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Guys, you need to sit down and have a chat: Skype rolls out SMS a week after Microsoft


Re: Eh?

In the UK, MMS is one of the services that typically still doesn't fall within allowances - networks typically charging about 50p/MMS. This can get quite annoying if your phone OS's messaging system is set up to fail back to SMS/MMS if it can't send a message using 3G data/WiFi as you don't know until after it's sent, by which time that picture of cat you just sent for a laugh has just cost you.

Rental electric scooters to clutter UK street scenes after Department of Transport gives year-long trial the thumbs-up


Re: Rental vs privately owned

Agree, dual carriageway or not, no way should planes be using the A6.


Re: Rental vs privately owned

I guess this way it's easier to ensure that the scooters remain compliant in terms of max speed, acceleration, likelihood of bursting into flame etc. Allow privately owned scooters and you'll lose that control.

Microsoft takes tweaking tongs to Windows 10's Start Menu once again


Re: Clearly I've missed something but

"It's a bit like when a library moves the Crime and the Thriller sections of books into one called Crime and Thriller- on the same bookcase. (Or the opposite for that matter)."

Or when they put several Crime and Thriller sections in different parts of the library and randomly put the crime and thriller books into any one of those sections. Or maybe have the Hound of the Baskervilles in two different sections, but each one being a different version of the same story.

What does London's number 65 bus have to hide? OS caught on camera setting fire to '22,000 illegal file(s)!!'


Let's not overlook the crime of use of the double exclamation mark.

How do you run a military court over Zoom? With 28 bullet points and a ceremonial laptop flunkey, of course!


I'm guessing you're not a fan of Eccles Cakes then

Western Digital shingled out in lawsuit for sneaking RAID-unfriendly tech into drives for RAID arrays


Re: Storm in a teacup?

I'd guess that WD's decision making process was slightly more technical than some bloke quickly testing it with RAID1 in his lunch break

China to slice internet connection costs for locals as part of plan to rebound from recent unpleasantness


This is going to blow the minds of the 5G/Covid conspiracy theorists

Broken your new Surface Go 2 already? Looks like it's a bit more repairable this time



"While the MicroSDXC reader can be removed easily enough, along with the cameras, the USB and Surface Connect ports remain soldered in place."

So does that mean the cameras can or can't be removed easily enough?

Driveway karaoke singer who wanted to lift lockdown spirits cops council noise complaint


Re: One song is too much

It's like these people who share their music turned all the way up to 11 with everyone else on the beach/in the park/on the bus/wherever because they like it, so everyone else will, right?

NASA signs deals to put a rocket under Artemis flights until 2029


Also reminded me of Bing Gordyn: https://youtu.be/7qeIUaer7ts


Do they realize that Buzz Aldrin will be 94 in 2024? Is he really still going to be up for this?

Or have they just let slip that all but one of the moon landings were fake after all?

Florida man might just stick it to HP for injecting sneaky DRM update into his printers that rejected non-HP ink


Re: I expect I'll get a ton of downvotes BUT

@AC "I don't believe that if printers' price reflected their true cost, the price of ink would be reasonable I believe, if printers were more expensive (re. true cost), the price of ink cartridges would STILL be as high"

For a "true up-front cost" Epson EcoTank consumer printer:

Genuine Epson T6641 70ml black ink - £8.65

For a subsidized cartridge-based Epson consumer printer:

Genuine Epson T0711 7.4ml black ink - £10.49

I'm afraid the evidence somewhat contradicts your beliefs! (and yes, that is 70ml v 7.4ml)


Re: I expect I'll get a ton of downvotes BUT

I agree with you on the cause, but not who's to blame. The printer industry brought this on itself with its model of subsidizing the cost of the printer with the assumed revenue from subsequent cartridge sales - you could argue that the consumer was equally to blame for buying into it, but "back then" there wasn't really an alternative (for consumer-level inkjets). Only in the last few years have any of the main manufacturers taken the brave step of selling refillable ink tank-based printers at a "true" cost. Whilst they still seem to be offering them, that new model doesn't really seem to have taken off, presumably as the average buyer won't understand why he should spend £300 on a printer when he can get an "identical one" for £50. However, take that step and swallow the up-front cost and suddenly you you find yourself liberated. Not only do the 2 x 70ml bottles of each colour ink that came included with my Epson printer amount to the equivalent of about 10-15 full cartridge sets, but the printer conveniently seems less inclined to have to waste copious amounts of it with self-cleaning etc.

