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BT boss brands Britain illiterate


On duty Grammar Nazi respondes


Since you requested it, I am pleased to inform you that there are grammatical errors in your post.

For example, you end your forth sentence with a comma separated clause containing the words "for example". You then fail to give an example. I therefore deduce you are using the unsupported assertion already given in the offending sentence as the example. In this case the sentence could be improved rewriting it as follows.

" For example; people don't seem to care if you mix up your/you're/yore or there/their/they're any more. "

Autopsy on wacky Jacqui's ID astroturfing


I'm thinking

80K for a web site, time to leave boring old Sys Admin work then.......

Boffin calculates pi to 2.7 trillion digits


I disagree

A number that requires over a Terabyte just to store is completely useless, I mean what would you use it for ? How much paper would be required to print it out ? Can kids use it in their homework? assuming the national curriculum has room for something esoteric like geometry, now that we spend so much time testing and indoctrinating....

How can we check he got it right ? I mean right to the last digit, He might have just done the first few thousand and then stuck any old random stuff on the end ....

Ohhh, and raid 0, just some disks then...Doesn't red-hat 'n' fedupra use LVM anyway ?

BT names 63 more exchanges for fibre upgrades


I notice that

The North West is missing, We'll get better broadband by ,ugghh, 2100 I guess..

Tories swallow Web 2.0, spit out £1m crowdsource prize


I for one applaude this

As a wily I.T. savvy type could pocket a million from an expanded version of e-petitions bleeting and a forum with voting... freed from the lacky-controled hands of those pathetic yougov sycophants.

IT consultant freed after almost three years in Baghdad


The damn shame is...

He will find he cannot claim the time as he was absent from his place of work without prior agreement, err technically, he failed to fulfil the terms of his contract so no dosh.....

The lengths some people will go to to get good british I.T. support, brings a tear to your eye!

EC needs new agency for three-headed security database



They should just drop the 'freedom' bit, since it's a bit misleading.

And change the Justice to Injustice

or rebrand to: A new Agency for losing even more data on USB porn sticks.

Tory peers to protect kids from anuses


Darn them

I've just done a freeware naked toffs with bladder and bowel problems go foxhunting with pit bull terriers game for kids, I was hoping the 'sporting' theme would let it slip past the net....

Foiled again!

Balancing user and business expectations


Users!, call in the BOFH

The problem we see is that there is a belief in education that we should raise peoples aspirations and expectations, this leads to issues.

I am firmly of the opinion that it is a bad idea to raise childrens expectations and aspirations higher than it is likely they will achieve. It leads to a sense of betrayal and failure when they filter into the workforce at, as with most new entrants, the bottom end of the corporate food chain.

This is most specifically the case with those fresh faced young graduates who seem to mistake 'trainee' with 'CEO'

With non-graduate, non-specialist, users the situation is worse, I suspect the world is brimming with poorly thought out spreadsheets, and very badly designed Access databases. Stored on P.C. local drives with no backup, no auditing, no support if user X leaves.

We need to restrict users from making these mistakes, not encorage and enhance their ability to royally foul the nest.

Pig plague alert: Avoid missionary position

Paris Hilton

More advice needed

What are the, H1N1, infection chances from pos. 69 ? If it's in the breath does that mean watersports are safe ? ... Research needed here I feel.

Tech-savvy UK kids = (over)confident writers


I think therfore I stink

99% of smart people think that 87% of surveys are only 43% accurate !

What, in the name of pandas, is the point of asking someone if they are a good writer ? not exactly an objective measure of anything but ego. Lets test these budding Hemingways to see how good or bad they really are.

Google expands plan to run own internet

Big Brother

We could just

Rename it the googlenet

Crooks 'too lazy' for crypto


Thank god

They haven't caught up with us yet.....

Keeping one step ahead of the plod

Manchester journo gets first ID card - late


On the other hand

I am not a law abiding citizen, and I have got some stuff to hide. Better work at it a little harder now. And sod having a I.D. card.

Catholics slam PETA nude adopt-a-mutt poster



Two wins here

1. Annoyed the Catholics

2. Got a good looking bird to get her kit off

Setting application data free


You said what ?

We won’t dwell on the problems here in terms of user productivity....Paragraph that didn't go far enough

The bottom line is that we have far to many people looking at stats, who have a poor grasp of the subject and spend their entire time trying to improve the stats, not the underlying business issues. That leads to the coalface workers working to improve stats not improving performance or solving problems.

This leads to massive fail, good tools to enable this are not such a smart idea

Advertisers say new cookie law met by browser settings


Did I read that right ?

