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AVG fake traffic spares Google AdWords

Paul Urwin

surely it is obvious

Surely it is obvious that this is a really inefficient way of doing this. AVG should just have a central indexing server that does this, that all the clients running AVG then connect to in order to check if the search result URLs are flagged as problematic on the central server? That way a site only gets hit once in a while.

Maybe there is some flaw with this I haven't thought of, but if it isn't practical AVG should just scrap the whole thing as it really is irresponsible.

Tiscali: breaking DNS for fun and profit

Paul Urwin

DNS system

Your article ends with "OpenDNS is voluntary, and has a much bigger web address cache than ISPs. So is more likely to find what you were looking for than serve you a ringtone ad."

But my understanding is that if your ISP's cache doesn't contain the DNS entry for the domain you have entered, it will ask one of the 13 root servers for it (it may try a few others along the way before that). So if the domain exists, you will always get to it, it's just that if your ISP has it cached it improves performance. So this scam doesn't impact your ability to get a domain name resolved, but it is obviously a terrible idea as stated in the article as it messes things up.

El Reg 'buys' acre of Brazilian rainforest

Paul Urwin

re: oceans as carbon sinks

...Yes the oceans act as carbon sinks, but no-one is cutting down the ocean at an alarming rate :o) So lets keep as many of nature's carbon sinks in place as we can! This isn't about adding carbon sinks, this is about preventing the destruction of existing ones. Plus as the earth warms there are fears that the oceans may in fact stop acting as sinks at all (the whole positive feedback problem)

Armed cops in Lara Croft bust action

Paul Urwin

Fair point but...

Yes of course they acted reasonably in calling for armed response, your point about them having families at home etc is fair enough. The unreasonable thing was them arresting the guy. That's when it turns from funny story, to criticism of the police.