Royal Navy nuclear submarine captain rapped for letting crew throw shoreside BBQ party



From what I understand there's a bit more to this than the tabloids are reporting (shock, horror).

Apparently the submarine's commander had proposed the BBQ party to his superiors, but worried that it might be viewed as being inappropriate and could have been picked up by the ever-fickle media ("NAVY PARTIES AND IGNORES SOCIAL DISTANCING WHILE UK DEATHS SOAR" etc), they had said it shouldn't go ahead. However, it seems that the commander went against that and held it anyway, and hence now is getting hauled over the coals.

Still, what good is that version for stirring up apoplectic outrage amongst the red-top readers?

'Non-commercial use only'? Oopsie. You can't get much more commercial than a huge digital billboard over Piccadilly


That would explain why I was the only one there in top hat and tails


Went to watch Thomas Dolby at a packed La Scala in London back in 2006 - the set was very hi-tech with a big screen showing, amongst other things, a mirror of the sequencer screen (Cubase IIRC). The gig was just a few minutes in when a "Your 30 day trial has expired" pop-up appeared over the screen.

Oh Hell. Remember the glory days of Demon Internet? Well, now would be a good time to pick a new email address


Re: Sad to see it go

Happy memories, filling in and sending off a form in the back of a book to set up my demon account, waiting to get the account details through the post, excitedly typing them in to my Windows 95 PC with my USR modem connected to the phone line, then... nothing.

Then finding out that I also needed a "web browser", so going out and spending £50 to buy Internet Explorer (as part of the W95 Plus! pack)

UK Information Commissioner OKs use of phone data to track coronavirus spread


Re: The usual solution...

Which would prove what, if you were planning on making something that wouldn't be public, public?


Re: Bugger

You'd also need to replace all the "we"s with "I"s

And maybe a bit about how the experts were "amazed at my knowledge of phone data"

Microsoft cops to 775% Azure surge, quotas on resources and 'significant new capacity' coming ASAP


It's also interesting to compare the NHS with Just Eat. While the NHS wobbles under the increased load, Just Eat is as snappy as ever, despite almost certainly seeing a huge increase in demand.


'Azure appears to be full': UK punters complain of capacity issues on Microsoft's cloud


Re: Homework

Schools are damned if they do, damned if they don't. They have a remit to try to continue education to the highest standard they can, given the circumstances. If some home environments can't (or won't) accommodate that, then so be it, those families should do what they can.

People need to accept that there's no perfect solution to any of the challenges thrown up by Covid-19, everything's a balanced compromise. So pointing out and moaning about the obvious downsides in any solution doesn't really help at all (not a dig, just a general observation).

Mobile World Congress now none of those things as 2020 industry megashow axed over coronavirus fears


Re: Will someone...

Green snot? Amateur. I managed to pick up H1N1 swine flu during the 2009 pandemic and generated a constant stream of orange snot for maybe two weeks. However, I'm still unsure which of the unpleasant symptoms were down to the virus and which were down to the medication it was being treated with (Tamiflu). I'm certainly putting the crippling headaches and the appearance of ducks waddling around on my landing and Angelina Ballerina in my bathroom down to the Tamiflu.

Yahoo! hack! payout! nearly! approved! and! the! question! is! how! to! spend! 60! cents!?


You should consider a class action against them for that, maybe double your money!!

Apple: EU can't make us use your stinking common charging standard


Re: We should just all use SCART

My sister's still got her Sky HD box connected to her 42" 1080p LCD TV via SCART. One day I'll remember to take an HDMI cable with me when I go visit.

