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Reverse Ferret! Forget what we told you – the iPad isn't really for work



For me at work is a good spec Dell desktop system, with 3 monitors for (mainly) Photoshop design work, for travel/home is a Dell Latitude 11 tablet, which mainly is used in laptop mode with the battery keyboard - serves me well for my needs - couldn't imagine actually trying to use IOS for actual work - it pains me enough trying to use it on the odd occasion I need to used my wife's iPhone.

(I run a design company, so art work have a few Dell desktops with 3 monitor set ups we could call "mine" along with a few staff on Dell Venue/Latitude 11s too)

Murdoch's Fox empire is set to become a literal Mickey Mouse outfit


Can we just have the 21st Century Fox Fanfare put at the beginning on the Disney/Star Wars films now?!

Two million customer records pillaged in IT souk CeX hack attack


We got the CEX emai, and not much later got an email from another website we'd used the same email/password combo saying they'd picked up that those had been published and so had locked our account til we changed passwords. So either a coincidence or the hack has been published.

Facepalm time: MS Office update wipes custom Word autotext


Nothing to do with Word, but after restarting from this update going on, my mobile broadband card (internal pci-e thing) no longer works. Uninstalling the update doesn't change things, and I didn't have system restore points set to roll back to - have to wait 'til back at base now to see if I can get it working again.

Coming clean: Ten cordless vacuum cleaners


Would have been good to have a round-up comparison chart a the end, so all the important stats and price could be easily seen in one go, along with some kind of score/rating.

Win a year’s supply of chocolate (no tech knowledge required)


Hotel Chocolat

Sounds exactly like Chocolate Tasting Club, which is where Hotel Chocolat began.




Up in Durham, Manchester is definitely down south!

Broadband working fine up here in the real north of England! (and way quicker than when I lived in London.)

Google, Microsoft to add remote KILL switch to phones


Just expand the current system of blocking IMEI numbers, and mandate that all networks worldwide do it and share the blocked IMEI numbers. No involvment needed from MS, Google, or Apple.

Murdoch's BSkyB stares down Microsoft: Redmond renames SkyDrive to OneDrive


Wonder if they'll rebrand Security Essentials back to being OneCare

So, who ought to be the next Doctor Who? It's up to YOU...


Tom Lister

Shocked jocks' O2 calls crossed with Brummies, now everyone's cross


Happened to me last week too, on a call to my wife, which while the call was in the ringing stage and waiting for my wife to answer. Could only hear one side of another call, which was short, and then dropped out back to ringing. Couldn't perceive any obvious accent on the girl I could hear (who apparently was still in bed and wanting a cup of tea.) Both me and my wife are on Orange/EE.

Microsoft releases first Windows OS in an original American language


How ay

Givvus Geordie man

Frack me! UK shale gas bonanza 'bigger than North Sea oil'

IT Angle



Apple's brilliant plan to fix iOS Maps: Get YOU to do it


Not that I like Apple, but this move does seem very un-Apple like, to launch a product which isn't really ready or refined, or as user friendly as most other things they bring out. I wouldn't have imagined they would have realised this 'til it was complete.

OLYMPIC SECRETS to stay locked up for 15 YEARS

Black Helicopters

So, there seemed to be the plan always of having the warship in the Thames, and the missile launchers on roofs. Then not long before the actual event G4S own up to apparently having failed to employ enough staff - maybe they had, or were told not to, as the government wanted/needed the military and police there instead in case of problems (protesting, rioting, terrorism) and paid off G4S to be the cover-up and scape goat. Maybe the police/military security was planned all along, or maybe was a last minute reaction to new intel on a potential threat - we'll find out in 15 years.

Google skids car insurance comparison engine onto rivals' lawn


Re: Respect privacy?

A group of schools seem to be the owners of the (01234) 567890 phone number


Wang charged in inappropriate electricity socket use


There are plenty of alternative electric socket designs they could use to avoid having standard domestic sockets available. Take away the possibility of joe-public being able to plug in, rather than just a sign saying they shouldn't.

Why Amazon, eBay and Google are building bricks-and-mortar stores



I tought Yodel, are what was DHL Express?

What I don't understand is the HUGE department store-esque M&Ms World on Leicester Square. Surely this is a prime/expensive location in London and it is a 4/5 storey shop selling t-shirts wth pictures of chocolate beans on them. Is this what the Google and Amazon stores are going to be about?

1 euro in every 7 spent on a Visa card


Fraud moving to the internet where Chip and Pin can't help. How about bank issuing some sort of Chip and Pin device to use at home, either standalone like the current ones used with online banking, or one that plugs in to the computer.

