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India’s latest rocket flies but payloads don't prosper

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Re: Caveated

That's aphalling!

Virgin Galactic delays commercial suborbital flights again

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Won't they fly to Paris?

Errrmmm - not again!

Scientist shares spicy pic of 'James Webb' discovery

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Paris because she likes sausage.... what , wait? Hang on a goddam minute!

Major IT outage forces UK emergency call handlers to use 'pen and paper'

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The post is required, and must contain letters.

Fancy a freshened up SLAX or ChromeOS replacement Peppermint OS?

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The post is required, and must contain letters.

Flash memory vendors unveil PCIe 5.0 SSDs, latest spec for CXL interconnect tech

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Don'tcha mean "Samsubng (R)(TM) Adam 40 Enterprizes, Inc"???

Paris, because... WAIT A GODDAM SECOND!!! Where is Paris???

Intel close to deal for semiconductor plant in Italy

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... but not really

" an advanced semiconductor packaging and assembly plant"

So - not making the actual wafers. It may as well be putting eggs in boxes then.

The US grid is ready for 100% renewables, says DoE

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Can't you have both?

The US of A is well-known for the cheapest solution.

So - use the fracked gas when the sun ain't shinning or wind blowing. Just keep the freaking leaks of methane down.

At all other times, use the cheaper solar/wind combination.


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When I were a lad, Luddites smashed up coal-powered steam engines!!!

Luddites just want human--powered spinning wheels and looms!

Get with t'program, brother!

Be careful where you install software, and who installs it

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Re: Who is your customer?

It was funnier the first time.

The second time, not so much.

Now, I'll get the FSB onto it...

Sergei Lav.

HPE says $30m Solaris verdict against it didn't provide 'evidence' of copyright

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"originally" written by Sun?

Isn't some of this BSD? Maybe a few bytes survive that were originally written by K and/or R.

The many derivatives of the CP/M operating system

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Re: Marooned in Real Time

Mine's a pint! In Real Time!!!

Pull jet fuel from thin air? We can do that, say scientists

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I am calling bullshit on this

"Jet fuel that begins life as air and captured carbon, the researchers explained, is completely carbon-neutral because the fuel only produces as much carbon dioxide as went into its manufacturing."

If they are talking about captured carbon from power stations and the like, no, that's not carbon neutral at all.

Most of it comes from fossil fuels.

GitLab plans to delete dormant projects in free accounts

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"A single comment, commit, or new issue posted to a project during a 12-month period will be sufficient to keep the project alive."

Add in code pulls, and any project accesses. That would seem more reasonable.

Microsoft thinks there are people on 2G networks who want to use Outlook

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the full android outlook caned my poor phone so much it lost all free space and was almost impossible to remove once in that state.

I wonder if I might risk it again....

It work want to email me something on my personal phone, well, they can pay extra for the space. So - I don't' do it. Even teams is disabled unless I'm travelling abroad.

Bad news, older tech workers: Job advert language works against you

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I increasingly find it's the younger ones who are the lightweights, not being able to put down a few lunchtime pints on a Friday, or no staying power at the company party...

Akamai: We stopped record DDoS attack in Europe

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Re: "Eastern Europe", Hmmmm

"Meris was responsible for an attack in September 2021 against giant Russian tech company Yandex."

Russians attacking Russians? Maybe it was just a trial run, to see if it was effective?

Sage accused of misselling perpetual licenses it knew would soon be obsolete

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Re: Incredible...

Because they don't have a reflection in the mirror? Probably don't case a shadow either....

Preparing for Skylab: The separate 1972 experimental mission that never left the ground

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A floating ball of urine?

I'll just leave that one there.

Bill Gates venture backs effort to bring aircon startup to market

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Re: SmOoThINg oF uSe RaThEr ThAn C0$$$t??

Apart from Hydro, maybe we could harness some other type of potential energy?

I was thinking, 7 billion humans times the weight of their middle finger, hovering 2 inches above the shift key???

Anyhow, joking aside, the storage of this renewable stuff to smooth out the peaks is an issue.

Or else - only use it when you have it? So - no smelting or factories running except when the sun is shining or wind blowing? Maybe good old market pricing of electricity will sort that one out though.

