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US authorities shutdown websites accused of movie piracy

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Which 2...

...pray tell?

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...TVshack is down.

they had the best database of links to old episodes of UK and US shows (namely Fawlty Towers, Red Dwarf etc)

I agree with many of the commenters here, how come they close the LINKING sites down when Google gets no problem for linking to the same places...? double standards anyone?!

Ultimately, the videos linked on TVshack were hosted by Tudou (Far Eastern website, maybe Chinese?), megavideo et al.

Although Megavideo is a file locker and frequently removes infringing videos (al a Youtube), Tudou is a dodgy website with poor quality vids but obviously cant be taken down by US authorities as they aren't US-based!

nevermind, there are plenty more of these sites!

'Martin Mills you are a LEGEND!'

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didnt stop at music

i in fact did refer to creative industries and creators on the whole...

your point is moot anyway, i dont work solely to earn money and become rich. i work because i need money to live in this world (like everyone else).

i know full well that you can in fact live perfectly happily without money. BUT (and its a big BUT) the system (as a whole) is set up in such a way that you cant get fresh drinking water without paying someone for it, you cant eat without buying the required tools, land and seeds to produce it (for yourself WITH NO PROFIT). you cant use a tiolet because the water has to be paid for... etc etc etc.

its an endless cycle. we live in a world where its not possible to live for "free" because someone always wants money for something you need.

in the world of creative industry, we dont NEED the products they supply, we want them. we are all capable of producing music or art but we prefer to obtain them from others who are quite often better at producing these things.

of course, it would be easy to say "ah-ha well now you've confessed you want these things, pay for them" but i refer to my previous statement, i would love to obtain art (in ANY form) from someone who LOVES to do it and would APPRECIATE a return for their efforts rather than someone who dictates to me that they must be rewarded FINANCIALLY when they did it (apparently) because they love it.

there was no suggestion of as you put it "claim that nobody should ever earn a salary, because they should just do what they like and give it away for free?" my point was that people who create content and complain that they arent getting rewarded are doing it for the wrong reasons.

i maintain that if you LOVE creating something, dont necessarily EXPECT reward but rather seek it out from people who see value in your work and are willing to pay you WHAT THEY BELIEVE IT IS WORTH TO THEM. if the price aint right for you dont sell it or bite the bullet and be grateful taht someone has seen value in what you have produced/created.

final response to this... i would happily give up my salary if i KNEW that i could live without it. but i cant because it would cost me just to set up my own self-sustaining environment in the first place. just remeber that we live in a world where money rules and capitalism is the way. i dont like it but im one person who cant do much about it on my own.

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out of touch...?

ok im so sorry mr "anonymous coward" i forgot that if SOME cds sell for less than £20 im wrong... idiot.

if you want something thats truly good, you will be charged a stupid amount of money.

if you're happy listening to Simon Cowells latest manufactured morons then you may pay a little less. but then... you get what you pay for.

hope you're enjoying Jedward nowadays.

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My 2cents

marketable rights..."rights"... ok here's my problem,

we live in a world that is full of this entitlement attitude where everyone believes everyone else owes them something.

RIGHTS do not exist, RIGHTS were created by individuals/corps who want/wanted to monopolise on a "product" (whether tangible or otherwise) to their own ends. now, because of decades of these fabricated rights, entitlement attitudes and the like have become instilled in every facet of the western world.

i dont believe i (or anyone else) "deserve" to be paid for producing music or anything else for that matter. i live in an environment where society and a handful of my fellow humans TELL me i "deserve" compensation for spending time and/or money on producing something.

F*CK THAT, i would rather give away my product (possibly offer the opportunity for donations) for people to enjoy knowing that any other person out there could produce the exact same thing for themselves. i CHOSE to spend my time producing the product, not because i wanted money but because i LIKE DOING IT.

As far as im concerned we should be sharing media and information freely, it is part of the progression of our species to expand our collective knowledge and share it so we make the WORLD richer (specifically richer in knowledge). i dont believe we should be paying obscene prices for anything where some stupid %age (i.e. 40, 50, 60%) goes straight into increasing the underlying bank balance of some unnecessary multi-billion dollar corporate.

If you produce music and consider yourself a "musician" you will be producing music because YOU LIKE IT! it seems that all the people who knock the so-called "freetards" are bitter contemptuous individuals who have decided that because they like making music and are "good" at producing music they are ENTITLED to make money out of it.

maybe just maybe NO-ONE wants to pay for your product because its crap or they just dont see the same or any value in what you're offering.