Lego movie greenlighted by Warner Bros


Pete's Dragon

Manufacturers testing wider cars for swingbellies


Not just car parking spaces, but the roads also haven't got wider in UK's old built up towns with roads designed for horses and carts, or the tiny London roads with cars parked on each side, and only space down the middle of them for one way of traffic, when it is not a one way street. The current bigger cars struggle with these. If cars continue to get wider, there will be streets in UK that are inaccessible to them.

Apprentice runner-up becomes Greggs bigshot


Wasn't Fired!

What caught my attention is that she didn't receive the "You're Fired!" line from Alan, so I was expecting her to be given a job working with Tom on the new project, as they worked together quite well.

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive e-car



Apart from on the motorway, pedestrians actually have right of way (in UK), so it is up to you motorists to make sure you don't hit them if they step out into the road without looking. They are there by right, you have to get a licence, insurance, and pay VED (if applicable) for permission to be there.

As for driving this on the motorway, as you said, the speed limit is the limit, you don't have to drive at that speed if you don't want to, just stick to the first lane and you won't be in the way.

For London traffic, this car is probably even too fast, most traffic seems to be in the 10-20 miles per hour range.

Vatican crackdown at Rome's Playboy Mansion-style monastery


RE: Craggy Island

Damn you, beat me to it!

Jon Bon Jovi accuses Steve Jobs of murdering music biz

Jobs Horns


I would say that he is right, but his reasoning wrong. The amount the artist receives from an iTunes sale is what is killing the industry. You could say I am in the industry, as a sound engineer, and have lots of musician friends. One band I know well, who had a good following, put out an album on iTunes, and they calculated that if their album went platinum, then they would break even!

Yes, music is a business, and people want to make money from it, but the percentages that Apple Computer offer does not work for singer/songwriters/musicians/bands to have a roof over their head, or food on their table.

Turn your mobile phones in to a live gig speaker


Stop, don't do it. Please NO!

I am a sound engineer, and after spending time laser measuring a room, to work out the best set up for the speakers, and then acoustically measuring the room to get the best performance from them, the last thing I want is a load of crap tinny phone speakers pointing in random directions at varying volumes over which I have no control.

Now, Nokia, what about the hardware?



WinPho 7 doesn't have a fixed spec, it has a minimum spec. It's just unfortunate that not many of the current model exceed that minimum yet.

Dutch get wound up over invisible SMS


The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

And how exactly would an Android GSM phone stop the network from being able to triangulate your position from the local cell towers?

McDonalds samples NFC swipe-tech in UK


Burger King

BK Leicester Square has had wireless card payments for month - the staff seemed as surprised and dubious of it all as I was - was first time I had used it, and I guess first time they had seen it used!

Gates, Woz, and the last 2,000 years of computing


No BBC Micro?

Surely ARM and their history should be a feature of this museum. As well as the BBC and eduction side of things. A huge part of the IT history and culture of UK. I would happily donate my BBC B+.

Altec Lansing Octiv 450 iPad speaker


Watt SPL?

Asking about Watts is the wrong question to be asking.

With Watts you are finding out how much electricity is being sent to the speaker, from there it depends on how efficient the speaker is as to how much sound actually comes out, and this is measured in SPL.

More relevant questions to be asking would be what is the SPL output of the speaker with 1 watt fed to it, measured at 1 meter, ideally with pink noise from 20Hz to 20kHz, rather than a 1kHz sine wave.

Or what is the maximum SPL of the speaker

Microsoft says no to Kinect sex game



but killing and assault are OK for a family friendly games and entertainment console?

The forgotten, fat generation of Mac Portables



Get a Stanley knife and open up the battery, and see what the cells actually are for replacement with modern alternatives.

Google patents search that tracks your mouse moves



wouldn't be surprised if this is already implemented in some way in Chrome, at least for testing purposes to see if it works, is a viable option etc

IPVision FetchTV SmartBox 8000 DVR


Smartbox HD

The HD model is available from Tesco now at


for £200

Russian spy ring bust uncovers tech toolkit




This appears to be her FB page, although not with the photo in the article, but she is wearing the same dress in her photos.

Return of MP3 spam punts penis pill sites


Christmas Number 1

OK, so does this recording beat both RATM and the new XFactor person, as it has been downloaded so many times?!

Microsoft boots modders off Xbox Live


RE: Why is it called an xbox 360?

If you turn through 360 degrees, you will be facing in the same direction that you were to start with (all other things being equal)

Facebook enshrines dead people profiles



Does the person who reports the death, then have admin rights to the account. I do hope that someone does, and can log into the account to edit things as necessary.

Burger King cooks up Windows 7 Whopper



Where was the Windows 2000 BK Whopper?!