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Viewsonic ViewPad 7 Android tablet

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Which has

GPS and can be used as a phone, and is not 'carrier locked'

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Very similar to

The Lynx N700 available at Tesco and Staples for a lot less dosh !

BBC iPlayer tips up at BlackBerry App store

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Won't work on Orange

If the Blackberry has a UMA connection !

Alt rock diva's nude snap 'leaked' to tweetosphere

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Not a bad pair !

Gratuitous but what the hell !

Lost iPhone 4G vendor loaner outed

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What he should have done ....

Is flushed it down the nearest toilet !

devIL phone !!

NatWest suffers calamitous online banking breakdown

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Read the article

and all the comments and the login page still hasn't loaded.

However Mobilink is working OK

Spanish priest spunked €17k on chat lines and whores

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He was using EClear for his escort business and therefore was forced into stealing the Church funds to pay for his jollies. Another victim surely ?

Scull & Crossbones because Ellias is a pirate !

YouTube use makes up 10% of mobile data

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Blackberry IM

Wonder what their share of the IM traffic is ?

HP TouchSmart 600

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Paris Hilton

Santa brought me the IQ822

And I'm deleriously happy !

It's a 25.5 inch with the same processor and graphics.

The blue-ray movie experience has to be seen to be believed.

Available as HP Renew for £700 plus vat if you know where to look.

Oh and Paris because I bet she has a smart touch !

Apple cancels Christmas... if you want a 27 inch iMac

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Glad I went HP Touchsmart anyway.

Got it delivered on Saturday and it's just beautiful !

2009's Top Nas boxes

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I got one from Maplin 18 months ago, dual Sata, Raid 0/1 fit your own drives £80.

It might not be the fastest or have the best GUI, but it's well worth £80 !

Microsoft grinches W7 Family Pack in US

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Why would you ?

Buy a family pack for £149 when you can get a Technet subscription for £180 !!!!

Gov confirms plans for Sky box in charge of your house

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So how do you .....

Reboot your meter ?

Is it like an Amstrad Sky HD box ?

Do you have to pull the power out of it and wait for ten seconds when it bricks itself ?

Oh god, what if Amstrad get the contract for the meters, we're all doomed !

LHC knocked out by ANOTHER power failure

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A small Blue telephone box was rumoured to have been seen in the vicinity !

Pitchfork-wielding mobs encircle smart meters

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OR ......

A handfull of the old analog meters were faulty !

Because she's got loads of energy.

Office 2010 beta lands in laps of MSDN, TechNet coders

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Woo Hoo

Just checked Technet and it's there, downloading now .....

Beeb gets grief for Humpty Dumpty rewrite

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Paris Hilton

Mr Tumble is a legend !!!

Love the show and so does my 2 year old !

Paris because she looks a bit like Sarah-Jane and I definately would !

Microsoft's Hotmail 'blacklists' NHS email - again

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Could it be a conspiracy ....

Microsoft hosts NHS.Net email addresses on an excahnge system, could blocking trust addresses be a sly way to get trusts to tranfer to the new system ?