How much cheese does one person need to grate? Mac Pro pricing unveiled


Just guessing, but do you drink real ale and have an old MGB that you spend most of your weekends working on?

Remember the Dutch kid who stuck his finger in a dam to save the village? Here's the IT equivalent


Re: About the same time that ...

... schools stopped teaching kids how to spell "dike".

I guess that was before Offa's schooldays then.


Oh come on, when did the dutch kid story change from sticking his finger in a dyke to sticking it in a dam? Was it about the same time "Ur-anus" changed to "Ura-nus"?

Buy Amazon's tiny $99 keyboard so you can make terrible AI music for all your friends


Re that 6 minutes of transcript apparently "Voiced by Amazon Polly" - I presume that noise before each paragraph normally associated with the SFX hydraulic hiss of chrome and glass canisters of glowing green liquids being opened is meant to represent a human intake of breath? It's nearly as bad as Zoe Ball.

RuneScape bloke was wrongly sacked after reading veep's salary details on office printer


Re: Been there, did something slightly different...

If it were your salary details that had been left on the printer, would you have been OK with that being put on the notice board?

Beware the trainee with time on his hands and an Acorn manual on his desk


Re: No one has mentioned Elite?

Was so excited when Elite finally made it to the C64 and also played for hours - till I got totally overrun by Trumbles, something I don't think the BBC version had.


Re: Ah the good old days

Had a friend who won a weekly instant competition hosted on Prestel. He noted the page number that he'd been congratulated on, went back to that same page every week and voila - another win! Went on 'winning' for weeks until presumably someone noticed as it stopped working.

The only one of his prizes I remember was the 12" of Cameo's "Word Up", which gives you some idea of the quality of his winnings in general.


>> Blown away by the delights of saving to 5 ¼ inch floppy disks (sometimes to both sides)

That just reminded me of cutting a write protect hole in the edge of a single-sided disk which made it a double-sided one. Of course there was always the understanding that you were taking a risk as "the manufacturer's didn't QC the 'unused' side on single-sided disks", or "they used double-sided disks where one side had failed QC". I'm not sure how true that actually was though, I don't remember ever having a problem with any of the B-sides.

We lose money on repairs, sobs penniless Apple, even though we charge y'all a fortune


Re: Makes it easier to recognise idiots at first sighting

I'd say your life- and social-skills are pretty underdeveloped if you form your opinions of other people based entirely on the type of phone or computer they choose to own. IMHO.


Thank goodness those losses are tax deductible eh Tim?

'Literally a paperweight': Bose users fume at firmware update that 'doesn't fix issues'


Do you have any details of this QC-35 recall? I can't see anything online (just hundreds of complaint threads) - I'm not being snarky, just interested as a 'victim'


To be fair, if he's also using the soundbar to weigh-down some loose sheets of A4 then he's correct.

Here are some deadhead jobs any chatbot could take over right now


Re: Your list

Few things make me laugh on the outside, but this did. Thank you AC, whoever you are :-)


Re: Your list

But..but.. but... as the strapline from one of the chains (can't remember which) says "Baristas, not Button Pushers", so I'd always assumed there was all sorts of apprenticeships and years of serving as a sous-barista whilst spending late nights learning about the science and history of coffee involved before hopefully one day making the grade to don the hallowed apron and put all those years of dedication into crafting the perfect latte.

Next you'll be claiming that the chefs at McDonalds aren't really chefs.

Baffled by bogus charges on your Amazon account? It may be the work of a crook's phantom gadget


Re: Mr. Bezos's Neighbourhood

Oooo, thank you. The only one I'm left missing from my Internet Forum Bingo Card for today is "If you're not paying for it, then you're the product"


Re: ecards

Yes, especially as IIRC, Amazon is one of the few companies who still let you use the full trial period even if you cancel on Day 1, and actually email you reminders when the end of your trial is coming up.


