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Jobs: one more thing... a browser war

Dominic Byrnes

It's plenty fast for me

Using Safari 3.0 on OSX & WinXP, for me it's as fast as my Camino 1.5 on the Mac (which is to say - fast!) and seems faster than IE or Firefox on Windows: Not bad for BETA software - and a 1st attempt at that. So here's one converted user, won't take many more like me to make some sorta dent.

And Firefox's 15% isn't that flash - given it's supported on multiple platforms, compared to Safari's 5% when offered only on Mac OSX.

For Apple to score a significant victory here, it doesn't need to beat IE market share (which it never will) just gain a big enough toehold to force web developers to properly code their sites; to provide a healthy platform for iPhone web-app development; to further give PC-users a taste of the 'Apple Way' - maybe for some conversions; and simply to weaken MSoft's tight grip on internet standards generally. No other company (maybe Google?) has the ability to do this. I wouldn't bet against them - their recent record is too strong to laugh at.

Dominic Byrnes

re: iTunes

What? iTunes is not bundled with QuickTime player. However, the Quicktime media layer IS installed when you install iTunes for Windows. It's unlikely that iTunes was installed on the PC without the user initiating it....

iPhone demand in the UK is 'soft', survey finds

Dominic Byrnes

Fer Chrissakes...

All you stroppy know-all moaners need to wait for the official announcement. You DON'T know what price it will come in at, you DON'T know which carrier(s) will offer it and you DON'T know whether it will be 3G or not.

Whatever you and these random surveys say, Apple has probably conducted more polling and research than you could possibly believe - that's why they've kept rolling out hit after hit in the last few years, they tend to nail the value proposition each time.

So be careful what you say, remember this from Slashdot after the original iPod launch: “No wireless. Less space than a Nomad. Lame.” That could be you!


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