

irish donkey

The good thing about MP3 is

its easy and it's free

It would be nice to have Mp3 with Extra but would the content be worth paying for or will it be like DVD extra content. $hite

Damages slashed for US freetard

irish donkey
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When money is your only motivation

When money is your only motivation you will eventually start to lose....

You can produce complex computations' showing how much you think you deserve but when NOBODY else thinks you deserve that money you won't get it!

Don't worry thought Lord Mandy is busy scribbling out a new Copyright charter for you now.

Ericsson ups jobs cull to 6,500

irish donkey
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The final push

Before the credit crunch is over and Big Business won't be able to sack everybody with impunity

Airport scanner staff object to vetting

irish donkey
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eye balling kiddies, titties and willies without vetting

I don't think so.

See how you like the threat of an serious internal body cavity search!

IFPI wants another stab at OiNK

irish donkey

Phone Mandy Law you no win no fee law maker

Tired of old Law that don't get you what you want.

'Can't get no satisfaction' 'Can't get you out of my head' 'Can't sleep at night'

Phone Mandy Law you no win no fee law maker.

MPs frozen out of super-secret copyright talks

irish donkey
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promote and secure an outcome in the UK's interest

Is the UK's intrests the same intrests as the people that live in the UK or just eh people that do business in the UK.

Open Government is Great.

Vote for a change - Vote for change

Cardiff tops UK plastic fraud list

irish donkey

cardholders were sometimes their own worst enemy

When I had money stolen from my Bank Card the bank tried to firmly point the finger at me.

Their finger quivered a bit when I pointed that I have never used my card or pin so the fault must lie with them. The account was just used for cheques and electronic transfers.

They immediately refunded all my money and apoligised. I wonder how difficult it would have been if it had of been one of my other cards which I do regularly use. I'm still waiting to hear the results of their investigation.

Just because its your card doesn't mean you are the one that has been careless.

Manchester ID staff suffer isolation as new dawn fades

irish donkey

Wish I live in Madchester

Then I could be put on a watch list for not rushing to get my ID Card

Bob the Builder slapped with CGI rendering

irish donkey
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Can we fix it?

You don't have to its not broken.

Now it will just look like all the other dross produced

Opera and Firefox downloads soar after IE alerts

irish donkey

I smell a conspiracy

This is just a ruse to get everyone to switch from IE to Firefox so they are distracted and forget that Obama wants to give everybody free healthcare.

Or am I reading too much into this.

I always have a tin hat

Fifty Strikes and… we'll tell your Mum

irish donkey
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Vote Lib Dem

What have we got to lose.

Our civil liberaties - GONE

Our Money - Paying bankers bonuses

Our Pride - Gone

Our Chocolate - Gone

We have nothing left to lose

Cadbury flakes in face of Kraft bid - cuts expected

irish donkey
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Lord Mandelson held a meeting

well that is the kiss of death to any business.

Yet another fine, upstanding British Business waves good bye to the country of its birth. Soon all we will produce in the UK is .... ... well nothing really.

Vote for change

UK BitTorrent admin acquitted on fraud charge

irish donkey
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So how long before a change in the law......

Maybe with a retrospectic application.

Well done Alan but with the money the BPI are going to throw at this I think you will be the last one to get away with this.

New Labour bring old Nuremberg Laws to Britain

irish donkey

Hey dude where's my country

I thought we were supposed to bring Law and Order and Demoncracy to Iraq.

Seems to be working the wrong way round. They're are sending all their BAD laws over here.

Vote for change. If everybody voted they couldn't get away with this

Star Trek to boldly go (again)

irish donkey

It can't be the Borg

We (The Audience) first met the BORG in The Next Gen with Picard in 'I Borg' so are they going to re-write history.

That's it kick the franchise to death again.

Record labels seek DMCA-style UK takedowns

irish donkey

I was waiting on the WMD's Amendment

Weapons of Mass Deception.

You see what I done there.... I drew a parallel between the lies told by Alistair Campbell to justify the war in Iraq and the lies told by Lord Mandy to justify the erosion of everyone's right to a fair hearing.

In a few years we will all be talking about how foolish we were to listen to their lies and end up the mess we are now.

Will we ever learn. VOTE. Its the only way YOU can make a difference

Naked scans: Net cries nude-o-geddon

irish donkey
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As if airport security needed more reasons to act....

like complete wankers.

But on the plus side it will be easy to find all the Pedo's now. Just arrest the freak checking out your kids on the x-ray camera.

