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Huawei's many-headed beast of a cloud wants a serious bite of the action


Both AWS and Azure have loads of PaaS and SaaS?

"Unlike Amazon and Google, Huawei is developing application platform services on its cloud, not just variations on the basic compute, storage and database component offerings that their customers have to combine into a data centre-level application service. While Amazon and Google offer the public cloud equivalent of bare metal, so to speak, Huawei and its partners are offering enterprise data centre-type platform services"

This is just blatantly wrong. Both AWS and Azure have rich PaaS and SaaS service portfolios, way beyond the equivalent of "bare metal".

Sounds like someone believed the BS Huawei fed them!

Go DevOps before your bosses force you to. It'll be easier that way


Gartner prediction?

Anyone have access to the full Gartner whitepaper?

The press release linked doesn't support the article's claim of "90% failure rates of DevOps inititatives"


If anyone can verify the claim from the full Gartner paper that would be good.

Before the PC: IBM invents virtualisation

Thumb Up

IPL your own S/360 guest on VM... ahh happy days!

Thanks for this trip down memory lane!

My first job as a graduate programmer in 1990 was writing code for IBM's NetView network management product and to test our code we needed our "own" NetView system.

So - fire up some JCL to IPL a OS/360 guest on top of VM. Job done.

So 20 years later when I send the guys in my teams on VMWare training courses and they come back all fired up on Virtualisation nirvana I have to chuckle and remember that there is nothing new under the sun :-)

Steve Ballmer at 11: A Microsoft power play too far?


How many #fails?

So in summary...

Vista = #Fail

WinMo = #Fail

No IE development = #Fail

No tablet strategy = #Fail

And the guy is still there?

Microsoft fills Outlook crack with Apachesource


.OST versus .PST?

Is the file format for an OST (offline cached mode) the same as a .PST?

Either way, the Outlook and Exchange combo is here to stay (which to be honest, is fine by me. Outlook does what I need in a corporate environment, and Outlook 2010 is particularly good IMHO).

The main question I have is "does the PST format have OTHER uses or is it highly email specific?".

Given that we are moving to "cloud apps" with "offline modes" (think Google Gears) I wonder if MS is positioning the PST format as a more generic offfline data store (as opposed to SQLlite used in Gears).

Dunno, just a thought.

F*ck you, thunders disgruntled fanboi Apple user



"... because to leap out would be pre-emptive and we know that iP*d's can't multi-task..."

How a Tory gov will be the most tech-savvy in history


No more "commercially sensitive FOI refusals???"

"We'll publish online every item of central government spending over £25,000 and local expenditure over £500. As well as publishing every contract in full."

So we can see every government outsourcing agreement in full, un-redacted...

... I would vote for that, if I beleived it!

Imagine some decent IT people pulling apart the BS in the NHS IT programme contract/budget... man, that would be SWEET!!!

Virgin contractors grip up for more cuts


When is a "contract" not a "Contract"...

... when it's with a small, independent IT contractor!

I am sure that if I unilaterally decided to "renegotiate" my cable TV contract with Virgin they would be the first to send the lawyers in.

So between HMRC having a 2-tier definition of "company" i.e. "good Companies like investment banks that f*ck over the entire economy" and "bad companies like independent IT contractors who must be rogered by IR35 etc despite trying to be innovative and grow and contribute to the economy" and large corporations having a 2-tier definition of "contract" it's enough to make you weap...

Sci-fi and fantasy authors wade into Amazon spat


that's assuming you can even find/buy the book you want...

... because you probably (1) can't, because they don't seem to be able to "save as PDF" or ePub something that surely already exists electronically and (2) the restrictions on publishing mean that "sorry that book in unavailable to customers not in the US" etc.

Lost track of the number of times I have found an eBook I want, at a price much less that $15, but then YOU WON'T LET ME BUY IT YOU F*CKING IDIOTS!

And they wonder why piracy is so rampant... <sob>

Apple's iPad - fat iPhone without the phone


Price = Fail

As one article said, you should view the iPad as a "media consumption device" not a "portable computer"... and in that light it's not bad feature&design-wise (4:3 is a mistake though I think, and I haven't heard anything about an SD slot???).

Except, IMHO, the pricing is complete wrong... it needs to be under £200 (for the 64Gb version assuming no SD slot) so that its in the impulse purchase range as a "complementary" solution to your full feature desktop/laptop.

At that price, would I buy one for surfing whilst watching TV whilst playing Farmville whilst IM'ing friends and talking to the wife? Yeah, maybe.

A media device for the "continuous partial attention" generation...

p.s. I don't really play Farmville....

IT contractors aghast as FSA evicts self-cert mortgages


What defaults, people?

Ahhhh guys... check the figures. The mortgage default rate in the UK is TINY...

"Today's figures show that there were 11,400 cases of possession (equivalent to one mortgage in 1,000) in the second quarter of 2009, 10% fewer than the 12,700 in the first quarter of the year but 14% more than the 10,000 cases of possession in the second quarter of last year."


So its not the rules on UK mortgages that were the problem - it was cowboy adventures on the US sub-prime market...


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