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Post Office aims to collect ID card fingerprints?


Don't matter nohow...

This Labour government won't be around long enough to implement this hair brained nonsense.

In general, their attitude is "don't trouble us with the facts, we've made up our minds". Well let them stew on it in opposition until the facts have a chance to sink in to their stubborn political bonces.

Government piles filesharing pressure on UK ISPs


Use two ISPs

I plan to pay for TWO ISPs and have my computer send and receive all the 1s over one of them and all the 0s over the other. Hey Mr Triesman - decrypt that, if you can!

(and if you manage, please can you burn me a copy? Ta)

Magic Carpet please....

P2P file-sharing recognizes no borders


Danger, danger. Apostrophe abuse!

I don't mind being pedantic. Someone has to do it.

Gower, this is BASIC stuff.

"their data" (they're=they are)

"users' (users) awareness"

Try http://eatsshootsandleaves.com/

Plan for 20mph urban speed-cam zones touted

IT Angle

I have the solution(S)

1) Roads are designed to handle a certain traffic capacity. So limit the total number of divers allowed to drive to match the road capacity (obviously with some extra allowance because it's unlikely they'll all want to drive on the same road at the same time. I haven't quite got a solution for regional traffic density variations yet, but I'll think about it and let you know. This solution means that to get a license, a yoof will have to wait until another driver dies (of old age, obviously - not a yoof hurrying things along) or doesn't pass his/her biannual driving test.

2) Speed limits become variable on most roads - so faster than 20mph in school time outside a school is 6 points and a big fine but at night, the same road is 40mph (for example). A 30mph dual carriageway through a partially residential area in the rush hour or during traffic build up becomes 50mph when traffic or time of day allows. You get the picture. Camera revenue could easily help provide such a solution and the technology is certainly up to it.

3) Cars detect the road speed (lots of solutions available for how they do that) and display the current limit on their velocitometers ;o) maybe with an 'overspeed' audible warning tone

Clarins' electromagnetic-blocking cream ad blocked


Department of Homeland Security

Fantastic! If I smear this stuff on my phone, I can be sure I can't be snooped. Then again, I won't be able to make any calls either! Back to the drawing board Clarins.

How about a cream with Pro® Sony® Thermio®, that hides the seven signs of a small bonfire in your laptop case?

Police want DNA collection superpowers


WTF - Crime's going down

Crime is going down, through the use of regular detection techniques and society's greater prosperity. So, do the police think that it is attainable to wipe out all crimes forever or catch all crims, every time? No? Well this is a hell of a price to pay for anything less! I, for one, am appalled by the prospect of such overbearing intrusion into the private lives of the population. I really hate the simpering, noddy argument that crime detection trumps all other considerations, not least of which is personal liberty. And those who say 'if you've done nothing wrong, then you've nothing to worry about' are probably from the less creative, sheep like, middle of the road, boring, unchallenging, uninspired, insipid part of society. Let those meek idiots not inherit the earth.

Microsoft Windows patent will spy for advertisers


Surely Knot (brought to you by Acme String Inc ™)

Once again, the US patent office (brought to you by BigCorp Inc) seems to have granted a patent on software (Softwear™ - making your life easier®*) which, on the face of it, has many instances of prior art. If Web ad placement or shareware/adware/malware isn't prior art, then I'm very worried (Worried? Then contact FleeceYou Psychiatry Services).

Personally, I find the whole idea of software patents thoroughly unethical and philosophically unsupportable, even though I work for a company that has a very large IP portfolio. Hypocrite......me?

(* royalties may go up but not down - terms apply)

ID scheme not failing, just shifting


Self financing..........mmm

I guess self financing means that there won't be a tax burden. Fab!! So with the money I'm not taxed I can finance it myself.

Wow! If you look at it like that it's such good value for money.

I hear they're going to be introducing barcode printers in maternity wards and barcode readers in cemetaries. just to make sure we're really gone ;o)