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Firefox: freedom's just another word for 'kerching!'


Small picture Drew

Drew, are you REALLY that nieve?

Websites start blocking all faceless browsers, or those not running scripting = less people reading it = less traffic as people are going elsewhere = site going into history as a failure.

Effectively it's like putting up prices on a newspaper while the others are lowering theirs.. IT'S INSANITY!!

Not only that but the article is complete rubbish.

The people who are getting paid NOW, weren't always that way.

They were doing it in their free time, but are so valued that they are now paid to do that task by big players in the open-source community.

Redhat makes money from selling SUPPORT, not software. And the GPL doesn't say anything about making (or not making) money.

The GPL license issue, I can only just remember it, and it took a great number of revisions to try to get version 3 right, and I believe there were issues surrounding the wording... Although I cannot be certain.

But SaaS is definitely not what we are talking about here.

Boffins 'cage the demon' of white phosphorus


How lazy do you have to be!?

Wait a minute.. they go all the way out there, have to move the blooming thing (which is dangerous enough) and then ring up the other team to get rid of it.

.. Wouldn't the faster method be, just to blow the f-ing thing up?

Surely it doesn't take THAT long to dump explosives on it and then remote detonate it?

OpenOffice 3.0 - the only option for masochistic Linux users



hahaha - you ass!

Gnome's dialog is much worse, you can't even configure OOo correctly to give you nice graphs, and it seems you can't even download from a website correctly.

Try using Fedora, and you'll be able to install directly from firefox using RPM.

I'm not sure about ubuntu - but I'd be suprised if something similar wasn't going on.

And why the hell are you using 64-bit when you're not using it in a server environment?

There are a fair number of troubles with 64-bit computing at the moment and the best corse of action is to stick to i686 (i386/i486/i586). and leave x86-64 alone for the time being (hell, do you purposefully go and install 64-bit windows and try running windows 95 code on it?).



Shattered teens subsisting on 'junk sleep'


Why we do this!

Has anyone actually considered WHY we do this?

Our whole civilisation is built around people who stay awake at night and do these sorts of things - and why? Because we're forced into schooling or working our days away, (8 hours) sleep (8 hours supposedly) and other nick-nacks (eating, being forced to converse with our 'elders') being 3 hours, maybe 4... that's 20 hours.. (I still feel I'm missing something)

You think you can squeeze all your interests into 4 hours?

There's no other way to get more time than to steal it from sleep, unless you want to starve or go on the dole.

Dutch students brew up powdered alcohol hit


Acohol from water

"And if it truly is powdered how does adding water (which is not a component of alcohol)"

Alcohol is basically:

carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

Water is:

hydrogen and oxygen.

This wikipedia page shows the possibility to recreate it from water:


C2H4 + H2O → CH3CH2OH

Seems close enough to me.

And as such, I believe it /wouldn't/ fall under alcohol laws (as such) since they are NOT selling alcohol but a powder which could be used to create alcohol... Do we need to change any laws now?

Not happy with PC World's customer service?


I won't moan.

I've only gone into PC world a hand-full of times and have nothing much to moan about as I don't need help from the guys that often.

The one time I was suprised was when I walked in with a stick of RAM and has mistakenly tried to use DDR SDRAM while the machine only catered for plain SDRAM.. The guy caught my mistake straight away and I was able to get out of the store within 10 minutes (this is in Portsmouth).

McCain wants Ballmer as ambassador to China


Vive le Ballmer!

I'm thinking Ballmer would be the perfect Emperor - err, I mean embassador - to China.. His communist operating system will work well there..

Oh wait, he called Linux communist!

You know, communist - the fact everything has to be closed off, limited, and forbidden. You have to do everything ONE way.

For FUD's sake!

Google plays cat and mouse with regulators


Don't worry - be happy

Why is everyone so scared?

The only people who will be recorded are those who accept cookies from google... In which case they accept their searches to be matched up to 'them'.

You can google anonymously very easily, refuse cookies, use proxies, etc.. But somehow I don't think googling for song lyrics off the radio, or tech news, is going to have the proverbial poo hitting the proverbial fan anytime soon.

Torvalds weighs in on Microsoft's patent dance


Copyright versus patent

I know that copyright is a bit more flexible of source code.. especially if it is the only reasonable way to achieve something - I doubt the (not-so) humble patent can allow for such an event.

I will be glad when Microsoft produces the list which we see crumble away to dust.. The few patents which remain can be easily settled in court as simply editing the code and removing the offending items.

Well done Linus for firing back!

MySpace stands firm on paedophile data pressure


Had to sign up for this

Myspace is totally correct for doing this (although I think the letter is a publicity stunt to show us how secure the information is).

For the person above who spurred me into signing up, and who says (quoteth);

"but ask any parent that has lost a child to a pervert"

.. Yes, you ask them and they will respond "he should be ****** shot" (replace the star's with your most favourite word)... And they're right! We should get rid of these people who desire YOUNG children (that's the term I see sex offenders as I'm 22 and find it perfectly fine to fancy 15/16 year olds).

I myself don't use myspace, and do not know of the problems going on there... but trying to use parents who have lost children to sex offenders is TERRIBLE, and I couldn't stand by and not comment on THAT hideous act, trying to give away (any nationalities) civil liberties.

French outwhine Brits in the workplace



They obviously sent all the sheets to managers who work for (Indescriminately Big Monopoly-type-companies)...

The amount of holidays that I've seen them have (especially co-ordinated to co-inside with any major company release in our case) is comical at best..

.. oops, was that a whinge!?