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SimCity owners get free game, EA will get A NEW CEO


Re: Not too shabby 'are you kidding?'

Except most people bought the game through Origin and EA don't provide refunds on that basis.

Chinese boffins crack cloaking tech for camouflage

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Scattering using wave-dynamics, you say? Now create a tech that can transport this scattered object to another place. Hey presto! Transporter tech. You won't need cloaking if you can just transport the 'off' button out.

Virgin Media broadband goes titsup for 3 hours


I too suffered..

Newsgroups worked fine, but accessing steam and websites was hit and miss in SW UK. All good tho, mostly fully operational by 1am. This is only the 2nd blackout i've experienced with Virgin and really not that bothered, just watched a few movies. I do wish they would mention something on their homepage tho.

Inside WD's flooded Thai factory


It's one way..

..to mass produce watercooled drives.

Virgin Media broadband in two-day wobble


No surprises

VM don't seem to know much about anything unless a global press announcement is released. Confiming problems in the Southwest. It has been glitchy since early Sunday morning, dropping line speeds of 800kb/s instead of the usual 5mb/s. Would have posted in the VM forums but guess what..

RIM stands, staggers, falls again


So what did you do before..

People survived well before this tech, why is it so difficult to adjust. Oh right thats it, jump on to the Apple Cloud. I'm waiting for that to trip as well.

With my nokia 8210, i can make calls and receive them. I'm sure your blackberry can too. Just use that feature!

Also great customer service.

Lulzsec gets hacking downunder


I don't get it either.

It's not lulz. The group seem to be responsible for wearing out a word. Typically, the name LulzSec, linked with their activities and outcomes which are costs many lots of money; is unimaginative. Really? I mean, trying to impress other 4chan kiddies is *that* important. Can we have some real news. Perhaps if we ignore them long enuff, they will get bored and start secondary school.

Bloke drives with knees while manipulating two mobes


My brother died..

..because a c*nt was too busy texting his gf rather than watching the road. He got banned, but only after being pressured by us, the family, and a bunch of supporters. Mobile phone use whilst behind the wheel is illegal. End of. If you do it and I catch you, I will kick your driver side door.

We need less retards on the road. The more that get caught and then let off, they will keep doing it.

Calling all readers: Want some new icons?


Need a Sarah Palin one

Cos you know..

Virgin Media says sorry over Superhub snafu



Err you realise that Virgin will begin to auto-upgrade "low speed lines" as they upgrade 50mb to 100mb and in the next 2 years to 200mb? 10mb isn't what i call low speed. I think 2mb is low speed. Infact speed doesn't have much to do with it. Its more to do with contention. That's something they need to work on, but i don't think that its at such a critical state.

Just be glad you have access rather than being cut-off for a few hours!

London Olympics get pay-by-wave



Thought up in Japan?

Russian jailed for 6 years for smutty billboard stunt



Quite a stiff sentence. No srsly. Straight up.

South West Trains puts squeeze on commuters


Health requirements..

They don't seem to be taking much into account for people who have specific needs or suffer from pain in the back or lower legs. I am forced to stand as I simply cannot sit in the new carriage layout.

In-flight fight for stubborn iPhone-loving teen



You sir, are an idiot. Who cares if there is a reason or fact, Federal Law states you have follow instructions of the Air Crew. Don't like it? Find another way to travel.

Its not difficult to understand.

Santander mixes up 35,000 bank statements



Doesn't really matter who you're with, you're going to get screwed eventually, its in the bank's nature. As long as someone other than youreself has access to your details 'accidents' will happen and there never a 100% guarantee of risk/fraud protection. If you think this, then you need to wake up.

The article doesn't really tell you what has been mixed up and what data has been sent.

I am suprised at how many of you are surprised at this! And they want bonuses?

Sinister scams 'sextort' social networkers


<insert witty title>

If you don't want it shared defo don't post on facebook.

Cinema chain bans laptops, tablets


You all ask why?

Well i dunno about you, but being a photographer I always carry a laptop and a camera. Sometimes, I meet friends at a cinema straight after work. I rely on public transport for inner-city location shoots.

Well they don't provide lockers. Guys, stope being DM readers and accept that not everyone has time to go home first, or can afford to run a car all the time.

City Police still using Terror Act to bother photographers



They aren't stupid. When are the security of our country going to realise that they will know of S.44 and send out families to take photos. So would the police suspect EVERY tourist to the city? Would they stop and search them all? Didn't think so. Do you think a terrorist would argue with a security guard or do you think they would just come back at a later time?

Logic. These forces have none.

Tablet maker threatens, then robs Apple


..and so the Jobs Mob trickle in 2 by 2..

Fair story but I don't think anything will be stolen from Apple. There's plently of other devices in developement which will prove the iFad age rapidly. Oh look, iPhone 4G is on it's way. Can we please talk about something else?

Taser gang targets 'high value' Heathrow computer consignment


I wonder..

if the computer parts were encrypted..

UK jails schizophrenic for refusal to decrypt files


@ All who think innocence should be proven

Grow up, please or get off the internet.

JFL is doing what he perceives to be the right course of action. Paranoia or not, this is what they believe. I have a gun licence and own various firearms, I have an interest in explosives. My job requires me to do it.

Many of you here seem to have not read the article, which states he has failed to answer bail (once - not several times) and he was on his way to a review meeting for this before he was arrested. He was denied passport applications FOR HIMSELF - not anyone else, it wasn't fraud.

Get your eyes tested.

Also, I believe he has been mis-treated, not physically but mentally. All helps eh? The sooner the police and various units of power become controlled or disbanded, the better. This country needs to start from scratch.


UK.gov convinces just 2,000 Mancunians to join ID card trial


@ Steve Anderson

Huge database? Well, that's better than having a police database, a separate medical one, a separate council one, a bank's one, a DVLA one, etc.

I vote ID cards purely because this is a chance to have all my stuff in 1 place. Everyone moans about security.. well is it any more secure now? Didn't think so.