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Solus: A welcome ground-up break from the Linux herd

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With the launch of Solus, 2016 could be the year of.......

(It has been said earlier in the comments section, but I thought it was worthy of a title in its own right!!)

Rise up against Oracle class stupidity and join the infosec strike

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I wonder how many people who commented on this article....

Use an Android mobile..

Azure gives AWS the blues again in Nasuni cloud storage poll

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Un-knowledgeable technology readers eh?

Would they even be reading the reg? Oh! It looks like they already are.....

Just to be clear W Anderson, you cannot make the assertion that every cloud that is not AWS, MS or Google is OpenStack. This is idiotic.

And this article is about STORAGE.....

...slaps forehead in despair...

'Android on Windows': Microsoft tightens noose around neck, climbs on chair

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Re: Times change, business does not

My experience has been pretty much the reverse of yours. Driving a Galaxy Note 4 at the moment. Hangs all the time, needs rebooting every couple of days, drops calls whenever you try to answer them. Browser is a jerky, stuttering/freezing abomination. And it gets pretty annoying having to constantly leave one application to get something done in anther. Lollipop update just failed to install. The list goes in. Win phone on the other hand was buttery smooth, getting stuff done across multiple apps was seemless, the browser was lovely and I had to reboot it once every couple of months

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Re: Times change, business does not

Thing is, compared to Winphone, Android is an awful OS. It is unintuitive, freezes all the time, makes crude use of phone real estate, pushes ads at you (then freezes again), chews though battery with no real explanation as to why etc etc. The only advantages it has over WindowsPhone is a) it was first to market and b) it has more users, hence apps. I can see why MS think they can build a better phone os....

Microsoft is BEATING Amazon's cloud revenues. Er, how?

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ah well

There was an article on Forbes this (Australian) morning saying that IBM (Softlayer) is actually the largest cloud, in terms of revenue. Looks like no one can actually tell for sure.

Dying for an Ubuntu Linux phone? Here's how much it'll cost you

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Maybe, one day in the far, far future, Ubuntu mobile will achieve the staggering levels of market share that has been the hallmark of 'Linux on the desktop'.

However, until that day comes, I will spend my time laughing at the illiteracy of the Michael Habels above post.

Google invades videoconferencing market with Chromebox for Meetings

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Re: Why pay for Google?

What an absolute load of tosh Mikel. You really have drunk the google cool aid haven't you?

There is nothing remotely 'value for money' in having Goggle spy on every conversation your company makes over video conference, before selling the data they capture to your companies competitors.

Because that is what Google do. They capture information about users of their products and exploit it for their own commercial gain.

Your naivety shocks me and I worry that you would actually consider PAYING google to use this service?

I guess you are one of those people that thinks google can do no wrong because they are an 'open source' company? If that is the case, they really have taken you for a sucker!!!

Office 365 Microsoft's fastest growing business, ever - Microsoft

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Microsoft is on a roll at the moment

WinPhone market share flying up, Office 365 is incredibly successful, Azure adoption increasing at exponential rates. The poor old bunch of 'Microsoft are doomed and Linux is the future' commentards on the Reg must be quite upset.

Cue a few down votes and a few '2014 will be the year of Linux as Android is really Linux' type responses.....

Google's secret search offer to EU antitrust chief LEAKED by rivals

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Re: I still have no idea...

Hah hah, engaged in 'total war' with a fragmented joke of an operating system that has about 1% market share? Why would they bother? I can see from your spittle flecked post that you have far bigger issues with Microsoft than Microsoft have with Linux. Which is pretty sad really.

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Re: I still have no idea...

"Oh and Microsoft, because Linux'.

Love it, the conspiracy theorist delusions of a freetard summarised in five words.

Google to Glass devs: 'Duh! Go ahead, hack your headset'

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Re: Powerglove

Oh god, I suspect you have seen one of those videos that tech companies make of punters having the 'perfect life' whilst using their products. Please, please, do not fall for the crap that they are feeding you. The only thing that will happen if you 'adopt' this product is that you will get beaten up and your friends will laugh at you.

Take a temp job in Oz and become office pariah

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Re: Two points

Yeah - cause it Is in IBMs interest to devalue the IT services market. That will help their bottom line....

Maybe the locals just have an overly inflated sense of entitlement and thus are not economically viable to employ?

Samsung fights to stay on US shelves as Apple calls for ban

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Re: I'd like

Yeah, and maybe your choice in 2112 will be a range of products from Apple and a range of products that are completely different from Apple products.

In your world, you seem to want a range of Apple products and a range of cheap, inferior copies of Apple products.

