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Phantom Menace to be released in 3D next Feb

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Definatly is relative

I watched the first (IV) more times than I can count as a kid, and being a father now that hasn't changed. I bought all six for my kids and watched them all with them several times and "the Luke Skywalker one" (IV) and the "Snow one" (V) are favoured by all.

Check out Chefelf's reasons to hate starwars Episodes 1 - 3 and Episodes 4 - 6 Special Editions)




BBC nicely summarises Gordon Brown's legacy

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So your saying

So your saying you don't do politics or perhaps if it was another politician it would be okay to have a crack.

Cameron promises yet more Avatar

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Nope not just you.

Aliens it wasn't but who cares, I got my moneys worth and enjoyed it. I don't go to the cinema to watch intellectual movies with a good plot and cleaver twists, I can watch movies like Memento or the Machinist at home for less money where I don't need the impact of a big screen.

I go to the cinema to watch moves that are breath taking on the big screen and only require a good enough plot to stop me getting bored (Transformers 2 FAIL). It will remain to be seen if the sequel is just a rehash of something else but as long as it keeps me entertained for a few hours then I couldn't care less.

To those of you who have nothing better to do than slag it off go do something more interesting with your time. If you don't like it that's your business but there is already enough negativity in the world without your input.

Blighty surrenders to Street View


After a little searching


Black Helicopters

Google Crash

It caught this nasty picture of a crash outside our place.


I think the driver was distracted by the spy mobile.

Dallas cops fine drivers for 'not speaking English'


Sounds like something my Grandfather would do

Bloody foreigners