You know this bit...

ranging from the legitimate (such as certain types of cookies) to those involving unwarranted intrusion into the private sphere (such as spyware or viruses)

So someone thinks that malware authors are going to tell me about a cookie because the law says the must ? ehh?

RIPA III: A legislative turkey comes home to roost


So it begins....

.... The Crypto / Stegno arms race, I have a few ideas....

1. A browser extension to be called securepage that uses various techniques, some very simple, like uuencode,ROT16, compression, SSL, to obfuscate traffic and make DPI that bit more challanging. Apply it to URI's & cookies too. No need to change the server software either!

2. encode/decode real info with some tripe, give one password you get the tripe, another you get the real payload. You hand over the tripe password and yes the file is transformed into something as per the law.

3. Elect a government that will change this and a few other laws... might take a bit more effort.

Apple tops Google as UK 'Thought Leader'


Thought Losers

I make up my own mind

I form my own opinions

I have my own brain

I use it.

Thought Leaders implies thought sheep, thought so.

UK jails schizophrenic for refusal to decrypt files


What a tale of woe

Some paranoid schizo buys a model rocket and some test tubes, Not really a threat to National Security or evidence of terrorism is it ? Evidence of dumbness ? It isn't illegal to be dumb or ill, yet, never mind.

Then he decides to keep his gob shut and not hand over some passwords, yes he probably did have something 'incriminating' on his p.c. No evidence yet of a issue, there are thousands of numptys, dipshits and assholes with hard drives bursting with stuff like this and guess what, not one of them will ever actually do a damn thing! Knowing how is no evidence of intent or ability or sufficient courage to DO.

So wipe the files, or destroy his p.c.'s, give him a warning and send him on his way, jobs a good 'un.

If he is ill suggest treatment, if he is a danger to himself or someone else the section him, happens every day to people like this, not really news, just a social problem.

Since the Judge reckons he's not a terrorist or threat to national security, then the ripa provisions do not apply and anything found could be argued to be inadmissible, He should get a good solicitor and media agent, set up a 'blog' and start an E-Petition like all the other fruitcakes.

Ofcom talks to spook firm on filesharing snoop plan


How it will be FAIL (@David L)

They will assume any P2P traffic is naughty, since it might be and since we know that possibility means probability and probability is really certainty in the eyes of those wanting to do us harm.

Note here we are automatically guilty, with no defence, no trial, no evidence, no oversight, no redress, so therefore no 'false positives'

North England to replace satanic mills with iPhone app factories



What else would replace the tens of thousands of jobs lost in mining, steel works, shipbuilding and heavy industries but writing apps for £3 a pop, should keep yer average northerner and his family in clogs for years....

'caus obviously ex miners, steelworks, farms, labourers, welders et al are all going to make top notch coders

New Zealand rated least corrupt country


Surprisingly good result

For France

Microsoft feeds Excel to supercomputer

Gates Horns

Ohhh Nooooo

Once, long ago, people knew that 'computers' were hard to do, complex things, and thus hired people with a proven track record, and academic qualifications, all was well.

Now any arse with a two day course and word-generated certificate is a "expert"

Place head between legs and kiss

How the Dunning-Kruger effect will stop techies buying houses


It explains a lot

Management, Politics and possibly the Daily Mail....

Lets elect a couple of single mums, some hoodies and a few immigrants, they might make a better job of running things than a bunch of sweaty palmed, sticky fingered, lawyers and accountants.

MS store staff in spontaneous electric boogie



This is one of those so called 'viral' ads. Excuse me while I puke up.

Thats better.

Anyone getting that 'excited' about computer software needs executed. At least Apple do make some hardware stuff so having real shops might make some sort of sense, MS would be better of doing mail order and selling through established chains.

Hang on a sec....

Appeal Court: Mod chips infringe game copyright after all


@ the Anonymous Coward

So sorry but you are completely wrong on every point,

The location of a button that implements a 'pause' function is completely matter less, it is the effect that matters.

Secondly the ruling uses the logic of displaying an image /sound as a breach of copyright, not the ability to pause a game. The concept of pausing a game could be implemented on a wii through an on screen menu for example. So the ruling applies to any mod chip for any device (not just consoles)

Trojans likely to follow Win 7 activation hack


for more details see

http://www.schneier.com/blog/ the current second entry on malware detection

Can the UK have its identity strategy back, Mr President?


On second thoughts

Can the UK have its identity strategy back, Mr President?

Well if you like we have a whole new one your welcome to too, we don't need it.

UK.gov hoovers up data on five-year-olds


@ Everyone

Can't you understand that the nice Government only wants to help all those poor children ?