Im one of these so-called "freetards"... HOWEVER, i also buy a hell of a lot of my media (mostly games...thank you steam)

I feel that by paying the over-inflated prices for the products i do pay for, i am effectively paying for everything i dl for free because i "know" that it doesnt cost £20 to create a cd which is sold at that price, therefore i am balancing the scales and paying closer to the true worth of the total media i consume.

If a few WEALTHY individuals want to disagree, fine. But dont expect me to suddenly stop my activities by lobbying the western gov'ts into supporting your rapidly-aging business models.

a final note, regardless of what industry insiders or anyone else says. WE DO NOT NEED RECORD LABLES or in fact the recording industry. the internet gives every artist in every element of the arts or otherwise every opportunity to make money and self-promote. if your product is crap or you cant promote yourself, get another job. otherwise, quit your whining and ENJOY what you do because you're doing what you love.

Mechanic drove three miles with angry bloke on bonnet

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Paris Hilton

Paris because...

Paris, because she already has an axe wound...


Docs press for probe into 'designer vaginas'

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The Media and Celebrities

are to blame for polluting the minds of the masses with untrue images of what THEY deem to be the "perfect" person.

no-one is perfect, we all have imperfections somewhere whether they be internal or external. vanity is a mind-set imposed on the weak-minded and insecure people of the world to sell "health" & "beauty" products and make the rich richer.

we should all just be happy with who we are and how we and everyone else looks. if you dont like someone elses appearances, theres a high chance they dont like yours either.

consider this next time you're walking down the street or next time you think of buying that "new improved magic-based lotion that can make you look 10years younger".

EU block to Mandelson's filesharing laws removed

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@ anonymous outspoken coward

"For all those hero's that don't vote CONGRATULATIONS"

Why, thank you!

"If all the disillusioned people in this country voted we might be able to hold our elected representatives to account but as long as people are too lazy to get off their backsides and Vote. Why bother?"

- what has this got to do with it? i dont vote... not because im lazy... because as far as im concerned there are millions of people who DO vote and they are ignored/overruled anyway. i think you miss the point. Steve Evans above put it right... politicians are meant to be public servants... but they're not. They're self-serving, self-righteous, power-hungry, fraudsters who spend their entire time in power trying to make the public feel bad whilst lining their pockets with our taxes. i hold them to account for EVERY mistake that taints our country because they are in power... and again, millions of people DO vote and look at the government we get as a result!

"why would they care what we think/say because we will never vote for them and are never likely to vote for anybody."

WRONG - millions of people vote or have you not watched the press coverage showing polling stations with massive queues outside?! and they dont care what we say because they're the ones calling the shots! a minority of non-voters doesnt justify the government not listenign to the public, either way they are meant to be our representatives whether we vote for them or not.

"So wear your poppies with PRIDE. Because you dishonour all the lads and lasses in Afghanistan with you I don't give a *uck attitude to democracy."

i wont get into this. but to make it clear, i didnt ask anyone to go and invade another country for whatever reason the Americans want to come up with. we got involved and our people suffer. if we just left these countries to their own devices and monitored as opposed to controlled them, everyone may get along a bit better. and just think that maybe the people in afghanistan dont WANT our western democracy and instead want to adhere to their own beliefs. just a thought...

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@jon 66


my apologies... you're absolutely right!

there is a certain irony in that statement. nevermind... now i know, its intentionally ironic :-)

Dom S


it doesnt matter whether you vote or not!! for a start without appearing as a conspiracy-theorist/nutter... its hard not to suspect that voting whether third-world (ie afghanistan) or otherwise is fixed in some way...

besides, in the UK all parties are just as bad as one another.



Lib Dems...Ha hahahahahaha Ha Ha hahahahaha... Liars or at least they would be if people took them seriously

BNP... well, lets not go there

green/pirate/monster-raving luny whatever.... will never get into power and will never have a chance to prove that they are just as bad.

I dont vote because none of the parties offer me policies etc that i want/need/agree with. there are obviously a handful of policies which i like but they're spread across all parties and dont really have a chance of coming into fruition because politicians/the government have their own agenda and rarely follow through with positive change.

as far as im concerned i pay taxes (far too much i might add) so my opinion counts as much as the next tax-payers/benefit-thieves/super-rich individuals. My taxes go towards their income and funding the joke campaigns and policies which seem rife in todays political agenda.

Dom S

Bottom line...

