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Ebuyer knocked out by own £1 deals site

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they're attempting revenge by spamming the crap out of everyone else on facebook

Seven... SSD sizzlers

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RE: Laptop-only?

You can fit these into a laptop and a PC tower (with a cheap bracket)

I think I saw anandtech do comparison of the same drive over SATA 2/3

Ubuntu Wayland: Shuttleworth's post-Mac makeover

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Hardware Raid

Never been lucky enough to have a true hardware raid controller, but I'd have thought it would be totally transparent/independent to the operating system

Call of Duty DDoS attack police arrest teen

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they have official dedicated serv er - i think from approved hosts only

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I remember people doing this in ultima online nearly 10 years ago

People regularly shared ICQ numbers, from that you could get their IP

Google morphs Gmail into Microsoft backup service

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Lotus Notes too ... kinda

Stuck with notes at work still, for just my mail I have an agent setup to forward all my stuff

Hardly corporate solution though :)

UK.gov ignores 'net neutrality' campaigners

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changing isp

"As long as providers are open about their policies, he said, the competitive market means consumers can take their business elsewhere."

Pretty sure I'm on a 12 month contract, so when their 'policies' change I'd have to cough up a cancellation fee

Viking Modular to double SSD speed

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whose numbers

Look like Sandforces max controller numbers been requoted

Tony Curtis goes to grave with iPhone

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"rest in peace"

OCZ plays bottleneck card with new SSD interface

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On mobo

In the Anand article he says OCZ are trying to push this idea - with a few makers interested

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Other review

Anand has some more indepth stuff about it


DVLA says council snoopers are free to take the WEE

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DVLA database

Someone fraudulently registered a car to my home address (then got loads of fines/balif letters)

I phoned the DVLA to let them know and they couldnt do anything about it without the guys registration plate. Totally useless ******.

Their solution was to open the post address to this guy >_<

Boris bikes for tourists delayed till year end

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RE: Absolutely

Pedestrians with no headphones that rely on their hearing to look behind themself when stepping into the road are the worst of any road user

Google butterfingers slip jazz hands bug into Gmail

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Down ...

My gmail also stopped working from home yesterday

It'd get stuck on the loading screen for the AJAX gui and disabling labs didnt fix it

HTML version worked ok

BBC workers lose £240k of tech gear in two years

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Expensive blackberries

"17 BlackBerry handsets" at "£9,106" is £536 :S

UK ICT classes killing kids' interest in tech

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Microsoft Academic Alliance

Cable lays plan for graduate tax

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"Payments should be variable and tied to earnings"

So two guys do a medical degree, one goes on to become a surgeon and the other doesn't like it so goes to work in Tesco. Now the surgeon has to pay off the other guys education?

Brazilian banker's crypto baffles FBI

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Not forced to reveal

As its TrueCrypt it might have been an encrypted inner container, so if he could deny its existance and not have to give over the keys...

... maybe he had a really weak outter container, with no inner container and they spent all that time looking for one ^_^

Firefox add-on does 'HTTPS Everywhere'

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Not working properly

Works fine if I do a google search from google.co.uk or firefox search box... however if I do it from my iGoogle page it doesn't work

Google can kill or install apps on citizen Androids

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RE: Let's see...

Dont think its proved to be vulnerable to impersonation or man in the middle

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RE: apple haters google lovers

c, protect their users

; P

Steve Jobs unveils iPhone 4

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The nexus one has an FM transmitter/receiver built into the broadcom bluetooth/wifi chip ... just no driver for it lol

Mobiles back in the frame as bee killers

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RE: So what.

I guess given their tiny sample size it would have been worth swapping the phones between hives then monitoring for a change

New Facebook developer regs not rogue-proof

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RE: Is the Code Served from Facebook?

Yeah, on the Koobface article it said facebook automatically check links posted but they were just redirecting requests from within facebooks IP space to a benign page.

Maybe they could have setup some honeypot profiles to test the apps on then monitor what happens?

Google's WiFi snoop - who knew and who didn't?

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its hardly a new thing :)

Net shakeup looms as IPv4 resources start running low

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Mobile Devices

My mobile (on o2) doesnt have a public IP address. I think this would actually be fairly common, as providers would want to shield their users from the threats of the internet

Queuing for an iPad? Why?

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RE: Well...