By collecting more information the services can target those with the greatest need, those poor innocents who might otherwise grow up to be cynical, bigoted, non-pc, nonconformist trouble making types!

I am shocked at the thought of not giving full and comprehensive answers to all the questions, it should be a crime not to return the questionnaire! We should condemn those who seek to inhibit the ability of the educators and health service professionals in providing the utmost care to our most vulnerable.

We cannot risk our future, and our children's future, on petty concerns over mere privacy !

The biggest flash drive in the world


So what

A number of techie types round here have been competing to build the biggest home NAS and there are at least two jokers with 20TB in their back bedrooms.

Judge Dredd 'Black Box' recorder/spy kit for guns unveiled



The soldier could carry the gun to the battle, but the gun could be controlled and fired remotly by the electronics, hence even being useful after the soldier has got shot.

If we thought about it we could send all the gps positions back to a computer, plot where all 'our' guns are and not have any more 'friendly fire' incidents.

Religious discrimination law may open door for decent deviants

Thumb Up

Not so confusing

The real, and probably best, way to distinguish if some idea is a "religion" is to ask two simple questions

a) Can the person with idea demonstrate that there is evidence for this idea, or do they accept it as true without having direct or indirect proof ?

b) Are there others that share this idea ?

There are four possible outcomes

1. They have no proof but 'believe' and no one else does : Conclusion Nutcase

2. They have no proof but 'believe' and so do many others: Conclusion Sheep (Religion)

3. They have proof, but no body agrees with them : Conclusion Nutcase

4. They have proof and many people also accept the idea with proof : Conclusion : Ok.

Border guards get first dozen ID card readers


The thing is

Quote "..... no police stations, border entry points or job centres were equipped to read identity cards."

Well no bugger actually has a I.D. card for them to read, so not a problem really.

Thing is IF they ever do manage to issue everyone with a F**king card then I for one will make sure I have a few, with different 'Identies' just in case..... While I'm at it I'll do my best to lose it or damage the chip, "Yes officer I did have one but it doesn't work.... to expensive to replace, never use it so havn't gotten around to it"

Apple pen-tablet plan revives Newtonian handwriting


I dream of thieviery

Those wonderful tablets, small, ubiquitous, expensive, with loads of downloaded, paid for content, how marvellously thievable, books on the other hand, who'd bother stealing a £4.99 paperback these days ?

Bet the 'security' is very poor on them.

Google 'experiment' crossbreeds Python with C++


Bah Humbug

Google are just jumping on the bandwagon, Best part of a decade ago there was UPC which allowed you to write SPMD (Single Program Multiple Data [sets]) code, IBM have X10 - a Java like language aimed at massively parallel machines (like those super-duper computer / playstation boxes). Poor old Microsloppy coders still have to go and write thread stuff like it was the 90's.

Those cheeky Open source types have kludged together a not-yet-quite-done distributed message passing monstrosity called D-Bus that does some neat tricks like starting apps to deal with messages usable for distributed programming, it's old hat now.

Google obviously felt left out and looked for a way to do something 'new' so they Kludged something together and hope that with a bit of google branding it won't look like a turd.


Do I take it you don't love the googlemiesters ? You could opt-out see http//www.theonion.com/content/video/google_opt_out_feature_lets_users for more details.

Brown's Building Britain website fail


Dear Mr Brown,

Re your statement : "the Government’s plan to work with the British people" . This is just to inform you that we, the British people, have a plan, your not in it.

Loud sex a human right, says loud sex woman


Iconic overloadus

On occasion there seems to be few appropriate icons to comment on a story, in this instance we have to choose between 'STOP , WTF , Shouty,Shouty,Shouty 'Prepare for boarding me young bukaroos' ,' Big brother is watching you', but I eventualy plumped for 'Suck on this' which is advice that husband Steven might find useful to impart to his orally unconstrained significant other.

From a technological POV perhaps there is a niche market for electronic noise cancelling equipment here?

UK gets final warning over Phorm trials


@Man Mountain

Fail, As doubtless many others will explain, you go to some website and it picks up your phorm tracking number, along with everybody elses, you enter your name address etc. and this third party company can link you to your phorm i.d. then all they need do is buy 'anonymous' data from phorm and bingo your personal surfing habits laid bare and linked to your name, address et al.

Phorm (or now the next gang of miscreants) track you 'anonymously' , then the government gather their data plus some extra from the ISP and can link you to your browsing history.

Rigid sky-train to fly through magnetic rings on sticks


Rejected, dejected

My dig a underground tunnel and have rocket propelled missile-trains plan didn't even get a look in.

Fast, effective, and in event of an accident, it's over quickly.