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Interead Cool-er

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Cool-er died after less than three months - no sign of a refund or replacement

As an unfortunate early-adopter of this product, I would say that the Cool-er doesn't even display the hallmarks of a Version 1 product - it feels like something that's still in alpha.

After a string of missed shipment dates and accidentally over-charging me £10 (which was eventually refunder), my plasticky new Cool-er arrived in mid-July.

By early October, I'd experienced countless crashes, a half-dead screen, the ink on the 'next page' button rubbing completely off and - finally - a firmware update that completely bricked the reader.

After returning it, I was told that the screen damage 'was not covered by our returns policy' and that I'd be informed of a a price to replace the screen (I'd not knocked or damaged it in any way). I explained to Interead's customer service rep that I was not at all happy with this and wanted a refund, and was told that somebody senior would get back to me. That was twelve days ago.

I agree with most of the comments in your review - although I'd like to correct the statement that it takes no power to maintain an image. It shouldn't - But when I left my Cool-er showing a page overnight, the battery was completely drained the following morning. I know that the OS takes some power, but running out of juice overnight is not acceptable - particularly as, according to your review, Interead recommends disabling the auto shut-off.

I don't want to be too harsh, as there can be teething problems with brand new products, but it's all about how you deal with them. And, in such cases, there is no excuse for shoddy customer service.

Avoid, at all costs.

Paris, because she's plasticky and overpriced.