John Lewis appears to punt Chromebook with Windows 7

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John Lewis know what their customers want...

....and their customers do not want yet another failed Google software project on a a semi useless netbook.

Hence the photoshop of it running a proper operating system.

Nokia Lumia 900 WinPho 7 smartphone

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Re: not too bad

Hah hah, yeah, the Tune In Radio comment is a classic example of someone dissing the Lumia because they have not worked out how to use it.

To fix this 'problem' you may want to go to Tune In Radio, click the settings bar and ummm, tick the option that says 'Enable radio playback when the screen is locked'.........

Hanging's too good for 'em - so what do you suggest?

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Re: Banish them from society

Australia? We tried that before. Now we all want to live there.

Microsoft bigs up open source, then stuffs it under the sofa

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matt assay - another fail

Does this guy not realise that IBM make money from services rather than software? It is a different business model...

Coders' 'lives sucked out' by black-and-white Visual Studio 11

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I am with the one other person here who has actually used VS11.....

And I like the new changes. They do take a few days to get used to but I now prefer the UI to VS2010.

Telstra gets mail with Microsoft

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@ Secret Goldfish

Still laughing. You are obviously an Apple user. Nuff said.<clutches sides>

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@ Secret Goldfish

Well done for writing the most stupid post in the entire history of the internet. Can I access Hotmail on a Mac - ha ha ha ha ha ha hah haaaaaah haaaaah hah etc

Sony outs Xperia Ion

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Another bland, square black and boring clone phone running a nasty operating system. Woo hoo!

Microsoft moving embedded systems to Windows 8

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I believe....

That the British armies artillery has been aimed/targeted using Windows CE for the last 10 or so years. Not heard about too many misses. Horses for courses and all that….

Security keeps LA cops away from Google Apps

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Hah hah hah

Google = Epic Fail

Way to go Google, slag off your flagship customer in public. That will help fix the problems with your shoddy software.........

Ballmer disses Android as cheap and complex

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I love these threads. The google fanbois are out in force and once again they are demonstrating their startling levels of cluelessness. Classics in include ‘Microsoft have to make a profit and Android is free’. The fanbois seem not to realise that you have to pay license fees for most of the stuff that makes Android (kind of) usable, such as the marketplace, google maps, audio/video codecs, office file readers etc. You also have to pay a thumping great fee to MS itself to pay for the patented technology that Google stole from MS. Soon, no doubt, you will also have to pay Oracle money for the code that Google stole from Oracle. The list goes on. This is what will kill Android – it will become too expensive for HW manufacturers to license.

Next, there is the fact that Android is a naff operating system. Two types of people buy Android. Geeks and poor people. Geeks (which is the category most Reg readers fall under) like Android because it is not locked down like iOS, so you can play around with it. They also have the (mistaken) impression that it is ‘open source’. Both of these points are fair enough reasons for purchasing an Android device. But, the massive, massive majority of people who end up with an Android phone are consumers who want an iPhone but cannot afford one. They buy Android devices ‘because they look like an iPhone and they are cheap’. Once they have purchased the phone, they realise that the software is buggy, that it performs extremely poorly in its core role (as a telephone) and that (in most instances) their device is as slow as a hobbled tortoise as it has been built as cheaply as possible and has a crap processor. They will also not have access to features like Marketplace as the device manufacturer wil not want to pay Google the license fee. The result is a horrific user experience. These customers will not stay loyal to the Android experience once a better option surfaces.

Having used all three OS’s (unlike almost everyone who has posted on this thread) my thoughts are: a) If you want a beautifully designed device and are attracted to a platform because of the apps available, then buy an iPhone. b) If you want a device that is an excellent phone, does the basics like email/calendar/web browsing and Facebook well, then buy a WinPhone. c) If you are poor, or want to play around with your phones OS, buy an Android.


Networks, handset makers vie for mobile dominance

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Give it a couple of years Mr Shitpeas....

The Borg will prevail. They always do. And that pleases me.

I remember when Xbox launched. The internet was alive with similar 'epic fail' type statements from spotty teenage types. But they were wrong then, and you are wrong now.

Has Google wasted $12bn on a dud patent poker-chip?

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I am loving this

Hah hah hah. This whole situation is an epic fail for google. Their entire business has been built on plagiarising content, ideas and code from other companies and then acting like ‘the good guy’ by appearing to give it away for free to their customers.

