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Loathed wiggly-word CAPTCHAs morph into 'fun' click-'n'-drag games

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Worth a try

Personally any alernative to CAPTCHA is worth a try.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active: The mobe for CHUCK NORRIS TYPES

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Re: Ticks a lot of my boxes

@ Toxteth O'Gravy

I don't about what what you said, but naming yourself after an obscure character in the Young Ones gets my vote. Didn't he have the world's stickiest bogey?

Myst: 20 years of point-and-click adventuring

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Myst was one of those things you either got or your didn't. My favourite was Ryven, I used to love the imagery used, plus the sounds of insects buzzing and water lapping on the rocks, it really was a totally immersive experience.

Nude swimmers warned of GONAD-GOBBLING FISH ON THE LOOSE

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Re: A few details:

"The IT angle, is in the dangle..."

Isn't that directly proportional to the throb of the knob.

Samsung brings back clamshell phones with added Android

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Re: About time too

Good point. Still looks interesting though.

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About time too

Clam shell phones were great, from the Motorola in the mid 90's onwards. I never understood why they completely disappeared. My wife had Sony Xperia mini about 3 years ago that she loved and since then has struggled with a full touch screen. There must be a large market of women who want to a phone they can dump in their handbags without worrying about the screen getting scratched by their car keys.

Soylent Corporation prepares to DEFEAT FOOD

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" the perverse (in the Jungian sense) aspect of human nature being what it is, I can see it being quite successful."

What he said.

Brit adventurer all set to assault ex-Reg haunt Rockall

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Re: Hmmmmm Rogue Waves......

"Personally, as long as I had a 50mm thick steel cabin, stuck to a flat cement base, and rock bolted with say 16 or 20 bolts, 50mm in diameter and 1 meter long, at 45* to the perpendicular of the radius, into the rock; with a down wind door with a set of fast locking submarine hatch style multi point locks, and a picture of the virgin Mary stuck to the ceiling over my bed, and some fishing lines and all that..."

I found this in our website's images folder; forgive the plug for our product, his shelter is in the background:


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Re: More Info Please

My company has equipped him with a Fast Find Personal Locator Beacon (emergency distress beacon) in case the worst happens and he ends up clinging to the rock after a wave has washed away all his supplies and shelter (which having viewed the ITN news report seems extremely likely!

Barnes & Noble bungs Raspberry Pi-priced Nook on shelves

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Re: All gone?

I ordered 2 seperately on May 2nd. Have had various emails telling me that the order has been cancelled because there is no stock, then emails telling me the first email was sent in error. I managed to purchase 2 of the 4 allocated to my local Sainsburys and have tried in vain via email since then to cancel my 2 orders. However I can't do this. I have now received an email with tracking info from UPS stating 1 is being delivered today. The other 1 for the life of me they don't seem intersted in cancelling, gord knows why as there must be stacks of peolpe who would buy it.

Google's 'power to switch off the lights in Europe' has 'chilling effect' - rivals

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"Microsoft has a diametrically different view about verticals than Google,"

So does this mean that Microsoft is now the good guy? Only I can't keep up.

If Google got a haircut, a tie and a suit, would it be Microsoft?

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Re: Internet Explorer 6 staggers on?

Well I've just check Google Analytics for the main website I run, which has a large number of visitors from emerging countries such as India and the Phillipines, and IE6 usage is running at under 2% down from nearer 15% a year ago. But I take your point about IT Literacy in workforce not equalling it in the Organisation. But still I would be surprised if there were very many IE6 users in The Register site stats.

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Re: Internet Explorer 6 staggers on?

Seeing as the audience of The Register is predominantely IT literate I suspect very few IE6 users will appear in its website stats. For the past year I have refused to even check compatibility of any websites in IE6, let alone spend time recoding for the extremely limited number of users who might access any the websites I create. My customers are also unwilling to pay more for the additional time this would take.

After Leveson: The UK gets an Orwellian Ministry of Truth for real

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Couldn't give a stuff

Sorry but you guys have blown it. For every rich Oligarch who can now hide behind the new rules there are 100 ordinary people whose lives would otherwise have been blighted by the bitter press bullshit masquerading as news. Perhaps things need to go too far in the right direction before a happy medium is reached, but at the end of the day you have all got what you deserve.

Apple's profits fetish could spell its DOOM

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Good Article - at last!

Well done Matt Assay, at last an article which I agree with. For those of us old enough to remember Apple computers from the late 80's through the 90's, they made by far the most innovative, well designed computers available, but these had much bigger profit margins and prices than other PCs. As the PC market expoded Apple remained content to sell into their niche markets of printing and design and therefore became less and less relevant to the average Joe. They spent the remainder of the 90's struggling against the tide, until Jobs came back and gave them new focus. The only thing which will stop the same thing from happening in the mobile market is if they can come up with another game changing product.

