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Notes/Domino is alive! Second beta of version 10 is imminent


Re: It's actually used a lot

Outlook Files>property boom look it's the header. Seems easy enough

Notes does it the same way, regardless of client platform (Mac, Windows, Browser)

Outlook? Not so much.

Windows - as you mention, but you have to open/pop-out the message before doing the file..Properties bit (can't do it from inbox directly) and the window is restricted in size. You have to copy and paste into something else to read it in full screen and even at that all you get are the headers, not the whole message source (headers & body/content)

Mac - as in Notes - right click, view source. From inbox without having to open first

Browser - similar to Notes/Mac - right click, View Message Details

Hillary's sysadmin left VNC, RDP exposed to the internet - report


Re: @ tom dial

Yet her predecessor at State under GWB and his VP, both used personal email servers and not. one. Congressional. Inquiry.


My top three IT SNAFUs - and how I fixed them


Re: I had this whinging developer once..

You did the read the bit about 'it's not my fault, it's overseas devs/networks etc'. EVERY Dev is responsible for their own QA so if he doesn't even look at his own code to verify it's good, he's toast in my world too.

Round Two in Sky vs Skype trademark scrap goes to Murdoch's men


Re: Hang on...

Uh, no. Sky channels are sold/broadcast/rebroadcast across Europe in many markets. It's not an exclusively British entity


Re: So what now?

Sky existed before Skype. It doesn't matter how "famous" a brand is. Unless you'er fighting Apple and they decide to pay you for the name (Facetime was a chat gateway proxy for Lotus Sametime some years ago before Apple decided to call their video chat app the same)

Privacy alert: Outlook for iOS does security STUPIDLY, says dev


Re: Irrelevant when you use Office365

Yeah, no. If you use O365 you can bypass any MDM implementation with this app because it permits you to save to Dropbox instead of keeping corporate data in their dedicated cloud.

Uber BLOCKS COPS to stop stings


Re: Fuck Uber.

Uber exists BECAUSE THE LAWS ARE NOT BEING CHANGED. Taxi companies have so many local authorities in their pockets (thanks to "political donations" or as I call them, bribes) that the current laws are staying on the books and licenses are restricted.

Uber does more than most when it comes to verifying the state of vehicles, and the driver background checks are comprehensive. I'll take an Uber over a cab driven by a (barely legal) immigrant with nary a word of English spoken in a 200,000 mile ex-cop car any day of the week.

Until the laws are written for the benefit of the consumer, not the Taxi industry, I'll continue to use Uber.

That dreaded syncing feeling: Will Microsoft EVER fix OneDrive?


Do you NEED 1TB?

Heyyy! NICE e-bracelet you've got there ... SHAME if someone were to SUBPOENA it


Re: It may be illegal but...

Just like those pesky snapshot devices the auto insurers are pitching these days.

Apple Schill-er: 'I was shocked - SHOCKED! They went and copied the iPhone'


Re: Pathetic lawsuit

Go look at Nokia phones in the 90s/early 00s. You'll find where Apple got their "inspiration" from . They are not, and never will be, innovators. They are just like Sony, Samsung and the rest - they refine someone else's ideas and sell them as their own. The difference is they have the USPTO on their side (and in their pockets - they get patents for "ideas" that obviously is copied from prior art)


Re: Pathetic lawsuit

Yeah, and Apple didn't copy Nokia (or Lotus Notes) chiclets when they "developed" the iPhone look and feel

Google Drive stalls on LAUNCH DAY



Since when did Google grant everyone access to a product/service on "launch day"? I went to the site, read the conditions and waited. I didn't go for the online wahmbulance call like some on here. My patience was rewarded with access via Mac, PC and Android devices this morning.

Get over yourself.

Data retention, FOI and the storage budget


Sales Pitch, really?

If I'd wanted a sales pitch I'd have gone to M$.com.

There's a lot more to data retention than cloud storage options. And the issues change with the geography - EU and US data privacy laws are markedly different and can result in alternate strategies having to be used in global organizations. As was mentioned, industry specific guidelines/laws exist but there are roles in most companies that have rules to be followed - financial, HR, and corporate records have different retention needs and these have to be maintained across data storage mediums (Peoplesoft/ JD Edwards vs email & Word/Excel docs) and these are the areas where most companies can get caught out.

Then there's the issue of litigation and eDiscovery - and there areas are dependent on well written/executed data retention plans.

iOS update woes prompt gnashing of teeth for Apple fans


Tethered updates? That's so Apple

Last three or four updates for my phones? OTA, notification when download complete - single restart to implement. Total outage to me? Less than 10 minutes in each case. Android FTW!

Windows Phone chief and Xbox brain exit Microsoft



Pass-time? an Troll?

Pot, Kettle. Kettle, Pot.

WTF is this country called America?

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@Martin 47

Heh Heh. No one picked up on the pubic wig reference . . . .



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