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Prisoner found with phone + charger in anal cavity

Samuel Lord

In whose great arse was the prisoner found?

Landmine charity: Ban the killer robots before it's too late!

Samuel Lord

After thee

AC: "...If all (or most) countries ratified and actually enforced this, soldiers on all sides would think twice about pulling the trigger, and eventually no country would be able to go to war offensively..."

Is that it? Sounds so simple. The fastest way is to decapitate the regimes that threaten war, and then rebuild trust of the power(s) that pulled the trigger. Kinda like the U.S., Iraq, and the U.N. today. Or, we could take other risks through less aggressive action, and support the growth and permanence of civil society in chaotic parts of the world. This will work if the extreme poles of the earth's societies finally decide they can get along. Enlightened peoples will have to accept the oppression of women, for example, in some parts of the world until those areas turn from backward religion. That is the sad price of peace. Is there another answer? I don't see one. Love, anger, and shame, expressed through carrots, sticks, travel, trade, and communication are the nonviolent tools we have.

Paramount, DreamWorks rip up HD DVD release list

Samuel Lord

re: Delay on releases

What about capacity? Maybe there is a big queue for BR discs, especially for long runs. And of course there must be contract stipulations on priority for production, so maybe there's nothing too bizarre about the delays from these BR newcomers.

IBM to make massive Ubuntu server play?

Samuel Lord


It was great listening to 3 really bright people shedding a glimpse of their visions of the future. I'd planned to send Ashlee flowers, until I heard the distinctly unfeminine voice...

How to fix your kids' education for $200m

Samuel Lord

Electronic teaching, texts, and and student-team acitivities...

...have been available for college students for quite a while through:

www.aplia.com, just purchased (http://www.aplia.com/products/index.jsp) by Thompson Multimedia, which was just sold to ???? to buy Reuters. (http://www.aplia.com/company/press/thomsonlearning_q_and_a.jsp)

For disclosure, a close relative runs aplia, but I have no stock, etc.

For just $28 a semester, IIRC, that beats the cost of $200+ paper textbooks, no? So. California schools to follow, maybe...


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