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LHC Xmas shutdown today - massive boffin roister planned

Ben Dover

The Race is On

The boffins now get over 2 months to work on experimental nano-tech machines, letting some escape through a faulty filter that no-one takes responsibility for.

So, in the search for past alien civilisations, should we be looking for "gray goo" or "black holes" ?

Intel heaps 'connected-TV' hype on partners

Ben Dover

Extended Bush

I've used a Bush Internet STB - rgb into a 28in tv since June 2001.

Using it now, have hardly used anything else. Advice; anyone developing this sort of integration should allow as full internet access as possible, not just restricted sites & applications.

The r/c should include a qwerty k/b & mouse, much like the smaller k/b unit supplied with Bush m/cs. Also use the same k/b manufacturer, mine is fine even after years of hammering.

This sort of internet access is especially suitable for the older user & their visitors, but do keep online security as simple as possible. Hundred metre Bluetooth is also a must, for the printer in the next room, for cell phone pics, even for prime internet connection.

So, full internet, Bluetooth & K/B please.

Reg readers take mobile makers to task

Ben Dover

Bridging the Gap between SmartPhone & NetBook

I would like to see a cheap, dumb, jacket pocket sized addon unit, standardised for all top phones.

Outside, the lid could incorporate a trackpad (for use by left hand) plus a solar cell perhaps. Open lid to reveal e-paper screen (8x grayscale), plus k/b as big as will fit.

Now attach phone to rhs of lid for close data/power path & provide speaker & camera, its OLED screen would show part of a page around the mouse position.

Unit could contain an ultra-cap for when phone needs to be a short distance away, & might need a slider control for when the text gets lost in the background.

There, design done for you, now someone make it please.


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