In reality, they have been making money left right and center by selling their customers personal information to advertisers (via neat little tricks like reading your email). They have managed to fool a large number of their customers by coming up with mottos like ‘do no evil’ (that will be why they are facing a DoJ case then….), positioning themselves as Open Source (have you seen the codebase for Honey Comb anyone?) and promising to ‘organize the world‘s information’ (as long as the bit that makes google money is ‘organised’ to the top of the list eh?).

They have displayed a breathtaking level of arrogance whilst doing this. Their attitude is ‘we are google, we can do what we like’. They feel that they can cannabalise any business they want to using the revenues they gain from their potentially illegal monopoly in search. However, they are now starting to butt heads with the big, mature, companies whose franchises they are intruding on. They have started to play with the big boys. And they are going to get whipped.

They have just paid their first fine of $12bn. There will be many more to come, Lets recap. The only business they make money on is their search business. And they are ever so gradually starting to lose share in their core US market to Bing (the first time they have ever lost share in search). They are fighting a DoJ case around unfair business practices. And their Android business (I use the term loosely as it makes no money) is being battered from all sides by powerful, experienced competitors. If they were JUST fighting one large tech company then they would have a chance. But they are not. They are fighting Apple, and Oracle and MS and Nokia. They are going to get butchered. And not before time.

Google trebles its force of lobbyists ahead of FTC probe

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Are they going to change their logo......?

...from 'Don't be Evil' to 'OK, maybe do be Evil if it makes us lots of money, but hire lots of spin doctors to try to hide the evilness'.

MeeGo and the Great Betrayal Myths of tech history

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hah hah. Did I just read a post that said Meego should be a success because 'you can run pretty much any android app on Meego through alien Dalvik'

Alien Dalvik eh? I bet the average consumer out there is just dying to get their hands on a phone that may do want they want it to do once they have installed 'Alien Dalvik'

Heh heh

Nokia unveils Contractual Obligation Meego Phone

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@ herer

It already looks out of date (huge list of icons to scroll through anytime you want to do anything anyone?). Most of the other 'innovative' features they showed exist on other phone OS's with possibly the exception of that view of running applications. That was quite neat. But hardly a reason to buy a phone.

What they did not show are the email clients (at all) or the web browser (in any level of detail). These are the features I use most on my phone.

They also probably only have about 10 apps in their app store as no developers will target the platform.

So all in all, a huge fail for the OS.

The hardware looks nice though. I may buy one when they put a decent (WinPhone) OS on it.

Open barbarians poised to storm Apple's gate

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What a load of balls

The vast majority of people who buy Android phones do so because they are cheap and ‘look a bit like iphones’.

They could not give the faintest toss about the ‘openness of the platform’

There a few nerds who buy Android for technical reasons (generally dodgy looking emo types with long hair, dubious personal hygiene and those long leather overcoats like they wore on the matrix). But these people are in the minority.

Unfortunately, although it is a horrible operating system, there are quite a lot of Android devices out there at the moment. This is because handset manufacturers & telcos make a lot of money selling them to gullible idiots who cannot afford a decent smartphone.

Oh well.

Oracle seeks 'billions' with Google Android suit

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Hah hah hah, this is brilliant news! I think that Google are a deeply evil company and that their entire business model is predicated on stealing intellectual property that they did not create and then selling it to people for their personal gain. I really hope Oracle win this one.

Dear Ubuntu: The netbook is toast

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sorry....what is the point of this ramble?

Sooooooo, this article is basically a failed executive mumbling about the failed company that he used to work for? Why is this news? Canonical are a tiny, irrelevant little company that 99.9999% of the worlds population have never heard of (and never will). Weird article…………….

Aussie vendor pledges to ship 'first' Chrome laptop this week

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where is my chequebook.....?

OOOOOOhhhh great!!!!

I will buy one as a cheap laptop to run Office on! Oh, hang on a sec…..

I will buy one to use for Skyping! Oh, hang on a sec…..

I will buy one as a cheap device that I can take to remote places without a phone signal! Oh, hang on a sec…

I will by one to store my music and photos on! Oh, hang on a sec….

I will buy one to play my favorite games on! Oh, hang on a sec….

I will buy one so that Google can spy on my every movement online and sell my details to the highest bidder! Oh, that will work perfectly! And it only costs me 270 quid……

Nokia: When pigeons fly home to roast

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.....but android is rubbish

I see we have the usual 'nokia should have chosen android' freetards moaning away on this thread. However, as per usual, none of them know what they are talking about.

Android is an unfriendly, unstable, unsecure and unpolished phone operating system. It is free for a reason. I recently had the unfortunate experience of having to move from a WinPhone 7 device to an android device. It was horrible. It was like moving back a generation. Comparing android to winphone 7 is like comparing windows mobile to the iphone.