...Madelson is a crook. he doesnt belong in politics and his head is soooo far up his own a** that he still cant tell the difference between the crap that goes in the toilet and what comes out of his mouth.

the funniest thinga bout this is that most of the politicians who are standing with Mandelson are probably just as "guilty" as everyone else. if they have kids, they should check their kids computers. if they dont, well... they should check the (home) computers of every staff member they employ, every family member etc as its probably a fair assumption that file-sharing whether legal or otherwise would be found there.

its plain to see that they are focussing on the wrong issue here. copyright infringement (via online file-sharing) is a big issue nowadays but its been made worse/tainted (repeatedly) by rights-holders and the government abusing the system for their own gains. the REAL problem is the UPLOADERS of the content, not (necessarily) the downloaders. if they targeted the people making the copyright material available (ie the ACTUAL pirates), they would prevent the material from being made available to everyone else therefore resolving the issue and making the rich money-grabbing industry lobbyist happy (of course on the other hand it will also make everyone else rather unhappy)

however, all of this aside. this is a battle that the government and industry lobbyists will not win. they can impose whatever measures they deem fit, but soon enough everyone will use VPN and other identity/tracking hiding measures. if these get overcome, there will be a new way created. whilst people want free media, people will find a way!

im looking forward to the day when the entertainment industries have wasted so much money on their mission to disillusion and ultimately f*ck off their customers that they all go broke and "free" media reigns. until that day... i will join my fellow internet users/voters/taxpayers and either boycott the industry (although i pretty much already do this) and i'll hide what im doing even if its just to keep my connection for its usual purposes...

and 2 Michelle, I think you touched on a very good point here... doesnt it seem funny that in the wake of the expenses scandal (which incidentally should have resulted in far stronger punishments ie beheadings, than having to "pay back" what they stole from the taxpayers) the MPs are focussing on making the public look like criminals... i guess they have to distract and disillusion us into ignoring the fact that they use OUR money and public resources to pay for things which their already over-inflated earnings could cover outright almost on a yearly basis.

Mandy declares 'three strikes' war on illegal file sharers

Dom S

Mandy = Moron

Mandelson needs to stop listening to the devil on his shoulder (ie the entertainment industry lobbyists) and wake up.

filesharing will happen, filesharing will continue to happen.

this moronic, frankly illegal method of kicking people off goes against basic human rights. does the phrase "innocent until proven guilty" not mean anything any more?!

"I think he's misunderstood how government should work. Consumers, or voters as I call them, have an opinion, then it's up to the government to follow that opinion as they are supposed to be our representatives. They are not supposed to tell us what to think."

BANG ON! what happened to the democracy?!?!?!

Student boffins take on iTunes' not-so-smart Genius

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I dont like the shadows

"Apple’s groundbreaking system leads customers in a much more creative and original direction, encouraging them to widen their aural horizons by offering albums from genres entirely unlike the music they’ve bought so far."

MAYBE... but... the Apple system is based upon prodominently commercial/mainstream music with a handful of non-commercial/mainstream music thrown in. the recommendations will not be broad enough because it wont recognise the non-commercial music within a users collection. maybe im wrong, i understand that it "analyses" music but it cant recommend music it doesnt know (ie most GOOD music out there)


i dont and wont EVER use iTunes because firstly, it didnt work on Vista (windows problem no doubt im sure) but mainly because im bored of the apple popularity contest whereby people now only buy their equipment because its "in" or "trendy". their computers are brilliant, the ipod is what it is (ie a media player) and the apple business now seems to built on the idea that you should own their technology because its "new/innovative/quirky". in fact most of what they produce has and is being done by many other companies for lower prices without the inherent limits on software/OS compatability. add in that the only way they can seem to pry a bit of market share from microsoft is by pointing out flaws in windows (as if mac OS is flaw-free...not!) and they lose me as a potential customer.


anyway, i digress. iTunes does not offer me the music i want either through my looking (on friends computers) or via recommendations. it simply doesnt have enough non-commercial variety and thats sad.

Hopefully these guys will produce something similar that will analyse your music collection outside of a music player or within WMP (yes i use it and it serves me well!)

oh and for all of you out there who want something that will recommend music based upon what you're listening to (although you cant download through it) use LAST.FM. it links to media players and gives you info on the artist and similar artist recommendations.

Atheists smite online God poll

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'Spokesman Mark Elsdon-Dew added: "I don't think this is indicative of people's faith in this country." - what an idiot.'

when are the christian population going to realise that they are slowly reducing in numbers?!

this poll although quite obviously messed with by some idiotic atheist's could be more accurate than they believe, especially when you actually speak to people and realise that religion is no longer seen as something to believe in and more something that causes tension, strife, war and political unrest.

The day religion becomes defunct is the day the human race will finally continue to evolve and unite in the peace we all seem so intent on forcing each other into


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