I think you're over-estimating Amazon's intelligence there. I recently had an order confirmation email from Amazon for something I hadn't ordered, but I noticed that it had been sent to one of my other email addresses (as had lots of "Welcome to Amazon"-type emails), so I assumed that someone had just made a typo with their email address setting up their new amazon account, as Amazon stupidly don't send you an 'activation' email when you set up a new account or register a new email address. So I contacted Amazon CS to tell them someone had accidentally set up a new account with my email address, and they said they'd contact the account holder to rectify the situation.

Can you see where this is going?

Within 5 minutes, I received an email from Amazon advising me that I'd used an email address to set up my new account that belonged to someone else, would I mind changing it?

When I called up Amazon again, the CS rep told me not to worry as even though I'd received the email, the Amazon account holder would have received it too as we both shared the same email address. 8-(

In the end I just did a "forgotten password" reset on his/her account (as authentication is by email) so they wouldn't be able to access the account any more, and ignored the subsequent password reset links I received when they tried to log-in a few days later. I had been tempted to place an order through the account for something personalised with the message "Get your bloody email address right you f***wit" but I guess that would technically have been theft so I never did.

Not just adhesive, but alcohol-resistant adhesive: Well done, Apple. Airpods Pro repairability is a zero


Re: I continue to be baffled...

I really don't give two hoots about the opinion of me (good or bad) held by people who form their opinions based on what earphones I use.

Delayed, over-budget smart meters will be helpful – when Blighty enters 'Star Trek phase'


Re: Complete and utter waste of money unless you want to spy on people

Take a look at Octopus Energy's Go tariff.

I pay 14.63p/kWh throughout the day, then 5p/kWh for the four hours between 00:30-04:30. Perfect for the car/dishwasher/washing machine - not chancing it with the tumble drier though.

They're a significantly sized provider too, so not likely to collapse any minute like some of the smaller ones that offer decent demand-driven tariffs. Plus, look at the ratings on impartial comparison sites and they wipe the floor with the others. They're far from perfect, but still market-leading when it comes to CS.

And I'll shamelessly plug my referral code if you want £50 credit on your account: https://share.octopus.energy/ashen-llama-820

Would you open an email from one Dr Brian Fisher? GP app staff did – and they got phished


Re: Do you use one of these popular passwords?

"The sooner we go towards using retina scan / fingerprint / decent sso solutions / sperm samples to login, the better in my opinion.

I do not want to have to explain to another aged parent why they have different accounts for different sites - nevermind passwords."

I'd be happier doing that than having to explain to them how to provide a sperm sample.

Big Red tells crypto-coin publication: One does not simply call one's website 'OracleTimes'


There's been an Oracle there in Reading since the 1640's - when I think most people were still on dBase II

Traffic lights worldwide set to change after Swedish engineer saw red over getting a ticket


FFS, it's really simple:

Green = Go

Amber = Go faster

Red = Go if you don't reckon the other light will have changed to green yet

We're going deeper Underground: Vulture clicks claws over London's hidden tracks


I've still not got my head round how one day about 20 years ago I popped a 35mm film in a Truprint (or similar) envelope and stuck it in the postbox before I went to work. I came home that same evening and found the developed photos delivered through my letter box. To this day I don't understand how that was possible, and even RM people I've spoken to raise an eyebrow and say it isn't.

In Hemel Hempstead, cycling is as bad as taking a leak in the middle of the street

Black Helicopters

Re: All I can think of is a statement about this

"Definitely applies to Hemel Hempstead and many other "new towns" of that era...

Anonymous because I grew up in the area."

I'm intrigued, what kind of retaliation and from whom are you worried about?


A growing menace over the last couple of years on any pedestrian precinct that has food takeaways is the Deliveroo/Uber Eats etc cyclist who (rather than just adopt the "f*** you" attitude of the traditional pedestrian area cyclist on his probably stolen, far too-small bike with oversized handlebars) seems to think treating pedestrians as slalom flags on the fastest possible route to Nando's is in fact a legitimate job skill, as is demonstrating a total lack of spatial awareness when dismounting with a 50cm^3 cube strapped to their backs.



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