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Why two-player games > online gaming: See your pal's shock as you bag a last-second victory

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Re: 2 player - well, maybe, except for 3 and 4 player gaming.

Oh. My. God.

Jonah Lomu Rugby by Codemasters, played on a PS (One as it would be now).

What a two-player game. What a game.

For me, it was the fact that you needed a *completely* different approach to 1- vs 2-player modes, as you couldn't just bung it out to the left winger to hand off and score.

Have just looked it up on Wiki, and now remember that we would also try to unlock the special classic matches together, to allow access to ridiculous teams that would make play nothing short of a riot. Brilliant.

That and Sensible Soccer. And my personal favourite was a special version, given away on a cover disc once of Amiga Format (?) that was WW1 Sensible Soccer, playing with a live hand grenade. This would occasionally throb and then explode, taking out and removing any nearby players of both teams, making onward progress rather tricky. Best 2-play I personally ever played. Hilarious.

Google Chrome 4 lands (Windows) extensions on world+dog

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Have you ever watched the X-Factor, Eastenders, X's Got Talent or any program -"On Ice"?

IMHO (I should think of another acronym for that, I guess) people just love seeing the same old thing.

I love the fact that:

1. Vulture Central moved from having all comments visible to having them on a link, so I don't get pestered by the comments of, in the words of Newton, "little Smatterers".

2. Sometimes the journos at El reg bait the masses (such as myself) into checking out the comments by using title words such as Freetards and Fanbois. I know I won't be disappointed, and wasn't this time. I've *got* a Mac and don't code, so if I want to use tiny-userbase programs someone has released, I'll probably need to use Windows of some flavour.*

In summary, I find Fanbois, as both a word and a concept, bloody funny...!

*I could dual-boot, I could use Parallels, I could even use WINE, but I may as well use Win7 to save time using something that often needs to run natively as it has been written in bedrooms.

Microsoft's Hotmail 'blacklists' NHS email - again

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@ John Dougald McCallum

As per Anthony13, do you skim read all online articles to look for ways to bash companies you dislike, or was this a one off?

What upsets me is that my franchised vote is worth the same as your vote...

I *vote* for a system suggested by John Oliver on the Bugle podcast (via The Times Online) recently: if someone is willing to break the law and cast multiple votes, then those votes should be worth 'more'. This is to balance those who couldn't be bothered to vote because - for instance - it is a bit drizzly that morning, or those who simply turn up and ponder, "now who was it that Daddy votes for again?"

Hence those who take the time to make rational, reasoned arguments should have those comments emboldened or highlighted in some way. And comments like yours should be faded or hidden in some way, or have a small discrete 'f*ckn*ts' icon of some sorts attached to them.

*/Breathes again/*


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