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Netflix containerises its open source effort in Docker non-shocker


Then you misunderstand what docker is.

You still get the source code it's just packaged inside a docker container, it's closer to a VM than a binary.

It also depends how they package the docker, the source might be held outside the container in a user specifed folder, or the user might have to "login" to the container, but either way the source is freely accessible.

Déjà vu: Virgin Media jacks up broadband prices


Where else?

To the people gleefully telling us they left VM, please let me know where I can get 120mbit (soon to be 152mbit) for around the same price?

The Great Smartphone OS Shoot-out


Smart dialing is handy if you want to see if you have a particular number in your phone and who it belongs to

The Doctor Who Experience


Not that bad

As the article states £65 is for a family of 4 on the door, if you book in advance its cheaper.

For adults its £20 on the door or £18 in advance, which is still pretty expensive, but not that bad when compared to attractions like madame tussauds

Microsoft locks down Windows Phone 7 code


10,000 devices

It says in the article it was tested on 10,000 devices

Seagate preloads FreeAgent Go with 20 Paramount movies


Wont happen

"A competing business model might be to load a drive completely with movies and sell it at very low or no cost, relying on unlock license fees for revenue. Imagine a terabyte external drive loaded with, say, 100 movies"

People would get the drive, format it, and have a 1TB drive for "very low or no cost"

Vodafone: No HD2 for you!


Posts not being approved

Do you have some kind of deal going with expansys / vodaphone? The last 2 times you have posted crappy deals from expansys or vodaphone, i have pointed out there are better deals to be had from MPD, neither comment was approved, any reason for this?

Apple passes Nokia, scares Nintendo


@David Webb

The Nokia you are thinking of is the n900 with the Maemo platform, its supposed to be released in the UK on the 16th of Nov.

I think its going to be my next phone, i do love the look of it, but the lack of turn by turn voice navigation is a bit of a disappointment.

Nokia writedowns wipe out profits



I've not had a nokia handset for years, but i may return to the fold with the release of the n900 on the maemo platform


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