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Adobe relieves Reader and Acrobat update blues

Andy Brown 3

Thanks to all

Not only did venting my spleen here make me feel much better...but turned out to be truely helpful - Thanks all:

@The Beer Monster: Looked passed the 'Distribute Adobe Reader' link many times - so thanks for pointing this out. Still - don't see why I should need to fill out a "Adobe Reader Distribution Agreement" just to get hold of 'free' software that is available without the agreement via the installer. Also, why can't the Adobe Reader download page just have two links 'download with installer' and 'download full .exe file' ?!!

@Aunty Dan: Thanks for the link - but begs the question - Why don't Adobe publish this link on the front Reader download page? (And why should I bother with the "Adobe Reader Distribution Agreement" now ?

@Chris Beattie: Thanks for link - but again why do Adobe think I have time to 'hunt around' - after all I wouldn't need to p*** around downloading and installing if the software was secure to start with...

And HUGE thanks re Group Policy distribution etc. - haven't checked out your links yet but will be sure to do so.

My point regards 'patch Tuesday' was not why do they have a scheduled day (of course this makes sense rather than the 'we will release when we fancy it' approach) - but why the scheduled day is the same as MS's. Why not fourth Tuesday or something?


Andy Brown 3

Update frequency?

Article suggests update can be set to more frequently than weekly - I can't find any reference to this in the preferences of 9.2...

Andy Brown 3

Better - but not much

Just installed Reader 9.2 - Massive download, install takes ages and then those dreaded words 'Restart Required'! AAARRRGGG - Why is this necessary for a PDF reader!

I replied 'don't restart now' and the installer reports - Installation failed! Which of course it hadn't.

Still can't find a way to actually download the 9.2 exe - web site has a 'download' here link - but it isn't a download - it runs the installer prgram which downloads and installs. I have 45 PCs to update - I want to put the installion exe on a shared drive - not navigate to the adobe download page and download 30Mb EVERY TIME!

Other irritations:

The installer program encouraging the user to install google toolbar and other 'crap' - It's hard enough stopping users install this unsupported crap as it is.

The progress bar getting to 100% - and then another progress bar appears and then another...

Personnaly I use Foxit - but am currently forced to use Adobe throughout organisation. 95% of people think you have to use Adobe to view PDFs. This is not helped by EVERY website that has pdfs availble for download including the 'You need Adobe Reader to view these files' - why? It's not true....This just perpetuates the lie.

And why does Adobes new patch cycle concide with MSs cycle. Like I don't have enough to do this morning coping with the tidal wave of MS updates I also have Adobe to deal with - perhaps the third Tuesady would have been better....

Goinf for a lie down now.