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Margaret Hodge's book outlines 'mind boggling' UK public sector waste


Re: Do you remember...

I remember it well. I started work in 1981 as a trainee programmer with the PO DPE and we relied on the work and followed the standards of the CCTA.

Before my time, the GPO built Colossus and introduced computerised billing to the UK via the LEO 326...the public sector was a shining star in technological developments.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update draws nearer with Inky preview


Crashes with Norton Internet Security

So much for a more secure system...Norton plus the two latest builds (14316 and 14328) cause constant blue screen crashes :-(

Both Norton and Microsoft are blaming the other one...




Intel sharpening axe for job cuts this month – report


Reduce expenses or reduce profits...tough choice, but someone had to pay to keep the profits up...sorry people!

Windows 10 upgrade ADWARE forces its way on to Windows 7 and 8.1


Re: I'm confused

...or woman

Errant update borks Samsung 850 Pro SSDs


Para 5)...let's hope that Samsung tests its SSDs more thoroughly than its firmware...

"A response from Samsung Mexico

How the exchange works:

1) We receive your information (You need to do this now)

2) I send you a RMA ticket number within 72 hours of receiving your reply

3) You will then ship the SSD to us.

4) Once it has been signed for at the dock, it takes us 3 to 4 business days for us to exchange the drive. We send it back to you at no cost

5) You receive a recertified SSD (which is a refurbished unit but it is tested by us!)

The (somewhat) fine print:

We will replace your unit with a recertified unit, which works as well as a new unit. This is all we have for exchange

Upgrades cannot be requested either. The full warranty policy is found here.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me right away. Our support hours are from 9am-9pm EST Monday to Friday.


David P ௐ

Total Tech Solutions, Inc.

Samsung Factory Service – SSD & Memory Department

E-mail: dpisciotta@totalts.com"


Re: Why did they upgrade firmware in the first place?

I know...I used 20/20 as a figure of speech rather than as an optometrist would use it


My 14" laptop has a 1Tb 850 PRO SSD and a 1Tb 840 EVO mSATA SSD


1) Disagree...if you don't update your PC you are vulnerable to hacking

2) Agree and I do

3) Agree and I do

4) Agree and I do

5) Agree and I do


Re: (possibly) damned if you do, (possibly) damned if you don't

Thank you


Re: Samsung's firmware update was applied by Samsung's Magician software...automatically for some!

I have Samsung Magician installed (and running) to enable Rapid mode to improve the performance and reliability of my SSDs...and therein may lie the problem...a member of our group has found...

"Oficial FAQ on their [Samsung's] site sais it should be disabled but that information isn't easy to find and should be a warning in magician"

Whatever...Samsung software and firmware have destroyed my 3 week old SSD and that's unacceptable.


Re: Why did they upgrade firmware in the first place?

20/20 vision...the perfect visual acuity of hindsight!


My new Gigabyte P34W has the Samsung 850 PRO as the "system" drive and a 1Tb Samsung 840 EVO mSATA SSD as the "data" drive...so there is room in this 14" laptop for RAID, but I chose not to run RAID.

Even if I had my SSDs running as a RAID setup, I'd still have a dead 3 week old SSD.


Re: Lager drive

David Kemecsi, who created the FB book and posted the poll, is Swedish...perhaps you could post to FaceBook in Swedish and ask him to check your spelling???


Samsung's firmware update was applied by Samsung's Magician software...automatically for some!

We are not idiots...and most of us had backups, e.g. as always, my data was on a separate SSD.

Whatever the individual circumstances, Samsung thought it was appropriate to install fatal firmware on my 3 week old 1Tb £450 SSD!

Samsung in second SSD slowdown SNAFU


FB group for people who've suffered Samsung's SSD 850 Pro firmware death

We have started a FB page to collate the worldwide experience of Samsung 850 PRO users with this deadly firmware update...65 people who have had problems with the firmware update have joined since the group was created yesterday afternoon and if anyone else has an experience they'd like to share, please join us...



850 PRO SSD destroyed by firmware update

...and for an encore...Samsung's Magician software has applied a firmware update to the flagship 850 PRO SSD (mine is the 1Tb version costing £450 and is only 3 weeks old) which has destroyed the SSD. Samsung's response is to offload the problem to its service provider Hanaro (http://www.hanarocom.com/) which is asking Samsung customers to RMA the drive (complete with sensitive data) for replacement.

IBM outsources UK desktop support operation lock+stock to Phoenix


Do as I say, not as I do!

Found phone leads to paedophile ring

Black Helicopters

Not in the public interest

"Not in the public interest"

Same reason as a computer forensics expert investigating illegal images is technically committing an offence by possessing and viewing images but is not charged by the CPS because it is "not in the public interest".

Revolting postmen force early Windows 7 launch

Thumb Up

Me too

My copies arrived yesterday (PC World order of Pro and Home Premium)