Google+ mission creep continues with Hangouts slotted into Gmail

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Google is getting worse and worse

Just got my shiny new Android running Ice Cream Sandwich, started taking some photos and discovered that by default they were automatically getting uploaded to Google+.

FFS I used to really like Google, but this is taking the piss. So much for do no evil, what are these people on!

What happens when Facebook follows MySpace?

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Picassa and Google+

I access everything through Picassa which indexes photos uploaded via pc, laptop etc to a home server, hit the upload button to share via Google+, keep it restricted and send the link to anyone I want to view. It works for me.

US Supremes hammer final nail into Psystar coffin

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that was Donna Summer you numpty.

Only global poverty can save the planet, insists WWF - and the ESA!

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Don't shoot the messenger, shoot the journalist.

What dire poorly written drivel. The basic idea of the WWF is that things can't go on as they have done up to this point. What's wrong with that? Just because it's a message you don't want to hear doesn't make it wrong. This article has to be one of the worst examples of reactionary clap trap I have ever read.

SharePoint 2010 now supports Chrome, Firefox

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That's made my day

Yehay, in your face IT Manager! Now I can keep my Firefox instead of having to use IE.

Eddie Murphy heading for worst movie ever glory

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At least Steve Martin can play the Banjo.

Windows Phone 8 to get NFC, HD and Skype

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@Jim Coleman

Crikey man, keep off the Pepsi Max!

Plus is king now: Google shutters more products

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Not Sky Map, I love that app. Oh well hopefully someone will love, cherish and develop it.

Microsoft blames poor Windows sales on PC slump

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Get with The Plan Old Boy (2)

Actually decimate orginally means to reduce by 10 percent, I believe actually it came from the Romans, where if a legion fought a battle in a cowardly way it would be decimated as a punishment (1 in every 10 soldiers was executed). History lesson over.

$18k for Aussie domain sets new record

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Unfortunately it's not that straightforward. A lot of these domains have value in that the domain name contains a search term e.g. cheapiphone4u.com ("cheap iphone"), Google will take into account the domain name when it works out the rankings for a website. So in theory cheapiphone4u.com may rank more highly than a site with a random name that sells cheap iphones, and therefore generate more traffic and therefore potentially more sales (although backlinks and other stuff also have a big bearing on this too).

China pad peddler wins iPad name from Apple

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@Much as it pains me to admit it . . .

yeah, but it's great seeing Apple getting spanked for a change.

TiVo subscriptions go up – for the first time in 4 years

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I pay paid £49.99, free installation plus £3 per month, not sure what the £3 a month is actually for, although when my Virgin connection was down last week I couldn't even watch pre-recorded tv so perhaps these shows are stored in the cloud and downloaded on demand.

Fasthosts downed by dicky Dell switch

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Good old Slowhosts...

Wouldn't touch them with a barge pole, having wasted hours and hours of time trying to do basic joomla installs with different clients who use them; the same installs all done and dusted within an hour with 1&1, who are no angels, but at least their basic services work at acceptable speeds.

Virgin Media touts high-speed signups and TiVO

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Tivo is great but...

I think the tivo is great, but it's not much use if you have no connection. 3 days without any tv, or broadband last week, also similar outages over recent months. I've been with Virgin for 3 years, the first year the service was surperb, no downtime and nice fast broadband; since then, certainly in Hedge End, Southampton area, the whole system seems to be increasingly dodgy. I'm fed up with spending my evenings speaking on the phone to an Indian called Mary or Steven who haven't got a scooby about how to sort my problems out. Hopefully Virgin are spending my considerable monthly bill payments on infrastructure improvements and not on big bonuses for Branson or whoever is in charge.

Google's Moto move spells iPhone doom

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Missing the point on Apple losing market dominance

I always enjoy reading Matt Asay's articles, although I usually don't agree with alot of his arguments. This seems to contradict another item on El Reg which reckons that the patents Motorola holds are not particularly relevant to the Mobile phone market.

Anyway, one thing Matt seems to ignore is that while Android manufacturers might make great products at very affordable price points, that isn't Apple's game. They have the resources to be a great innovator; don't forget they pretty much started/kick started the smartphone mass market, and tablet markets. It is inevitable that over time they will lose market share to "me too" products, but they will just move on to the next new market, dominate for a few years until they start to lose market share to other cheaper rival products following them, and then move on again.

Mozilla cranks out Firefox 5 with cross-platform 'Do Not Track' feature

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I don't care about any feature enhancements, but I do care about speed. Is it faster than FF4, anyone? If not I'll stick with this for the foreseable future.

World braces for domain name EXPLOSION

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Oh my giddy Aunt, or should I say OMGA.