Will I be able to complain to somebody if I spot the guy has a boner after perving children with his x-ray camera? Obviously I won't be able to complain at the time because the guy would just accuse me of being a terrorist and subject me to an internal investigation.

This Government has to go.........

Brown offers free laptops to deprived UK schoolkids

irish donkey
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Hmmm computers for the great unwashed

Available to everybody else next week from the Cash Convertors.

And I'll bet these cost the UK taxpayer a lot more than $100.

Italians take the 'p' to fight back against Big Brother

irish donkey
Black Helicopters

Couldn't happen in this country

The first time you logged the position of a camera you would be arrested for collecting information likely to be of use to a terrorist and shipped off for a rubber glove inspection.

You certainly wouldn't be stoopid enough to whip a camera out and try and photograph it.

Thank goodness we live in a free society

Slovakian police chief quits over Dublin explosives run

irish donkey
Black Helicopters

Calm down its only a test............

Did you pack this bag yourself sir. Yes

Rubber gloves please

Tech vendors turn to Brussels as copyright levy talks fold

irish donkey
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Wonder what that hidden agenda could be

With no consistent approach to copyright they can just do what they like.. charge as much as they like.... leaving the consumer with a collection of laws so complex copyright infringement is inevitable turning everyone into criminals and potentially open to court action.


IPS in cunning 'get an ID card, get crucified' scheme

irish donkey
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Get and ID card get crucified

Forget to update the details on your Voluntary ID card and you will find out how quickly they will crucify you.

Oh and I'm Sporticus and so's my wife

El Reg sparks international incident with Olympics committee

irish donkey

I take they aren't offering.......

any free tickets or camera's then?


Johnson reveals ID register linked to NI numbers

irish donkey

People up and down the country are............

not signing up for the card

I would imagine that everybody that has signed up HAS something to hide. If I HAD something to hide I would sign up right at the start as well. Then you could tell them whatever they wanted to hear because they're so grateful you have signed up they would believe anything you told them.

Give it a couple of weeks and it will pop up on WikiLeaks... then we will know who all the terrorists are.

Vote for change what ever semblance of democracy is all we have

Anti-paedo vetting boss warns against relying on databases

irish donkey
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Oh Ok so......

just because somebody has passed the check no responsibility will be accepted by the Database Masters in case your child comes to harm.

Just another example of passing off responsibility to somebody/something else.

This Government is a joke. Vote for change

Southampton chap lodges todger in steel pipe

irish donkey

I can't think of a single thing

that would do justice to this story.

UK prosecutors drop 'tiger' sex video case

irish donkey

Frosties...... They're Greattttttttttt

Prosecuting users for Joke emails.

Obviously a crime they can prosecute from the warmth of their office.

Will he get his DNA back and will this bar him from working with Children.

I bet it will. Not so funny now eh.

The Police on somebody's side..... Just not ours

Bosses warned over Scrooge-like approach to snow problems

irish donkey
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If Gandparents......

Faced up to their responsibilities instead of shirking........ Life for working parents would be a lot easier for them and their employers.

If I have to listen to another lecture In my day blah blah blah....

Hadopi three strikes law hits another hurdle

irish donkey

Never mind the privacy

We want to open season on Pirates

Could Pirates have a case for discrimation in the Court of Human rights. Oh that's right they all ready side stepped that one.

As long as big business keeps making money that's the important thing.

Bono is struggling......

'Peeping Tom' caught on own camera

irish donkey
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I would imagine if it wasn't for this he would be a candidate for a Darwin award.

I wonder how he is going to like having his picture in a compromising position posted all over the internet

The Googlephone - there's more where that came from

irish donkey
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Its not a iBrick

Can't really think of any better reason to buy it.

Will it have all the crappy apps which the iBrick has?

I'm looking forward to the free Speed camera alert. No more TomTom for me.

U2 frontman bitchslapped by TalkTalk

irish donkey

These Pirates directly take the bread out of the mouths of my children

Its all really about fairness isn't..

So OK Bono lost £5 million last year due to Pirates. Considering U2 made £260 million last year. Not really a big deal. IMHO

A US student who was fined $675,000 (£421,000) which probably equates to his earnings for the next 25 years.

I know who I feel sorry for.

Something has happened in today's society. Big business is just driving the gravy train until it claps out!

irish donkey
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Sorry let me help

Hands up who wants a 20mb @£35pm connection if you can't download free shit from the hinterwebs.

Not me and I'm sure all you standing at the back shuffling your feet agree.



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