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Ever yearn for the Windows 95 shutdown sound? TADA! There's an Electron app for that


That Laptop

I still have the same laptop, and it still WORKS perfectly.

I even retrieved it from living in a shed for 10+ years in 2012 expecting the battery to have exploded and it be a total mess. Booted fine, and - whoa - there's all my old GCSE coursework and a copy of Commander Keen on it. Happy Days.

Things that cost the same as coffee with Tim Cook - and are way more fun


Nah, it's probably a US congressman trying to get an audience with someone who wields new power... lobbying has changed!

Register readers mostly too ashamed to cop to hideous hoard horrors


Is it still a problem if I trade?

As long as the missues sees me take it down to the post office (and is out when postie comes round), I'd swap Gaius' lovely Cub monitor for approx 200m of 10Base2 cable (you never know when you, ahem, might need it)!

German chemical giant depending on biscuit-based security



"Batteries out and your disassembled phone on the table in front of you, please".

Either of which wil fail unless there is a TSA guard on the door checking for your 2nd device left in your pocket/pants/arse...

Fiver says whoever approved the buying of biccys "for security" is a tad, uh, overweight...

PARIS team to tackle the ultimate post-pint snack


Regional cuisine?

As a Southener (with a 'boro missus) my best tip? Avoid! Although it's hard when you pass pubs with "Thursday nite is Parmo nite!" plastered outside.

They do also have a "London Pizza" (that's kebab meat and chips on a pizza) - but that's a whole other story leading to a North/South fight...

Entrants called for 80s-era games coding contest


Better be real hardware...

...and not a VM because trying to code Basic on a Speccy without the keyboard modifers printed on the keyboard will be impossible! All I can remember was J = "load" and that's not much use...

I'll bring my own C60 tape, ta.

Spooks' secret TEMPEST-busting tech reinvented by US student

Black Helicopters

Do not watch

Given Sony's attempt to go after anyone who watched the PS3-key/Geohot videos, I daren't watch this one in case the spooks knock on my...

Oh! Well orange isn't really my colour, but a jumpsuit is a jumpsuit...

California's green-leccy price system will stifle plug-in cars


Will this make them realise...

...that they pay much, much less for petrol than a lot of the world?

I'm curious as to how those figures look when using UK/EU pump prices? (or is it all about the $/barrel price?)

BT quietly recalls shocky adapters



Hmm... I've had two sets of those adapters turn duff on me after a couple of months (thanks BT for sending out a second Vision package for no reason, out of the blue!) and I know of someone else whose adapters "just died". Related? Mind you, it didn't hurt when I pulled them out of the socket...

Provincial outrage over BT's broadband upgrade race


I'd say...

...that diring out the email wasn't the only cockup... it's an suspicious list of names - beginning of alphabet, in alphabetical order! I'd say they ordered the list by area_name, and not (total_requests / total_connected)!

Not that I've ever forgotton to tweak the "order by" in a query. Ahem.

Android gets talk-tastic Froyo upgrade


Points mean Prizes (and pints)

Google voice search + pub quiz announcer = automatic, discreet cheating! And more time nipping back to the bar...

HTC posts Android 2.1 update for Hero phone


anyone know...

If I'll be prompted for this upgrade on an unlocked Orange Hero? Now on Vodafone, but with the last Orange rom image still onboard...

Hope so...

Royal Mail promises 2nd class service on postcode data


Why the uproar?

(Disclaimer: just written our PAF db/queries/tools to replace more expensive 3rd party app, but didn't get the PostZon data)

AFAIK, postcodes "exist" only to help RM route mail, and for the delivery guy to group them together for ease-of-delivery. The fact that people then use them for address-entry simplification, or geo-reporting is a secondary, unintended bonus of them.

Given that they are going to open up the Lat/Long <-> Postcode data (PostZon) should be welcomed with open arms, as that's what most non-commerical uses are for it. If you want commerical access to their work (however hard that is) of assigning postcodes to delivery routes, then surely you should have to pay /something/ for it? Just imagine if every new house was assigned a unique numerical ID, in order of build date - that'd be crap for us, but I bet RM could map that to their internal-only delivery routes for their use.

Having said that, the licence terms are a bit drastic (can't just buy one to cover internal use + webserver use).

That was probably pretty incoherent... but I just don't get what the fuss is about! Hell you can always fire off a query to a webservice like google/yahoo to get PC-to-Address info if you want.

Reg readers take mobile makers to task


I want...

...a DAB radio built in. I don't care if it's power-hungry, or sounds like "bubbling mud" - I can't get TMS on FM, and streaming doesn't do it for me as soon as the train passes the M25!

Mobile + portable DAB for the future it seems, sigh.


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