Facebook hurls insults, punctuation at growth slump report

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It's the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, not sure about his significance though.

Cloud says 'no'

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Awesome title. That is all.

Rugged-phone maker claims world's longest talk time

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"Agree with James..."

I think you are right in highlighting what someone in the nether regions might need in a phone. Currently if you plan on hiking through the Siberian Tundra you also need a Personal Location Beacon which on activation after you fall down a hole or whatever sends your gps coordinates via the COSPAS SARSAT satellite system to the rescue authorities. I guess the future is the combination of one of these big boys with PLB functionality.

It's official: Nokia bets on Microsoft for smartphones

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Interesting Times

Desperation? Maybe, but the new Windows phones are very good. Personally I hope this gives them a bit of a spurt so that the market isn't 80% android in a couple of years. Apple? Well, they will trade market share for maintaining margin on products like in the late 80s, early 90s with their Mac II, SE, SE30 etc.

MP: Googlepoly hurts British business

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And the point is...

No point to make particularly, am just wallowing in the luxury of being able to respond to an Orlowski article!

W3C tackles HTML5 confusion with, um, more confusion

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What an awful logo; I could have knocked something better up in Fireworks in about 5 minutes flat, and I have very limited graphic design skill.

Men may be able to grow a new pancreas from their testicles

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Men may be able to grow a new pancreas from their testicles

What a title!

That is all.

Lost ancient civilisation's ruins lie beneath Gulf, says boffin

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A currant lawmaker?

"Over the course of thousands of years the story was changed and adapted to suit the currant lawmakers." I expect that a currant lawmaker has a similar role to a sultana lawmaker (looking after the rights of the dried fruit) or am I wrong?

WikiLeaks payment service threatens to sue Visa, MasterCard

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re Geoff Campbell

If the Daily Mail were to be closed down I don't think too many people would share you tears. It's a reactionary piece of tawdry right-wing crap (although they have had some good freebies lately).

Microsoft unveils 'do not track' option for IE9

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Give them their dues

As a Web Designer going back to the days of Netscape 2.1 and Mosaic I have developed a really big mistrust of Microsoft's IE, the "sod the rest of you do it our way" thought processes which went into the creation of IE5 and IE6 still make me shudder.

However, I must say that Microsoft do seem to really be doing some good things with IE. I'm still not at the point where I would dump Firefox (and all its wonderful plug-ins) for IE9 but that point may well arrive. Regardless, it is refreshing that they are finally looking at web browsing and innovating.

How I saved the Macintosh

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Different times...

Wow, what an interesting read. I worked indirectly for Apple for all the 90's and remember the wonderful feeling of supporting and promoting a product far superior to the whole PC market. Mac and LaserWriter or PC and dot matrix, and DOS. By the start of the 2000s with Job's return to Apple everything had changed. Certainly the fun had gone out of the whole thing. He probably saved Apple from going to the wall though.

Open source Drupal takes Gardens path to big business

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And the others?

Nice free publicity for Drupal. But why not mention any of the equally well-used Open-source CMS systems with millions of developers that power just as many websites i.e. Wordpress or Joomla! Wordpress may have some limitation due to its blogging origin but Joomla! is equally adept at scalable CMS solutions and is probably a lot easier to set up and use.

Internet Explorer 9 preview thinks inside box, outside browser

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What purpose can possibly be served if you are required to purchase it?

Even though you have to buy it, doesn't mean you have to use it. It's reviewed so you can decide whether to use an alternative or not.

Google search rolls out 'instant' site previews

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Stick in the muds

A bunch of whinging luddites the lot of you. In search at least, Google is constantly innovative. There'd be more cause for complaint if they just rested on their laurels once they'd cornered a particular market a la Microsoft.

Story gone

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Yep, well done and all that, but just as others have already commented I had no idea your mobile version existed. Anyway, I'll forgive you as the mobile version is great!

Apple wants halt to $600m patent case

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What goes around...

hahahahhaha, that is all.

Adobe reignites Flash on iOS

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"Sorry JaitcH # ↑

Posted Sunday 12th September 2010 19:17 GMT

But Hadrian's wall still stands, as does the Great Wall."

But it doesn't exactly do a good job of keeping the Ginger-headed hords out of our green and pleasant land. Neither does the Great Wall of China keep foreigners out of China. Indeed as a tourist attraction it probably does the opposite.

Firefox market share drops as IE makes slender gain

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Big Deal?

Until fairly recently I would've been quite concerned about IE seemingly growing back market share at the expense of more "worthy" alternatives like Firefox, but nowadays with open standards prevalent across the web it's not such a big deal. As long the browser does the basics well, (renders correct html and css and is fast and stable) then who cares? Having said that I much prefer Firefox because of the wonderful plug-ins available (fire ftp, firebug etc.). Long may the competition continue!