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OS free data splurge lacks public sector licensing deal

Groucho von Bismarck

Time was, you could be executed for less

Does the Queen know that el Reg has downgraded her from HM to a mere HRH?

Tiger Woods' alleged mistress publishes X-rated texts

Groucho von Bismarck

@Steven Cuthbertson

Perhaps Tiger looked elsewhere because Elin Nordegren failed to be enthralled by such come-ons as those mentioned. Strangely, some women actually have too much dignity to accept degradation even at the hands of a very rich man.

El Reg receives message from planet 'Female Pigeon'

Groucho von Bismarck

What about the people who live there already?

Don't they have prior naming rights? If we start imposing our own names, we will just have to change them later. Much like earth, actually: Congo to Zaire, Danzig to Gdansk, Wales to Cymru, etc.


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