Lastly, with this salty idea for air conditioning - what happens if it turns out cool the next day? Your investment in electricity is wasted. And - why do we need anything better than freezing and melting water? it seems like an invention for invention's sake.

Psst … Want to buy a used IBM Selectric? No questions asked

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Re: Very Hot stuff

I worked for a company called "CommsCo" back in the '90's.

They ran an audiotex bureau in North London, (i.e. dodgy porn premium rate lines - but - that's not the hot bit!)

Anyway one day the directors decided to "but some new kit", which they installed in 19" racks in the premises.

But - they also sold the kit on, removed it from said premises, put some dummy borken PC's in the rack, and set fire to the lot!

Then - they never paid the original invoice!

So - free kit, payout from the insurance, payout from the third party! Trebles all round!

China seems to have figured out how to make 7nm chips despite US sanctions

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Re: "Close copy"

Yes but they have always kept the bleeding edge stuff in the Republic of China.

Back in the day, it was only 8" wafers allowed on the PRC side, 12" in RoC only.

There is a path to replace TCP in the datacenter

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Re: Multiple stacks

Probably it has survived is because it fixes a shitty hardware implementation underneath.

So the corollary is HOMER (sic) had better have 5 9's or better hardware underneath it.

Apple-1 prototype hand-soldered by Woz up for auction, bids expected to reach $500k

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Re: I am the despair of the antique auction trade

Quite right, in the recent Sputnik auction, Breker wondered why I didn't bid. So I replied:

1. There is no accompanying documentation which would help to verify provenance.

2. Not even a letter from the vendor stating the circumstances of his purchase, date of purchase etc.

3. Only three photographs of the item were provided, and no internal photographs. No 360 degree coverage either.

4. Condition-wise a number of modifications were disclosed, but without more details of the modifications (such as schematics, detailed photographs, notes and/or an engineer's report) it is difficult to know how much of the original electronics remain.

5. Having compared the existing photographs with those of the most faithful reproduction I could find, a number of discrepancies were observed.

In particular around the antenna mountings and possibly the construction of the antennas. This is inconsistent with the requirements for EMC/EMI testing where the sample should be representative of the original.

However, a test report mentioning these differences would have gone some way to explaining this.

6. The construction of the casing shows 4 extra screws that are not apparent on any other photographs of other Sputniks (including those of the original Sputnik 1)

7. The construction of the stand isn't consistent with the 1957 Russian stand. I expect it was made later?

8. The original silver-zinc battery has been removed from the casing, but is not included in the sale. (I know this would have discharged long ago, but nevertheless it's an important part of the history.)

9. The mention of raspberries in your email was quite off-putting! But the whole story seemed to be quite surreal and didn't mention Sputnik once.

Finally, although the opening bid was reduced to 80,000 Euro verbally, the online ask bid was not. Although without documentation as mentioned above, I would have been unlikely to part with anything approaching 80k Euro, this may have deterred other bidders.

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Apple user self-repair

Not allowed any more, so this is a bit of rare history...


NASA: Mars rocks won't make it back to Earth until 2033

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Re: The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one.

.. so they say.

Meta proposes doing away with leap seconds

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Smear Test

1 second in 17h is 1/612000 or 16ppm.

Mobile phones stop working if oscillator clocks differ by much more than 200ppb or 0.2ppm.

So - all mobile phones off for 17 hours? Well, that would certainly be a wake-up call for faeceburke!

Maybe they might relent.

Intel bags deal to make chips for MediaTek, that other Android processor designer

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Hopefully Intel won't try and muscle the Atom in there instead of ARM.

The exercise that happened with Mindspeed was an unmitigated disaster.

Russian ChessBot breaks child opponent's finger

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What next

the "Chessinator"??

The perfect crime – undone by the perfect email backups

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Where you could actually retrieve the data?

Never heard of them. No IT department in any company I've worked for has ever successfully retrieved me a deleted file.

adam 40 Silver badge

Camera thief!

"I got a rather better camera than the one I had stolen"

Ha! never mind, I'll leave this here anyway....

We've got a photocopier and it can copy anything

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Paris Hilton

Re: Bank of England notes.