If the heat is your main problem , you could save yourself £299 and buy a tray :)

Spring an extra 5 and get a special laptop one

O2 limits unlimited broadband packages

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Lower than average

so do they just want everyone to be below the average usage? :)

Atlantis spacewalkers snapped through shuttle windows

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I thought they didnt use pencils because the problem of broken leads floating into important electronic?

Newzbin code leak could lead to return of Usenet indexer

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RE: How long until...

But if you run PeerGuardian, you'll be ok

Mobile Broadband Best Buys

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Pings, traces?

Mostly out of interest it would nice to have some trace routes from each of them :)

Pirate Bay now run from Pirate Party 'mountain bunker'

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Not really

So thats why they hide their servers at the end of a VPN?

Here they are only admiting the location of the tip p of the iceberg - which we can all see anyway :)

Facebook starts random application shutdown

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No 'F'?

So Phacebook then?

Mandybill: All the Commons drama

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It'll be on the http://www.publicwhip.org.uk/ when its updated with all the new stuff

Million pound Usenet indexer found guilty

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RE: No need for index

Agreed and a large part of the case seems to hinge on this...

"# As Mr Clark further explained, if a user wished to retrieve such a large group of files directly from Usenet, he would have to identify all the messages they incorporate, download them one at a time and then use a separate software application to assemble them together. This would clearly be an onerous and inconvenient task and take days to accomplish. It could also be extremely frustrating, as Mr Elsworth himself elaborated. A user might spend a great deal of time and effort downloading the majority of the messages only to discover that one message, the final piece in the jigsaw, was missing. In that event he would be prevented from reconstituting the work and his days of effort would have been wasted."

I reckon it could be done in minutes not days.

'Racist' job ad sparks investigation

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age discrimination?

I thought it was also now considered age discrimination to ask for "x years experience in y"?

Desktop refresh cycles: How long is yours?

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3 years

Just had my dual core P4 3.2Ghz replaced with an 3.0Ghz E8400 hehe

'Health and safety killjoys' kill cheese-rolling race

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Missed point

From what I've gleaned, its canceled because of health and safety for the (to large) crowd and not the cheese chasers. Would happen to any other event, so fair enough really

Google Nexus One

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At least a mention of it and the features it adds would have been nice. The more technical review sites will overclock processors/GPUs when reviewing them, i dont see much difference.

Meh, I was just answering peoples questions

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Actually it is good as a torch, especially if its rooted you can increase the brightness. Is better than my 2xAA maglight for close up stuff (not tried using it to light ranged stuff).

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RE: Text entry

It does rotate to landscape, which i find much more usable. Also check out 'swype'

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RE: Pretty much there

"And typing can be a problem as it occasionally chooses keys completely unrelated to where you pressed."

I find this happens if I am accidentally touching the screen elsewhere (usually with my hand I am holding it with), then when you touch to type it kinda averages them out. As it can detect mutli touch they should be able to fix this

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Depth of review?

No mention of the ease of unlocking the bootloader, installing mods (eg cyanogen), the awesome developer tools (adb!), no hotswaping SD cards, the much trumpeted pinch to zoom (who cares anyway?), the aweful headphones provided with it (par for the cause) and not (unsurprisingly) of the possibility of native/chroot debian armel on the device. From a techie website it does read like a review from the back of the metro. No meat. (Also after you've had it a while and arent playing with it every day - with the right settings you can squeeze 2.5 days out of the battery.

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My only question is ...

The google apps that come with it like the gmail/maps are pre compiled binaries. The OS itself is all open source and I think anyone can contribute to it - http://android.git.kernel.org/

BBC protects 'unique' 1Xtra listeners from radio cull

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Commercial Competition?

Didnt they say one of the reasons for the cull was to allow more commercial competition? Seems to me the best way to do that would be to sack off Radio1 as there is loads of commerical stations that could absorb its market.

Apple is suing HTC

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"ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s" and "reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s"

ugh I can see it now

"invented the tablet pc in the 2010s"

Linus Torvalds doesn't hate the Googlephone

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RE: I'm tempted to get one.

Sure... if there is a compiled version for ARM processors and required libraries - assuming its not statically compiled :)

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RE: Is it any good when it's locked?

Its so easy to get super user access on it... hold the track ball when turning on, screen will popup allowing you to unlock the boot loader. Then you can flash on a recover image and then another image with super use tools (ie, su).

Zuckerberg: 'I am a prophet'

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load of shit...

Two of the most annoying people in the same place, talking a load of **** and blowing their own trumpets. Bunch of ****s. You'd only get me in that room if eggs were supplied at the door.