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1,000 Foxconn iPad workers trash dorms in riot against guards


Re: It's amazing how inept many consumers are

The chances are that you wrote that on a device using a Foxconn component.

Apple iPhoto



855 for an app that does not let you sync your picture off to iphoto on your mac, does not let you manage the photos and has no way to get photobooks printed that you spent so long creating. Is the Reg trying to get into Apple's good books? I would call this app still very much a beta, a long way to go before I start trying to use it again.

Films-on-USB kiosks come to airports


If you are going to go to the effort to get your device onto the internet to authorise the DRM, then you may as well just torrent or legitimately download a film. It was a nice idea until DRM reared its ugly head.

41-megapixel MONSTER mobe shutters Nokia knockers


Why Google Maps

Why not use Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive?

Microsoft denies report of Office coming to iPad



CloudOn works well enough for me, so i don't see a huge need (apart from offline editing) for a paid version of Office.

Facebook sheds light on Nokia's Lumia sales


I am not sure using Facebook hits as an accurate count of phones sales is even close to reliable. The Lumia's will have been bought by a significantly large proportion of corporate users who would not even allow Facebook access. They just want simple email and a phone.

Comet 'sold 94,000 pirate Windows CDs', claims Microsoft


Can you read?

The problem here is that Comet were selling recovery media at a profit without paying Microsoft. It is not a case that they were helping users by supplying free media to save them burning their own, they were selling it at a handsome profit (£25 IIRC). Naturally Microsoft would want a piece of that action.

eBay opens real-world UK tat bazaar for Xmas greed peak


Radio 5 this morning also said the customers could also purchase products using ebay owned iPads that will be in the store. I am not sure why this story was worthy of breakfast time Radio 5 coverage though.



My company hates you now. Personally, I love you.

UK.gov threatens to 'pull plug' on smart meter rollout


I have have had a smart meter for a year and a half for both gas and electricity. it provided some amusement for the first few weeks, but after that I stopped looking. It was only fitted because it came free with the cheapest tariff at the time. The only benefit to me is that I am not overpaying each month so the utility company can sit on my cash. My consumption has not changed at all.

ViewSonic intros tablet sized to strike at iPad


I think it will have to retail at £200 if it want to be a big success.

Nokia accidentally unveils OS it should have had in 2009


already in the wild

Search a little and you can get hold of Belle right now. Whilst I am not brave enough to install it myself, it certainly looks interesting. I wonder how long it will take to get it out the door officially?

Amazon Kindle Lighted Leather Cover


How Much!

At that price I think I will stick with my £2 neoprene cover from ebay.

Apple to support reps: Don't confirm Mac infections


A win for Apple

I see this as positive for Apple. If people are actually starting to write trojans/malware for Apple kit it shows that perhaps the are not obscure anymore. Congratulations!

Three unlimited data plan gets no tie-in option


Then go and gaff

Sounds like you want a giffgaff £10 goody bag then.

Air Video 2.4.6

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Based on the review, I went and downloaded this as I was fed up with batch converting from .avi's. i am using this to stream to an ipod touch and then onto my Apple TV 2. One word of warning, I had to find and install the beta of the server software to get the video to work. With the release version I had audio only on the ATV. It seems to work well coping with converting a large .mkv file on the fly. To be honest it would be a damn sight easier if nasty Steve was not quite so restrictive.

Ten... on-ear headphones


Not on ear

This review is for on ear headphones the Sony MDR-XB700 are not.

Microsoft bricking lesson bodes badly for Elop's Brave New Nokia



So what you are trying to say is that you ignored all the instructions and minimum machine specs and are now upset that the update did not go smoothly? Nokia software may be shite, but for this one I think you only have yourself to blame. On a plus note, an OTA update via wireless would have saved you a lot of hassle.

UK police crime map website: Who's the victim here?


The map is a lie anyway... #???

Wayne - did all those incidents occur in December, as the data is only available for December so far. plus it is reported incidents that count, not actual crimes. Perhaps nobody thought to report them, or they had all been murdered.

