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By gum: Supermicro's Samsung storage ruler server uses secret SSD


Ruler or Gumstick?

Samsung's drive is not long enough to label Ruler. More of a Gumstick.

Not much improvement over M.2 and dangerous in an environment with both,

The 1 U Long standard form factor is being developed by multiple vendors, not just Intel.

There is no standard called Ruler but 1UL was characterized that way.

The reason only Samsung makes Gumsticks is because they sized it perfectly for their NAND package size.

SNIA examines standardised access to object-based disk drives


Different Group

I know it can be confusing, but the SNIA group that just recently formed for the Ethernet (and possibly other) Object Drives is the Object Drive Technical Work Group (TWG).

What is driving this new architectural positioning is the scale out storage software that is able to add a drive at a time to scale performance, capacity and availability. It is a further dis aggregation of the white boxes doing this task today. Pushing the cpu and memory into the drives means a disk enclosure need only an Ethernet switch and power supplies/fans - no server component.

Cloud storage: It's strictly for airheads


At least standards let you backup you own data

http://www.channelregister.co.uk/Design/graphics/icons/comment/go_32.png I love your statement: "Cloud storage needs open standards for the custodianship of users' data, and only a reputable trade body can provide it." because that is what the Storage Networking Industry Association has been doing. The Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) provides a data portability format so that you can move (or backup) your data from one cloud provider to another.

Nobody should be *forced* to trust a single provider for anything, so customers screaming at them to implement a standard such as CDMI just might work...


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