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LG New Chocolate BL40 movie phone

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Wow what an amazing screen, you wonder if 4" will be the limit know, i hope so in a way because phones are meant to be pocket sized.

But again i think LG have this style i really like and although it has a massive screen there are plenty of good features and i suppose it all comes in at a reasonable price.

My only concern would be how thin it looks, i prefer a thick more sturdy looking phone.

Anyway good job LG, all you need know is connection to the cloud to stream films or something.

Oh and cheapest, proper online retailers seem to be Play.com and Shop.co.uk

Shop.co.uk - http://www.shop.co.uk/51907/lg-bl40-chocolate-sim-free (nicer Url compared to..)

Play - http://www.play.com/Mobiles/Mobile/-/530/687/-/11626028/LG-BL40-Chocolate-Sim-Free-Unlocked-5-Megapixel-Mobile-Phone/Product.html?searchtype=genre

PS3-controlling phone launched in Blighty


Found it Cheaper

Looks like a nice phone and if you can't afford the Satio then the Aino looks like a good back-up.

I dont own a PS3 but my mate is a total fan boy and will know doubt by this to see exactly what he can do with it.

Anyway whilst looking for him i found it cheaper at Shop.co.uk - £369, Expansys seem very high at £420?

Link - http://www.shop.co.uk/50027

Can you post proper links on here?