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Amazon tablet, touchscreen Kindle on course for H2, say moles


An E-Book Reader a Tablet Does Not Make

Well...the Kindle is an e-book reader. So it reads e-books.

I'll be damned if it can play 1080p HD content though...hence the new tablet thingy. Pretty straight forward really...

I'll be holding off buying a Satan Slab until there's more detail on this. The potential for an e-ink / hd cabable hybrid panel is just too good an option I reckon. If they pull it off it could lay waste to the competition espeically if they sell it as a loss leader. Which is good for us consumers...even if we sell our souls to Amazon.



JukeFox has gapless playback

Jukefox has gapless playback and it works brilliantly. There are some other really cool features such as the sound map in there. Check it out but the interface is not as nice as some other Android music players.

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Wildfire screen res is toilet

My mother in law saw my Galaxy S and went "I want one" and I said no as she doesn't use her phone enough for a free one on a contract. Instead, on the basis of the Register review of the Wildfire, I bought her one and it is shockingly rubbish. The screen takes all the fun out of Android and she's too nice to say to me "John...this phone is rubbbish. And it is your fault".

Will download the app though.

Acer Android tablets priced

Jobs Horns

Ipad does look a good deal

Apple's pricing is a master stroke in this regard - these Andoird tablets do seem a little over priced although I would say I would happily pay £300 for a 7" tab. Homeycomb would make all the difference over the Galaxy Tab I reckon - the only thing that throws a spanner in the works is the normal 3G Galaxy Tab can be had for another £50.

I argue that 3G is not necessary especially if you get BT opendworld as your ISP as you could access wifi from virtually anywhere anyway...

But Apple's pricing is going to cause trouble for Android vendors - who seem to think they can price a product to be competative because their hardware is better. Punter speak in pounds and will not give a damn about a tablet being tegra equipped if if costs the as or more than an ipad, but does not have the Apple logo. Samsung, Motorola, HTC and even Acer all need to agressively price to get their products off the ground, AND ensure they are as good as the iPad. Any 10 inch pad needs to be £50 cheaper for an quivalent spec with memory and 3G connection to stand a chance.

A £600 HTC flyer is not going to sell oven though it looks like the best device on paper. That needs to be going for the same prices as these Acers...

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

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TFE1 was superb.

I don't care if the sequel is more of the same, the original was superb for any Star Wars fan. These games may not have the style or panache of top tier console titles but spending a few hours slicing up enemies with a lightsabre on the Wii is pure joy. Maybe the Wii has the edge due to the controls but all the same, there's nothing in this review that a) makes it sound as bad a 45% and B) makes it sound like it would be anything less than as much fun as the original.

Samsung Galaxy S


Got mine free

Got my SGS free on a £30 18-month contract. Cannot complain at all.

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Better than iPod Touch

The music player on the Galaxy S is better than my iPod Touch. So much so that I am selling my iPod Touch. The thing rocks and it actually looks and behaves differently to every other music player I have used before. While the phone copies Apple in some ways (look and OS interface) the music player seems genuinely new to me, and a great thing to play with.

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2.2 Will Materialise

There was a beta ROM of 2.2 from Samsung "released" in the last day or so, so 2.2 will materialise. At the very least we should see that. And as far as I can tell, there are no T-Mobile customisations on my SGS so I'm not worried.

I too wonder what the point of the daily briefing app being so restricted. If you could cusotmise it a little it would be a very cool and polished app. The widget looks good and the app itself if well made - scrolling options etc. It's a shame it's a so stunted. Same goes for the dual zone clock widget. It looks great but you cannot turn the second zone clock off meanign it's useless waste of screen space for me. I really wonder why Samsung didn't go that extra mile and really finish their widgets off with some serious thought to how they would be used and not just how they look in the showroom.

Nothing wrong with build quality (something I was worried about to start with). It's solid as a rock - just plastic that's all. And the music player is amazing. This beats my iPod Touch hands down and I never in a million years thought it could do that. topped off with at least 8GB on board, that's why this is better than the Desire (and also why you shouldn't mess with Touch Wiz if you are serious about mobile music playing.

But I have to say, I love virtually everything about this phone. It's a bloody gem - even the lack of photo flash is not a major issue for me (and I thought it would be) because everything else is so well done. If only Samsung had not dropped the ball with things like this, the SGS would be the Desire AND iPhone killer.

Agincourt: The sensational truth


Ou est Le Grand Pamplemousse?

Dans le jardine!

Digital River makes total hash of Windows 7 upgrade offer

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Could not make an ISO for love nor money

Nope. Could not get the ISO built or burt correctly - think my DVD burner is duff - resorted to putting it on a USB flash and installed that way. Formatted hgard drvie then realised my MBR was duff...do I destoryed it by installing ubuntu and then running the win 7 installer. Microsoft obviously don't like Linux because the installer worked a treat, erasing every scrap of Linux from my drive. Perfect install! And this was supposed to be upgrade only? No problem...

But, WHERE IS MY KEY? I bet you any money it'll take 30 days to get my damn key sent/put on the site. But will they respond to my emails?

Academics gripe about Windows 7 promo collapse

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Still no serial from me

Hmmmmm....do these people actually pick up their email? I have sent one to studentwindows.uk@digitalriver.com, and 2 to their web form. No reposnse. No correspondence!

Oddly enough I did another order for my in-laws email address and it worked a charm - all was well. So the system clearly works for some and not others.


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Getting the 64bit install error (0xC00000e9)‎

OK - ISO burned and now the 64bit install error (0xC00000e9)‎ rears it's ugly head. I have tried burning the DVD with two types of media but no luck...looks like it is USB next....


Where's the Key?

OK - downloaded it. Got the 32-bit vs 64-bit problem. Fixing that and trying to create an iso now. But....where's the product key? Got an email saying "your product key is ready...go to find my order.com".

So I go there, log in. WHERE?!?!

No links, my invoice is blank just offering a download link again...confused to crap.

Opera takes Unite for spin with browser beta release


@Dave 129

Yeh...Jon needs to go to eloquency (sp?) lessons. Gibing his boys a bad name.

I dunno if Unite will change the web...happy to give it a go. One thing though, I have had virtually no incompatibilities with sites for over a year now. Opera 9-10 have been pretty good little browsers.

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Still Making a Difference

Yeh! Reinvent it! Yeh!

Glad to see someone is still trying to do something different for the masses. Well done Opera. You may moan a lot but you make a difference (and have done so for years). And even if Unite does not work oyu get marks for trying,

Queue haters...


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