I was thinking, after they had been stuffed down their kniickers, yes they would be "really manky"!!

(This will require knowledge of some traveler slang if you don't get it...)

After 40 years in tech, I see every innovation contains its dark opposite

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Re: Tie me down

I always thought as a contractor a suit and tie was worth an extra £5 an hour, so a good investment.

On my longest contract (7 years) some of the permies thought I was on the board of directors!

Engineers on the brink of extinction threaten entire tech ecosystems

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Fixing old stuff

There is a new appreciative market for old refurbished electronics, buy it broken or pull it from the dump, fix it and flog it.

Just look for old kit (e.g. synthesisers, retro computers) that are selling for £££ on fleabay.

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Re: The Beths


Back at you watch 0KEgHhEQK54

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Re: National Security Issue

To be fair, China is in the same boat, with Fab's in China owned by Taiwanese companies, so they dare not invade or else....

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Re: Extinction!

THis! is why we need more female EE's!!!

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Re: Bring Back Heathkits

My Granny bought me a Philips EE1050. She was ahead of the curve!! Probably because my grandad was a proper electrical engineer working for the leccy board, but had died by then. (I still have his Avery)

I tried getting one on fleabay the other day - for old time's sake! And it would be interesting to see if I could actually make it work!!!

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Re: demographic hump

I know a few female electronics engineers, some quite specialist (RF too).

But you're right, the proportion is very low, maybe 5% or so.

I did a computing/electronics joint degree, and did end up mainly in computing, but the electronics side of it has always been present, and now I'm more on the embedded side of things working with pure electronics engineers it does make the whole exercise run more smoothly.

If you want to get back into it I can recommend getting a microcontroller, Pi/Arduino/ESP32/STM etc and then designing some electronics to hang off it, to interface with something, and the power supply etc. Make yourself a nice little project.

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Re: 6 here!

You was lookeh!! We had lump of coke for us detector, until Westbrook came by and snorted t'coke!

adam 40 Silver badge

I wouln't be a member of a club...

When I tried to join the IEE or BCS when I needed them, starting out after Uni, they wouldn't' have me (need 5 years experience or something back in the day).

When I had the experience, I didn't need them!

adam 40 Silver badge

Re: In my school...

Yes I have the Ladybird book somewhere!

I did AS Electronics, which was a nice way to formalise my hobby, including a final project, it wasn't at all bad.

NASA stalls water-seeking VIPER lunar rover to 2024

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Re: Going back to the Moon is required, but there's a problem

Use a vacuum cleaner! (Just a hose connected to the wall....)

Demand for smartphones is drying up

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Re: There's nothing to buy

Put it on speakerphone and record using another phone.

ESA's 2030+ roadmap envisions Europeans on the Moon and Mars

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Re: Mixed blessings

The Shuttle was needed by the military to stick up lots of hubbles - pointing at Earth, looking at YOU.

Probably why the Hubble mirror was out, it was optimised for focussing 300 miles, not infinity.

adam 40 Silver badge

Re: If ESA was smart

Also - French Guyana is in the EU, and has the Euro as currency, and a French passport.

Ha - just seen the above! But I added a few extras.

Mars helicopter to take a breather, recharge batteries

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Re: Solar panels are in the wrong place

You could tilt them down for flight, and back up for cleaning by the rotor, which could be run at a 'cleaning' speed.

James Webb Space Telescope looks closer to home with Jupiter snaps

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Re: photographing a turtle

You taught us a valuable lesson!

Copper shortage keeps green energy, tech ventures grounded

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We will have to change

how we work, and "fill up" our cars.

Like the old days where you only got flour when the wind was blowing...

Factories and offices only run when the wind blows or the sun shines, and likewise, we charge our cars when there is sufficient excess renewable electricity.

Hopefully, variable electricity pricing to the consumer should take care of this. Use market forces.

adam 40 Silver badge

Re: Bloody batteries and solar panels

When you are paying sensible amounts for your PV installation, the wiring does become a noticeable fraction.

I paid around £600 for 10 panels and an inverter, good for around 2kW.

Cable cost me around £24, which is 4%.

But if you paid (I am guessing) £3000, the cable costs are in the 1% area, not noticeable.



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