Elop has chosen the platform that has the best long term potential. Sure, android will remain in use and people who want to make cheap and nasty phones for poor people will still use it as it is free. But if you want a classy, consumer friendly device that will appeal to the mass affluent marketplace (like the iphone) then the OS has to be windows phone.

Microsoft gets five bucks for every HTC Android phone

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hah hah

Given that Googles entire business model is based around stealing other peoples intellectual property and not paying them anything in return, I find it rather amusing that MS has made this one stick.

Android app sales skimpy, sluggish, slack, scanty...

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....are the only people who deliberately go out and ask for an Android powered phone. And they hate spening money on software, so they are not going to be buying apps.

The vast bulk of the Android devices out there are in customers hands because phone shops make high margins off selling Android phones. The vast majority of these customers never asked for an Android phone and do not know what to do with it now they have one.

And, of course, there are now so many versions of Andoid kicking around it is hard to know if an app will actually work on the phone you own.

All in all an epic fail.

Catch of the Day hauls A$80m

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"one of the best online retailers on the web?'

Hah hah, REALLY? I am guessing to have not had much experience of online retail outside of Aus. I will give you a clue. Australia is ten years behind the rest of the developed world when it comes to internet commerce (and a lot of other things, but I will hang fire for now).

MS Rocks

$80M lemon

Catch of the day is rubbish. The website just hangs when you try and do anything. I gave up trying to buy stuff from them about 6 months ago. They will get taken to pieces by any competitor that can actually create a working website.....

Desktop Linux: the final frontier

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Gates Halo

@ The Flying Dutchman

Well done. You must be feeling very proud of yourself. However, unfortunately, MS will have sold hundreds of thousands/millions of new windows machines this weekend. So I doubt they are losing any sleep over your paltry efforts. And your 'converts' will almost certainly return to the fold in a couple of months.

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Gates Halo

@ M Gale

Because I like Microsoft and I get sick of the freetards trying to delude themselves that the world is going to move to Linux on the desktop.

Microsoft has a number of challenges. You will not see me trying to argue Windows is a superior operating system for tablets, or that they did not miss the boat somewhat with a decent phone operating system.

But, the fact remains, Linux on the desktop sucks. I laugh at all the posts that try to say otherwise.

And as for viruses and BSOD……. I have been using Windows on a daily for 15 years. In that time, I have had one virus (back in 2004/5). It was one of those phone dialer viruses where your modem tries to call a premium rate number. If you use AV software (which MS provide for free) and are not just plain stupid, you will not get viruses.

And as for BSOD? I have not had a BSOD since Win XP shipped. Maybe once a year my system locks and I have to shut down and restart. But that is generally because of some badly written package that I am running. Of course, the difference between Windows and Linux is that no one would have bothered to write the package on Linux in the first place.

Desktop Linux is a fail. The thing that will (possibly) kill MS will be the move to different device form factors, the cloud and/or mobile devices. In other words, the market evolving. Trying to re-fight the Windows desktop battle twenty years after it was won is never going to be a good use of time.

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Gates Halo

Linux sucks balls

Hah hah, look at how perky and optimistic the freetards are after reading this article. However, time to get back to reality guys.

-Desktop Linux has a sub 2% market share, which if memory serves me correctly is actually decreasing.

-Desktop Linux will never, ever, overtake Windows in the Western World (or certainly the Anglo Saxon world).

-The only reason that Linux gets deployed is because some people cannot afford Windows. So yeah, a few people in the 3rd world will reluctantly use it but only because they are poor.

-The comments under this thread once again explain why desktop Linux is an utter fail (oooooohhhhh, so I CAN connect to a printer after all, but only if I manage to find some obscure software with stupid name written by a spotty teenager. How fantastic!!)

Apple to support reps: Don't confirm Mac infections

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Jobs Horns

hah hah hah hah hah hah hah

hah hah hah hah.

Nuff said.

(oh, and great, customer support there from Apple for their 'valued customers')

Google cranks ad money machine to $8.58bn

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Google are a deeply, deeply evil company

They make money via the theft of intellectual property and the theft of personal data. Yet all the freetards love them for it.

On the plus side, as these results show, their revenue is entirely dependent on advertising. They are truly a one trick pony.

However, Bing is now taking 30% market share in the US, and is deemed to deliver superior search results.


So it looks like we may not have to put up with google too much longer. Thank god.

Oh, and once their search business goes in to decline, they will have to cut back on their entirely loss making Android ‘business’.