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Google sees printing in the cloud


HP/Palm already has Internet Printers in the works

This is nothing new. HP acquired Palm for the webOS mobile operating system so that they can utilize the OS to develop devices beyond smartphones (Palm Pre/Pixi) but tablets and Internet printers or Cloud printers.

Android phone sales up 1,309%


Android smartphone up 1,309% worldwide?!

That's insane! Despite Apple's strong marketing strategies, Apple still can't stop the Android Army. I guess iPhone's are no longer the trend anymore...Android smartphones have invaded and have now taken over!

Consumer Reports: 'We were wrong about the iPhone 4'


Apple lied to consumers - not good.

Apple lied to themselves so they can lie to consumers without guilt. Does that mean Apple's own laboratory results that showed no problems with the iPhone 4's antenna design is also corrupted to produce false results? Apparently so. I can't believe Apple lied to their own iPhone fans.

So if your iPhone 4 is working perfectly fine, think again. It's just Apple's admittedly deceptive practices in manipulated the signal graphic bars to look good, when in fact, is fake. And when your call drops unexpectedly even though a neighboring person with an iPhone 3Gs works perfectly fine, you might consider returning your iPhone 4 back to the store for a full refund. But if you don't and find yourself in an emergency situation without reception signal, don't tell the judge you were not warned.

Apple's iPhone 4 denial: insulting or ignorant?


Apple grants New York company free bumpers!

Out of 1.7 million consumers who bought the iPhone 4, only a few extremely special customers in New York were given free bumpers for their phones. Because they were located in an area where AT&T signals usually achieve 5 bars and in a spot where they can literally see a full line sight of the AT&T cellphone tower, the "grip of death" problem could still bring their signal from full strength to zero, zilch, nada! This is enough justification for Apple to give out free bumpers. So if you don't live near an AT&T cellphone tower, you're not special enough so don't expect to get free bumpers for your iPhone 4.

Apple will only support and give free bumpers to extremely loyal iPhone 4 customers that are located next to AT&T cellphone towers; the rest of millions of iPhone 4 owners are not loyal enough and can go suck an egg or use it's shells with gorilla glue it to cover the bottom right corner of their phone!

Disgruntled fanbois sought for iPhone 4 Apple prosecution


iPhone is selling defective communication products

Lawyers have a strong case as 1) iPhone admits to these hardware defects built-in to the iPhone 4. 2) There are plenty of consumers including the media who can clarify how this problem can be replicated on just about any iPhone 4. 3) Apple appears to have had prior knowledge about the problem and decided to sell "bumper covers" as a solution.

iPhone 4 to slum it at Wal-Mart


iPhone 4 slumming at Wal-Mart shops! lol

hahaha..halarious! iPhone's most advanced smartphone slumming at Wal-Mart shopping centers. Slumming strategies at your local grocery stores may be their next best shot at keeping the Android army at bay. Android is coming up with 2 GHz smartphones that's 2x the speed of an iPhone 4 with new technology involving "touch-free" screens; no more screen smudges. Now that's what you call innovative and magical! Android smartphones are putting a lot of fear on Apple's future!

Superslim iPhone 4 enough to fend off Android?


Slim and Video Calling won't help

Consumers don't care much if you've made the phone a fraction less slimmer - it's very hard to tell and it's slim to the naked eye the way it already is. Video Calling won't help either. HTC EVO 4G can run Video Calling with it's front-face camera on both the network running at 4G AND WiFi; iPhone 4 is limited to just WiFi. And with WiFi issues plaguing the iPhone 4 during Steve Jobs presentation, there might just be a wave of major WiFi hardware issues on the iPhone 4 waiting to get in the hands of eager consumers.

Adobe clutches chance to bury Steve Jobs 'hog' insult

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Great article!

I guess that explains it. It's Apple's problem - they simply didn't give Flash the necessary permissions to access the API's Flash needs to help boost performance. The minority of Mac users are the only one's encountering the CPU hog issue. The majority of users on Windows run Flash perfectly fine.

If Apple doesn't want Flash on their iPhone or iPad even though it could run perfectly fine and stable, then it's their loss. Their users will not be happy to see Android, Palm Pre, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile smartphones soon running Flash perfectly fine. Nothing but lies = Apple.

ChiPhone fails to ignite consumer frenzy


iPhone failed in China period

5,000 iPhone units sold in China is very depressing. Even if they sold twice as many (10,000) or even three times (15,000), the people of China apparently are not impressed with the iPhone. Even after the next quarter, sales figures are only going to remain steady and slow or drop considerably.

In fact, the iPhone has broken a new record....the "lowest units of smartphone ever sold in history" from a product launch release!

Palm Pre smartphone


Palm Pre killed iPhone 1G, 2G, 3G

Let's be honest, hardware wise... Palm Pre's 600 Mhz chip is far superior than the iPhone's 1G, 2G, and 3G. Meanwhile, iPhone 3Gs is the only contender to the Palm Pre. But where the iPhone loses is that it has no removable battery, can't fit in pockets well, and has no real keyboard.

On the other hand, the Palm Pre has a removable battery so you can swap higher capacity batteries or spare batteries as both the Palm Pre and iPhone are power hungry devices. Apparently, the iPhone doesn't fit well in pockets unless you're very tall, too much of it still sticks out uncomfortably. While the iPhone only as a screen keyboard, the Palm Pre has BOTH, a real keyboard a screen keyboard; best of both worlds. Soon more Palm Pre's will also have a microSD slot, what's next?

Even Apple who makes the iPhone admits that it cannot multitask 3rd party applications. And that's the real point people, consumers don't want to just multitask core phone apps, they want to multitask ALL apps. And the Palm Pre does just that, multiple browsers, multiple games, multiple media players, google maps, youtube, etc., etc.. Just as Single Tasking operating systems on computers are now obsolete by Multi Tasking operating systems, iPhone's OS IS obsolete.

Only 3rd party developers give the iPhone leverage while the only improvements on the iPhone itself are old functionality such as MMS and Copy/Paste. But in the long run, more and more 3rd party developers are expanding and building their apps for the Android and webOS (Palm Pre) operating system. So eventually, iPhone will have nothing left to hangon except for the local FM radio station app.

You can't change the fact that more people in the UK prefer the Palm Pre over the iPhone. The Palm Pre chosen as top 10 innovative devices for 2009 awarded by Popular Mechanics doesn't help the iPhone either.