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Bing shies away from gay-as-day search results in Arab countries


Why do they bother

Not sure why MS is bothering. These countries all have firewalls and filter out the stuff they don't want their citizens to see. Microsoft isn't doing any filtering that isn't already in place.

However noding their head to local sensitivities and supporting government censorship, probably doesn't do any harm when they are selling enterprise software to governments in the region.....

Newspapers slam BBC iPhone app plans


why shouldn't they.

like any corporation the bbc should act in the best interest of its funders i.e the licence payer. as a licence payer, I want a BBC iphone app. happy for my money to go towards it.

sour grapes from commercial new agencies isn't a good reason not to do it.

Apple: iPhone App and iTunes stores don't make money


anti trust

Even if they could make profit on the app / itunes store, it isn't in apple's interest to do so. with their high market share in players and smart phones, having lockin on how users get content (particularly on the iphone and Jesus tablet) starts to smack of anti-trust issues. Its a great defense "we may totally control the eco-system your m'lud, but since we don't make any cash from it we are just doing it for the just for good of our users. How can that be anti-competitive?"

Mandy declares 'three strikes' war on illegal file sharers



Whats the bet that when Mandy gets kicked out of office, within a few months we suddenly find him popping up as the Chairman or Sony, Geffen, EMI or somebody similar.....

Of course such a thing would be pure coincidence....


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