In-flight fight for stubborn iPhone-loving teen


The reason devices are to be turned off

is because, you are endangering yourself and others in the event of an emergency. if you are listening to music, playing games etc, you are unable to comply with cabin crew instructions.

Gates: Nothing really new in Wikileaks Bradley Manning leak storm


Guilty already?

Nice to see that Manning has been found guilty already by Gates. I was not aware that the trial had even taken place.

Toyota Auris hybrid e-car



Or you could just buy a significantly cheaper, better for the environment and more economical small engined diesel car.

Reg Hardware Reader Awards 2010



Joikuspot - wifi tethering made easy.

iPhone alarm bug: now it's the UK's turn


Am I an idiot

Surely the alarm was an hour early, not an hour late?

WTF is... DLNA?


In summary

In summary: DLNA = Total Crap?

Facebook dismisses Ceglia lawsuit as 'scam'



Facebook dismisses Ceglia lawsuit as 'scam' - well they would say this. It is highly unlikely Facebook would say that the case has merits.

Brits not buying into Freeview HD


4 channels - no way

Freeview HD is doomed to fail as it is limited to 4 channels in HD and even then it is not full HD. It would be better to kill it and put the monies into Freesat, at least that is scalable.

Trucker pulled with DVD and laptop on dashboard


which part of the uk

So which part of the UK do we drive on the right?

Satnav leaves family stranded in Outback for three days


Tell me then.

OK, tell me where the School Lane you are referring to is (locality and postcode would be nice) and I will get it checked out.

New Xbox 360 said to 'still scratch discs'


And In Car Navigation?

OEM Satellite Navigation Systems are usually DVD based and do not suffer from this issue. I doubt the rotation speed has anything to do with the issue as even at CD speed damage could be done.

Wikileaks video shows US gunfire on Reuters staff


So proud

Doesn't it make you so proud to be part of such a civilised society?

Germany warns surfers against Firefox

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Pumping it out now

It looks like 3.6.2 is arriving now (one week early) - I just did a manual update and was given 3.6.2.

Windows 7 speculation claims SP1 will land in Q4 2010

Gates Halo


Surely this is just a marketing exercise to push all the corporate customers onto Win 7 from XP. Afterall so many companies say 'we don't upgrade an OS until after the first SP'. This will encourage the companies to move to Win 7.

Microsoft rejiggers EU browser ballot after complaints



Great, so now i will get support calls from friends and family that have instaleld some random half arsed browser because it was first in the list. I cannot wait for the fun to start.

Nokia switches direction and gives away maps


There is more

Actually a lot more phones are supported, you just have to go a different way to find the downloads.


Selfridges punts £1,800 Spanish ham



As others have mentioned this is not stupidly expensive (well it is too much for my wallet). This year there is a glut of ham, so prices have dropped.

US makes travellers go online, before getting onboard

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errr nope.

Actually - US citizens DO have to do something. It is called a landing card. Same as the I-94 but without the silly questions about terrorists and war crimes.

Academics gripe about Windows 7 promo collapse


Me too

I spent many hours trying to sort this disaster out yesterday. Digital River / Microsoft should be shot over this complete lack of testing. The workaround is now pretty simple and clear (if you are IT minded), but for your average novice I would suggest that you wait for the dust to settle and for new files to be uploaded.

Getting the workaround perfected took a lot of people (including me) a lot of time and pain yesterday, Microsoft / Digital River first of all denied there was a problem, then went very silent and still have not answered emails. Guys - burying your head in the sand is not the right thing to do. It strikes me a crazy that such a large organisation cannot perform simple testing before the launch of a product that is supposed to save the company. Windows 7 may be good, but if you cannot even unpack it to install it is a huge FAIL.


Revolting postmen force early Windows 7 launch

Gates Halo

Lucky Me

And there was me thinking I was clever by buying it via download, rather than physical media. Still at least it only cost me £30 for Windows 7 Pro (benefits of a wife with .sch.uk email address).