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The IT Crowd tops BAFTA nominations with four nods


Re: I have to say

That's it, damn, I'm gonna have to get the series now.

I only watched 2mins of ep01 series1, didn't find it funny. Suppose I didn't give it a chance :(

Eurocops want to build remote car-stopper, shared sensor network


Re: Integration

" when you have anti-lock brakes you don't leave as much braking distance."

Sorry, Bad driving technique, full stop.

'Bogus IT guys' slurp £1.3m from Barclays: Cybercops cuff 8 blokes


Re: Don't get it

Yep, that's what I thought, as a hardware engineer, If I had access it would be pretty easy, but I wouldn't have a clue as to the software side


So if you get a faulty keyboard/mouse you replace the whole PC??


Re: Believable

Yes, but the article says a 3G dongle was used, and that wouldn't be on the network.

Also, as people have said, some high street banks are more lax than others.

I used to do break/fix in banks sometimes, all I had to do was sign in and show my photo ID and know the name of a/my contact.

'But we like 1 Direction!' Rock gods The Who fend off teen Twitter hate mob

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Re: Definitely not the best song

Still got the album!

Microsoft partners seriously underwhelmed by Windows 8.1


Re: Am I missing something

True I don't really use metro (in fact I can't stand it) , most of the "apps" are crap/amateurish. My 3yr old laptop suffered a screen failure so I thought I would use it as an excuse to get an up to date machine (hardware wise).

The applications that I do use mostly seem to run faster/smoother.

So, yea, looking forward to 8.1


Our household moved from desktops to laptops around 3 yrs ago, Win7. I have just recently replaced my (and wife's ) laptops that came with Win8, I was sceptical at first (until I was shown Win/D ) but after I loaded it with my usual applications and do Win/D after startup (for desktop mode) I use it just as I did with Win7.

Am I missing something?

Hunt: I'll barcode sick Brits and rip up NHS's paper prescriptions


Re: Will cause more problems than it solves

On the othe side of the coin, my multiple drug prescription is also sent electronically to the pharmacy (for the last 2yrs or so). The prescription being picked up my myself in as little as 30mins (no mistakes so far). A few years ago I opted out, but now, after a heart attack, can see the benefits, provided of course the system is designed efficiently

Half of youngsters would swap PRIVACY for... cheaper insurance


I can still remember what things were like 50+ years ago.

I see all the arguments regarding the pros and cons of this tracking, but 'cos it CAN be done

will probably be done. Next step (100yrs off) is a tattoo of microdots (at birth 'cos of the "what about the children") activated by RF, with all sorts of 2way data

Aw grandad, I asked for an iPad and you got me an iPod

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Looks like your son's are tech savvy

UK.gov's web filth block plan: Last chance to speak your brains


Re: Green Cross Code

Form not there anymore

Scots council: 9-yr-old lunch blogger was causing 'distress and harm'


Re: No photos in the canteen

'scuse me, what's wrong with cooking at home

Neutrinos still FASTER THAN LIGHT in second test


yes - it has been mentioned

Bury council defends iPads for binmen



What's wrong with walking a few yards to find your bin (with your number already painted on it)

Micro P slaps winding up petition on Micro Direct



This is a shame - yet another firm to the wall. Just a while ago Spot-On from near Strangeways (M/cr).

I use(d) all three, MD, Spot-on and of course Aria, still going strong.


Hardware keyloggers found in Manchester library PCs



Why not just lock the base unit inside a cupboard - as is quite a common practice ?

Man nabbed nude pics from women's email accounts

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I know

Even I knew the status of the CHP, and I'm from the UK

Tory councillor arrested over 'stoning to death' tweet


Re:Re: Wrong?

Nothing AFAICS

Twitter joke martyr loses appeal



For a judgeship please !!


on the other hand -

Nah! If it was t'other way round, it would have been "free speech"

UK stuck in tech time-warp, finds report

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How about - Minidisk player (off *bay). two hifi cassette decks, VHS player, Digital8 camcorder.

I still have my first 1.3 Mpixel camera - cost £239.

Not completly in the dark ages, my current camera a Sony A200, TV 37" LCD + a HDD PVR