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Redkneck Vampire Attacks Trailer Park

William Hart 1
Jobs Horns

Two of my favorite covers

1) A pic of a B-17 parked in a crater on the moon

2) Headline: "WW II's best kept secret; Hitler was a woman!"

Windows 7 - The Reg reader review redux

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Windows 7 Redux

Commented on an earlier article and see no reason to change those comments. Fedora and Ubuntu do everything I need and they were free. No problems hooking up new thingies or loading on new machines. May end up with it during the next upgrade simply because my bosses do not offer choice in OS. (I can see their point; we are horribly understaffed and the staff is under-trained. Adding Linux to the mix would blow their little minds.) So, I am happy that some are enjoying their experience. No one has yet convinced me that I need to shell out my own money to purchase this OS. Meh

Windows 7 lessons - the must know before you buy

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Windows 7

I have not seen W 7 in action yet. But I have been reading the reviews froma variety of sources. It is not clear to me what W 7 offers me that I do not already have with Fedora on my laptop and Ubuntu on my netbook. Other than the price, of course.

(you do not seem to have a emoticon for 'Meh')


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